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Will I have to put down a deposit for a cell phone?0Erin(im so confused!)2012-09-08 19:42:03
Hello ! Okay so I have 19 years and I have no credit at all . I have no credit card , I've never taken a loan , I have no car, am moving into my own apartment at the end of the year . I get the BlackBerry Curve 8900 with T -Mobile , but I have to make a deposit because I have no credit ? I order off of Amazon.com because it is only a penny with the service again , but once again , as it has no credit will i be able to order online ?
How do I stop annoying phone calls on my cell phone?0Francisca2012-11-06 05:53:36
Recently I've been getting a lot of phone calls from loan/payday loan companies and education recruiters. When they call I tell them to take my number from their records. But they keep on calling me anyway, daily! How can I stop this? It's very annoying!
How hard is it to get approved for ATT cell phone?3rhox anne2012-09-18 12:09:05
My husband wants to change phone company, but is paying for a cell phone through its parent line . He never had a cell phone on your own, but he has a good credit . He was funded by a new car, was able to get a credit card from a jewelry store in the mall, has a capital of a card, but has failed to pay student loans and a Best Buy card . Anyway, he did not want to treat yourself if you are likely to be refused, so any idea what his chances are ?
How to get rid of telemarketing texts to my cell phone?1Ayushi2012-10-03 10:46:03
Ok , I have been receiving telemarketing text messages that advertise quick loans and cash. I'm not sure how they got my cell phone number , but I've been getting texts per day 1.2 . It seems to be the same company or group of similar companies are doing . MedlinePlus Your MedlinePlus costs me 10cents per text and I do not want this! MedlinePlus The text contains a line that says that if I reply with the word STOP , I will remove from your list. However, I am suspicious of this because I'm thinking it might bring more spam once you know it is a valid number . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do to stop this? I do not want to change my number and I still receive text messages from my friends. Every time I send a text telemarketers , its is costing me money . Help !
Someone is spamming my cell phone number!?1Abby2012-08-28 23:58:02
Someone has used my phone number for me to sign up for all types of businesses and aid credit car refinance loan, etc. I suspect it is a coworker. How I can prove it or get it to stop ?
Is paying your cell phone bill a priority?1Kheang2012-10-06 13:46:02
this check I'm going to pay my student loan and car note . Now whenever I need gas in the car and food in my house . im debating if I should pay the whole thing now or pay only what I can . cell phone right now does not seem to be a priority at this time
Purchasing a cell phone Friday..........Credit?0jean.b2012-10-16 14:20:07
Ok , so I've had some questions about credit , now I wonder if I can buy a cell phone and pay bills on time should not show my payment history to the banks and help build some credit ? I took out a loan for $ 300, which is in my account , insured , so I'll be paying that over a period of 6 months. I'm starting , and I need help ! Thankssss .
What can I do? I have no credit (no cell phone bill, no anything) but would like to buy this house...?2daniyal2012-10-15 01:01:03
Unfortunately or fortunately , I have lived a very " sheltered " life and no credit . Even my cell phone is "added" to plan my mother for many many years and I just give him the money in recent years . I have no credit card , no . I have no credit , no, seriously . But I have this ... (Not sure if this will help at all ) my car is in my name parents , but on page account of the line of the vehicle , see my account number back and such, because the last like 2 years or so I paid the $ 400 a month on it . It is linked to my account again and shows that the number of bank account in that country . It also has payment history that has a column showing the payment amount , due date , payment date , and that account was taken of that amount . Now , again , is in his name , but under that displays information from my bank and everything attached to the account for a couple of years . Does that help at all ? Anyway, Wachovia me , my dad banks with a smaller, local company that has just been bought or may have gotten my " hook " with your loan officer friend who is a friend of his people , and as 30 years ago and knows right from my father to his stuff on the loans taken out and pay there. So where do you start , who I can talk , what should I ask , what chance I have , I know nothing about any of this . (please be nice ) It is a fairly cheap , around 70,000 good condition , and have been on the market forever . I have been employed at the same company for 4 years and have proof of that , make a decent amount ( I 'm very lucky there ) has no debt or anything like that , never have . I've heard the term used by the FHA as to what they should be asking , but is that true ? PLEASE HELP !
I am a 16 year old who has started my own cell phone company. as far as getting a loan, how could I do so?7 vows: Ping â¿´ 2012-10-14 14:53:02
I started Inc Wholesale cell , and after a year of the company , incorporated in the State of California . We are looking to expand our operations in the web , and we also want to invest in a distribution center in Hong Kong . However, I am having a difficult time getting a loan because of my age ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do you suggest we get funding?
Does a verizon cell phone plan build credit?2Josefina2012-10-27 19:59:25
From now on , my cell phone plan is the only bill I have ( and it's new, so I have yet to make a payment ) and apart from that, I have other accounts ( do not drive , so no insurance car / car payments or something) . Will my cell phone bill will establish a credit account for me ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are some good ways to build credit when I have one yet ? I tried to apply for credit cards student and all, but was denied by all of them (I'm a sophomore in college ) . Frankly , it is critical that I am able to get student loans without a cosigner for next summer , which means I have to build credit relatively quickly . I have saved a lot of money working . I have a savings account , not a checking account. Any suggestions ? Thank you.
I am a little behind on some student loans and i had a cell phone turned off because of late payments.?0Taliah2012-09-20 17:20:03
I know the phone bill is a lost cause , but I absolutely can catch up this month with more student loans . I was denied a used car loan because of these two factors . When I pay off these student loans , will my credit score down at all?
Applying for car loan? credit? $400 unpaid cell phone bill?0Esteban2012-10-05 02:01:47
morning to apply for a car loan . I just received my credit report online , but not the score , I've only had credit for 3 years , but have 8 credit cards (4 are paid , only one is the best , the rest is about halfway to limit ) did not seem to have no negative things about the report except a sprint bill two years that I have not paid that is almost $ 400 ? Is that going to kill myself? I want a jeep 5000 I've been looking but I hear its harder to get some great someting more expensive! what do u think?

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