Are there any financial institutions that offer a fixed rate for a unsecured personal loan? related questions

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Are there any financial institutions that offer a fixed rate for a unsecured personal loan?0Lecia2012-11-06 08:18:02
I'm looking to consolidate my credit card with a personal unsecured loan , but would like a fixed rate you could afford . Are credit unions my best option ?
Can a bank change a personal unsecured loan w/ a fixed rate to a variable rate?12012-09-21 05:27:03
I had a fixed rate loan staff during the past year and a half , and was notified that they were switching to a variable rate . This is not a credit card account . Is this legal ?
Does any one know of any financial institutions that will consolidate private student loans for a good rate?0marcuz2012-10-10 08:27:44
Does anyone know of any financial institution to consolidate private student loans for a good price ?
Refinance offer - pls. help evaluate -- urgent! guy says:"rate expires tom'w" "$11k closing costs are fixed"2Anna-Marie2012-08-31 15:28:04
so difficult to deal with this: Please help with opinions, advice, etc: his calculations : outstanding loans AMT: $ 271 , 363 current debt Amex: $ 9155 , but suggests paying $ 275/month discover card debt : $ 10,960 , paying $ 213/mo . other Amex: $ 3,282 , pay 109/mo . 36 months @ 12% amex third (! ): $ 6113 , pay $ 203/mo.36 months @ 12% total of the cards to consolidate : U.S. $ 29,510 total consolidated debt : $ 300,873 closing costs $ 11,000 , total $ 311,873 loan at 6% at 30 years. fixed , monthly paymt . ( before taxes) $ 1,870 have been in the house of approx. 10 years loan. AMT. was $ 300,000 from another before refinancing. ca.600k home worth credit score 715, lives in New York; single borrower on loan from a spouse has bad credit and debt cc ... ) Will stay in the house of approx . 7 years . bec get pressure. broker says "it's the smarter and faster to resolve the situation " ********* would be really grateful for the good numbers crunchers out there to advise us , tells us what he would say to us if you could, etc. It is very stressful and the marriage of demolition. thank you very much
How do I get an unsecured loan with a fixed low rate APR?2stunning gurl2012-09-15 07:27:06
This would be a personal loan to be used for debt consolidation card credit high speed
Is there any financial institutions that give personal loans to people with bad credit that are not scams.?0i.miss.you2012-10-04 08:17:57
I have inquired with the web , but it seems that everywhere I have responded to request a deposit or just say no.
What is the current interest rate that you wwould pay on an unsecured fixed term loan for 2Paijah2012-08-11 11:58:03
What is the current interest rate you pay on wwould an unsecured fixed term
Anyone know of any loan institutions that offer loans with 7 month payments and 5 months off?0Tokey2012-09-22 06:24:03
These loans are for seasonal businesses , such as landscaping , etc. .. only takes place in the summer months in colder climates . Only make payments during the months when there is no cash flow and during the winter months where cash flow is little or no make any payments .
Where can I get a low fixed interest rate personal loan to pay off my variable private student loan?0laur2012-11-03 03:59:21
I am looking for a financial company that will offer me a personal loan to consolidate my bills.?2La'Charlis2012-11-05 12:47:06
I'm looking for a financial company that offers me a personal loan to consolidate my bills . ?
I need a $500 unsecured personal loan, my local bank doesn't offer it, where is a good place to try next? ?1Help asap2012-08-08 01:53:44
I was told by my local bank that is used for unsecured personal loans long . So can anyone tell me a bank that still makes unsecured personal loans COUNTRY ?
List of companies who offer unsecured personal loans?0Amar2012-10-14 23:09:12
List of companies offering unsecured personal loans ?

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