How can i get my U.S. Permanent residency status back? help!!!!?

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nettie <3
Asked at 2012-09-08 07:10:02
I am a Canadian citizen , but I have been living in Georgia USA from 2000: I received my residency status through my employer mothers as the rest of my family.I had work permit and a social security number . I attended Jr High , and completed high school and some college there. I recently returned to Canada to be with my parents for the summer only , in the time I was here I would have to see a doctor because I am pregnant.When reactivate my OHIP after 3 months waiting period , I told to get OHIP had to give my greencard by states ( not ask any of my brothers or sisters to do this when he came up here for a few months) so I had too, is that I really needed to go doctors , I could not have my baby on the floor in the country without documents . So now I'm stuck here . I have all my stuff (cars , furniture , and clothes and other belongings ) to my parents house in Georgia , but now , how am I going to live there if I did not have the status of residence ? ... I have a son ( who was born in the U.S. ) and I'm about to have a daughter of her American father , who can not travel to Canada because of his background . I have not enough money to pay school fees for international return with a visa , I can not qualify for OSAP because I have not been in Ontario for 12 months, and now I'm not a U.S. resident I do not qualify for FASFA and I do not have enough credit to get a student loan , I'm between a rock and a hard place . They told my mother that she could , at the request of my card again, but since my parents have ceasedd her letters she can not . I could try to apply for a SB -1 Visa , but do not think it will pass , someone please help me i dunno what else to do .
Answer1Jatavion MichealAnswered at 2012-09-08 10:54:03
In the present circumstances ... probably can not recover ... at least not quickly, you will have to get in the back of the line and start over from the beginning. You may be able to get a visitor visa or a temporary visa to enter the U.S. to reclaim their property , if that is your goal ... but if your goal is to be a citizen or permanent resident of New ... as quickly as possible , probably would marry the father of her child ... and even that is not going to happen overnight .
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