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How do I deal with angry perfectionist boss with unrealistic expectations?1sloth2012-09-13 14:11:04
I just chewed a new one today, because one of my employees fill your permission slip and improperly presented. I am a first-line manager who is new to the job (less than a month) and while I understand that things must be done well, I do not think it was normal she scolds me because of an error so small and can be set like that. She went on and on about how much they are paying me, and how I have to read everything before sending it (I did read the permission slip, but because I was new I did not know it was wrong). She goes crazy and has zero tolerance for mistakes minute minor for someone new to the job is required to do its thing is if I make a mistake after that dramatize and make waaay bigger than it is and become irritated and ask 'Why not' t you ask me? "I did not ask about the road leave because I did not know he had something to ask. To make matters worse, I have yet another supervisor and she is a manic zero tolerance for imperfection, tyrannical ******, so I have two older dogs barking in the neck all the time. Oh yay! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I need to grow a thicker skin, b / c even thugh I know it can be dramatic and irrational things, I just took it personally, like today and think about it for hours and feel bad about it . MedlinePlus The fact is that I pay the salary best I ever had, and I can not quit because I want to pay my credit card and student loan debts that my husband and I can afford to start a family and I will be able to stay home in a couple of years. Furthermore, I am convinced that if I do go elsewhere, may be some other nasty boss or something unpleasant awaited me there. I want to be my own boss, but some of the money I'm paying back a business loan for a failed past, so I do not have the extra income to continue at this time. I have work always has a very nasty boss and I have grown a thick skin, however, it still hurts my feelings when they cry or get angry with me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can deal with this, do not go crazy or develop an ulcer and vent until my bills are paid and you can get out of there?
Will my boss fire me? How do I deal with a boss that is way too strict?3Graciela Ayala2012-10-27 05:59:04
Do you think my boss will fire me tomorrow? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to be in this job for a company event for 10 weeks. It has to be easy and the boss is very strict and miserable. How I can get her out of my back , I have 22 years and it's my first job? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. I arrived late - but it was not my fault , I did not know how long it will take you to travel . My boss says I should of checked , that should tell you when I said I have to leave. MedlinePlus 2. The second time was late was not my fault . I forgot to bring the equipment needed until I had got on the train to London . My boss found another company in London , which could lend the team , but I missed going to Camden to pick it up and so I was late to work in Greenwich . MedlinePlus 3. The third edition of my boss has is that I forgot a little piece of my team on another day , I was really pissed off about it . MedlinePlus 4. My boss asked me to send a text to say that I arrived at the hotel when I go, she says this is for security reasons , you must know where your staff . But we often forget and then she phones me angry . MedlinePlus 5. My boss expects me to kiss **** with every customer , even if they are not well . If I dont get angry and goes on the needs of each client and the company is struggling , it's not my fault you do not have a good business .
The boss has made a personal loan to an employee. Can the boss ask for the employee check to be held?4Pengu2012-10-04 20:20:03
The boss wants the employee to reach it for the paycheck so he can cash it and get some money from the employee . Is this legal ?
Should I tell my cousin she is being totally unrealistic about life & her career goals or not say anything?0Mrs M2012-10-16 00:39:31
Warning: this is long, answer only if you read it, thanks, the advice is much appreciated :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My cousin is very strange ideas about how the world works. She is 26 and still lives with his mom. She spent eight years getting a degree without having a job. She only had a job in her life when she was 17, a summer, that's all. She took his title from a random theme she does not even want a career because I thought I could get a degree in anything and expect to make money right out of school with no work experience only because it has a title. During the past 10 months has made excuses saying she has to "clean and organize the house" before he could start looking for a job. She does not know how to drive on the highway and almost never leave the house because your dog is old and needs constant care. Finally, asked some jobs could not be hired so she got a job with minimum wage and quit after the first week saying it was so horrible, you can not even stand long enough to do while she is temporarily to get a better job and now has to get a master's degree in "liberal studies" online. So now she is going to sit there in your room, without work and get more in debt with loans unnecessary. At first she said she was going to film school to be a documentary filmmaker, but decided against it because he would not leave the house or move anywhere. She has all these ideas about how to write books and make films and be an artist and model. She says she never goes home moms to be able to buy a beach house on an island in south fla says that you must have two years to save money. Yeah right! she has no idea how much things really cost! I have no problem with people who have big dreams in life or take a different route, but it is so unrealistic. She did not even teach anything about film making or put in the effort to save even a little money for a good camera. And of course, she never writes, has not done any research on what it takes to write a novel and can not paint, even. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just moved here from another state a month ago and have left the house to go places, but always I have to drive us when we go to school or go home. When I suggested that he should learn to drive on the highway she said she does not need because she never has to go downtown for anything and prefer to learn to drive a boat because he wants to one day live in a place where they can take their places by boat. Ok, seriously? Driving is a basic life skill! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, first of all, what do you think is wrong with it, could it be perhaps autism? She is intelligent and can carry on a conversation (although she interrupts / talks over a lot). She does not seem to be delayed, just think is totally strange and unreal. And of course, she is in complete denial that the way she thinks is unrealistic or that something is wrong with it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And I must say something, to try to get her back in touch with reality? She is my cousin and I'm finally getting to spend some time with her and it's good to have someone to go places with (mostly because I'm a little shy myself), I would not want to offend her so much that I push her away. I'm also 5 years younger so he could make it even more offended that he had the nerve to say anything. What should I do?
