Anyone ever worked with Oakview Law group?

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I recently signed with Oakview Law Group and I am a little worried now because I have already paid $ 100 and my pmt expire next Friday that will go directly to pay first and then my second month payment will go to pay and then the rest in a trust account where it starts to build in order to pay my payday loans that I have out there if you are going to solve them . It is the best way to cancel only this and try to work with companies of payday loans ? Most of them are demanding a lot, but I'm not sure what to do . I do not want to garnish my paycheck and then I can not survive , I got so in debt to them that the only way out is default and somehow try to habe perhaps the debt settlement company to help me not having to deal with them , but that does not work , call from dusk until dawn and after leaving msg msg and I'm too scared to talk to them . What should I do ? Not sure of the rules in my state of Oregon for companies online payday loans. Does anyone know what kind of rules are there to protect me in my state of them constantly calling and harassing me. There has not been that bad yet.

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