What are the realistic expectations on getting a home loan with little down nowadays?1telagathoty2012-10-09 18:21:02
Fiance and I are going to be looking at the next year or so . We will have an expensive wedding , so our money is tied up with that for now. Then, with gifts , I'll probably have enough for the closing costs , but some leave . I'm all for waiting to buy a house to get the desired payment 20% , but also like to know my options because our current system is not very big (living in the rental home of his grandmother in a neighborhood not very large ) , and we would like to start a family soon. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Suppose a combined income of 110,000 , little or no debt credit card debt with a limit of about 25,000 , and debts are only $ 385 in car payments , and $ 360 for student loan payments combined . None of us has negative reports on our credit report either. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We would be looking for houses in the range from 250 to 300.000 . Obviously , I understand that lenders are being tight now , but I was wondering about how realistic it would be to get into a house a couple of years earlier.
Why am i so angry....i'm angry at my fiance', hate my job...hate that i never have enough money, hate that i'm?1Satnam2012-10-22 09:10:02
fat annoying ... my car has REPOSSED , angry because my license is suspended for a parking ticket had no money to pay , angry becasue I have a degree and not making money , angry because I live in a house with my fiance was owned with his ex and my name is nothing .... angry that I own nothing .... angry that my credit is so bad ..... angry I have credit cards and can only pay minimum ... angry becasue i have to get another car and can reach $ 1,300 , upset that my brother lent me his car and wants it back .... upset because I've been having so many days off work because my son is sick and my work is so stacked .... just some damn nuisance
Why am i so angry....i'm angry at my fiance', hate my job...hate that i never have enough money, hate that i'm?9lianne2012-10-16 13:27:03
fat annoying ... my car has REPOSSED , angry because my license is suspended for a parking ticket had no money to pay , angry becasue I have a degree and not making money , angry because I live in a house with my fiance was owned with his ex and my name is nothing .... angry that I own nothing .... angry that my credit is so bad ..... angry I have credit cards and can only pay minimum ... angry becasue i have to get another car and can reach $ 1,300 , upset that my brother lent me his car and wants it back .... upset because I've been having so many days off work because my son is sick and my work is so stacked .... just some damn nuisance
VERY angry with my MIL. WHat do you think?3Karam2012-09-12 09:32:06
Ok . Long story short. My husband is Australian and we live in the UK .... and almost 2 years ago we realized that you have a 9 year old daughter in Oz we never knew . The mother kept secret while she was married at the time. She divorced and told the truth. SO ... My husband and I have 2 children of our own , that my mother sees twice a year when it comes to Oz in the UK to see us. anyway ... My husband and I have not been able to raise the money and others for him to go to find her daughter ... the heart is breaking .... talk to her on the phone and what they really want to meet . We strive to succeed in winning and he can not get a bank loan ( treaty) ... I was going alone ... that was our plan, as it would be much cheaper. My MILalways come here in July for most of my birthday ... who just spoke to my husband by phone and offered to pay his plane ticket to Oz if you bring our best with it! No mention of my youngest ... Now my mother just dropped last week after a three weeks stay ... I think this is so selfish ! My daughter is only 4 ... I never let her go across the world without me .. it is very sticky and still probs would not want ... my husband spends most of his time with his daughter and lives a plane ride from my mother for my mother probably wants my daughter to live with it ! Others do not know that well! It just seems coniving ... Why not give up his trip here in July and lend the money to my husband , not trying t do on their own terms , if money is a problem ... terms that make my children unhappy. What do you think ? If it were me and my son had never met his son who just paid for it! I am so angry .... this woman is so over!
Do I have a right to be angry with my dad?2zooey2012-10-07 20:16:04
Therefore, I have been very angry with my dad for a while because every time he's around me, always messes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My father and I have never gotten along. Fights used to get very intense in the house when I was in high school. But I stayed calm and stuck through. So, when I got to college, I thought maybe that would improve our relationship because we could give each other space, but nope. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am able to go to college out of state very good mainly because my grandfather told me to help my first year (we are working class). Anyway, my father told me that I would be able to get in-state tuition to attend school because he said the admissions people said. I did not believe him, so I faced myself and I have a clear answer. Well. But we did not know until now was that my dad never told me that in-state tuition would apply until my third year. What it means to me, more debt in loans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm mad at him for that. I even told that if I have to pay more than $ 30,000 for the school, I will retire and attend a community college (which I just did to begin with). But when I said this, I screamed and called me "stupid". He pretty much said this: "Stop worrying about the money and go to school. The money comes later." UHM HELLO? Money is a big problem because of the economy and can get tough. My family is already in debt due to his past mistakes and is more or less repeating his story about me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, and then I recently got my car towed because I parked in the wrong place at my apartment. Not only this happening before an exam, but he made me come with him, because you know what? He was drunk. I was furious. Here I am, 1 am, I have an exam at 8 in the morning and I was in the middle of concluding when I spoke of my car news. When we get to the towing company, I learned that my dad misunderstood man (he was drunk) and thought I could pick up the car for $ 120 before 6 am, but he says it is cheaper after 6am. So I refused to pay, so we ended up hiking back to my apartment. I was furious. Then he blames me for not telling her where to park! I was studying for my exams, so I did not expect this spontaneous visit him. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just got my grades back and I can not help but wonder how much better they could have done if it were not for my dad. My dad is frustrating. All he does is drink, make impulsive decisions, and then blames others because he can not face the fact that he is f * cks up. I am very angry with him. Makes me want to throw just literally. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel bad for thinking about my father, but I am the culprit here? Please someone give me some advice. He is making me unhappy and it's like those horrible high school days again.
Army Linguist vs. Air Force Linguist, Expectations?2tyrik2012-11-03 05:25:02
I am very seriously considering the Army and Air Force , both for the same position , Cryptologic Linguist . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Army has best benefits sign and even placed in E -4 because I have a college degree and speak Spanish + Int . Korean ( been living in Korea for almost two years ) , while in the Air Force E -3 just begin , and repaying student loans is much better in the Army . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone give me some advice here on what to expect ? I have been reading until my eyes hurt and I'd love to know: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. How long will I be away from my wife in the Air Force or the Army ? What I can expect in terms of deployment ? I want to be with my wife as much as possible , really. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. The positions are not very different - why should I choose the Air Force? Is my life really be _that_ much better ? If so , please tell me why ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. While attending the DLI ( if everything goes well and that puts me in a difficult , Korean , hopefully) , as long as I'm there I can take a while my wife will live nearby and I'll be able to meet her and live like a normal human being , right? I'm starting to E -4 , does this have anything to do with whether or not I can live with my wife ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. Linguists are treated well in the Army ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know it's 4 questions , answer what I can, and I will be very happy about it ! Thanks in advance !
Why do I feel angry so much?0Mignon2012-11-02 15:58:44
I'm a stay at home mom of one. I have a husband. I feel like I could burst into tears or freak out if I just let down that wobbly gate that is keeping everything at bay. I don't know what it is about the last year or even two, but it feels like every time I or we try to get somewhere in life we fail. I'm confident my husband resents me for staying home too. I'll ask him about it and he'll deny it but I know. I'd work if daycare didn't negate the point of working at all. It's nuts like 400 a week. Needless to say I need a break, I'll never get one. All I want is for things to be simpler, I want for my husband to be motivated to get a better job. I want to not be buried under so many bills, a marriage in incommunicado, a baby girl who is so high energy....oh my goodness. I never yell at my daughter and I do my best not to have an argument in front of her. Some days, like today, where I found out our mortgage application got denied because my husband forgot to pay his student loan payment TWO years ago and they slapped it on his credit history. Yes, days like today I really want to just scream, cry, break the dishes instead of clean them. Move to Yukon and live in a hut.... How can I manage this feeling of anger all the time? I'm totally swimming in constant disappointment... Please any advice is appreciated....
My husband gets very angry! What do I do?!?0Izzy.2012-11-03 05:12:19
Here's a little back story: My husband and I met when I was in the 9th grade and we were best friends. I use that term loosely because he was really the only person who would talk to me, and therefore it made him my best friend. Anyways, I moved away before my sophomore year and I started dating this other guy. I didn't see my husband for years after that. I was with the other guy for 4 years and he treated me like ****. He physically, mentally and emotionally abused me on a daily basis. After about 5 years of not seeing my friend from the 9th grade (my now-husband), I broke up with my boyfriend and started dating him. I remembered him being a really good friend in high school and thought he would treat me 100 times better than my ex treated me. Well, we jumped into marriage. 2 months after we started dating (I'm 20 and he's 21). Everything seemed to be fine at first, but now it just seems like if he's not smothering me with wanting to be around me ALL the time, he's getting mad at me for stupid stuff (like unlocking the car door before he turns off the car or leaving a brush in the living room). He's too worried about everything looking pristine and I'm comfortable with a little mess sometimes. He always says he's not mad, but I KNOW he is and that he's just lying... he says things all the time and turns around and says something completley opposite and says he never said the 1st thing. It drives me CRAZY! Now he's wanting to take out loans that I don't approve of and when I told him I didn't want to take out a loan (all we have to pay is rent and those kinds of bills, we arent' tryin to buy anything big) he gets really pissed off... then he just walks around sulking until he gets over it and then comes back to me to try to smother me again. This happens all the time, multiple times during the day. I've worked at my job very hard to get us a car and an apartment and he hasn't paid for anything, but he's just gotten 2 new jobs (neither one is paying him YET) and he thinks he can solve the worlds problems now, which isnt true. Am I in the wrong? I've thought about divorce because he has me in tears so much. I try to ignore him, but he gets pissed at that. He's never laid a hand on me, but he affects my emotions too much and there's nothing i can do. I try talking to him about how he gets angry all the time and he just gets mad again and then SAYS he's not mad. then he turns around and says he gets mad when i say he's mad... it's a lose lose for me... idk what to do... help...

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