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Wells Fargo taking legal action against me now for debt?2Horace2012-10-03 22:28:06
While I was in college in CT and wondering how he would pay the semester, or drop out because I could not get another loan, my father was back here in DC to get one in my name without my consent or knowledge. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It was not until I returned home last year, looking for a job, I found a letter from Wells Fargo demanding lumpsum pay the full amount of about $ 2,000 or less, or else face legal action. The debt of the loan is in default. We called and they said they have to be paid. I did not know what the hell he was talking about Wells Fargo, because I do not remember taking a loan from them - and then told me I was also under the name of my father. Then I knew it was him who took him out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I asked if I could get a forbearance or deferment in payment, and was told flatly "No, not a private loan, can not get no break until you pay the entire amount." I told them that obviously did not have a job at the time and was completely unable to pay, and the only payment option they offered me was to pay $ 1,500 immediately. How the hell would I do that? So I did not because everyone in my family is extremely poor, nobody has anything, my father goes bankrupt and about to lose his house, and I have bad credit and struggling - How the hell am I supposed to pay therefore I did not pay at all. MedlinePlus Now, a week ago I received a letter from someone claiming to be a lawyer in a law firm here on behalf of Wells Fargo, and told me to pay the bill or something else I do not remember. The letter was both the name of my father and my name. What in the world do this to me? Wells Fargo is suing me for being in arrears with them and not be able to pay any capacity? They are going to sue me for being poor and destitute? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very angry that my father has done this to me behind my back, but I know he did with the best intentions, he wanted me to have to leave the university so close to getting my degree (I had to do anyway because could not pay for the last two courses I needed to complete the degree (so close!)), and was completely useless. So I'm in debt to them all this, a total of about $ 30,000 just for Wells Fargo alone, was the amount of the loan he had taken. Not even seem to have bothered to look at the fine print shows that there was no possibility of getting a deferment or forbearance on the type of loan you took out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, I'm stuck, and not even my fault. This legal action against me for Wells Fargo, I do not even know what to say. I do not want my father to be sued, but also do not want to take the blame for his silly mistake he made, knowing there would be long-term consequences ... I am so frustrated by this situation. My father is 80 years old and looked like it had not thought debt was putting on me. Prefer had ceased to be left in this situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to go to law school at some point in the future, and I do not want something like this to be in my story goes against my character and fitness because I have a huge debt that I pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what should I do?
Is anyone else frustrated about Wells Fargo taking over Wachovia?0beebe2012-10-07 19:18:26
I've had an account with Wachovia for 8 years and now that Wells Fargo has taken over I've had nothing but horrible dealings with them . I have been turned down for a car loan earlier this year and now a credit card that I was able to get elsewhere without any problem . What good is a bank if all you do is save your money and now I hear they are going to start charging people a monthly service fee for using debit cards . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm done with this bank , any suggestions on a better bank I should change ?
Yahoo users please help, should i start taking LEGAL ACTION?0BG2012-08-21 15:59:02
Unfortunately i attended Everest Institute and made a contract with Genesis loans for a student loan. So a couple of days after I finished my internship EVEREST begins stalking me for cash . Telling me that I had 7 days to give them $ 800 or they will put all of my credit and had to pay to get my diploma fucking 2! Called Genesis Business loans that actually gave me the loan and was told that my account / loan was canceled by EVEREST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION ! Everest also told me that they sent my loan funds I had with Genesis and I owe them money not lady asked me I did not know who had sent funds Everest genesis of my loan discharge . So now Everest is stalking begged me to pay them in place now ! What I can do with this mess ? Should I contact a lawyer and what kind ? I did not know it was legal for someone to cancel my loan and not tell sh * t !
Should I go to Wells Fargo tomorrow?1czacza2012-10-02 14:12:02
I have loan from them for vet bills . I received a phone call from them today want to arrange a meeting for tomorrow . She said she might be able to get where I can pay my loan faster . I need to bring W -2 and pay stub . Should I even waste time and go or should I avoid ?
Does anyone else have problems with Wells Fargo?0leess2012-09-03 01:09:04
Or is it just me? I had a tough year last year and my cc bill put far behind and above the limit. Well, I set up a payment plan with them in June and messy, so I had to call back and restore in July. So I'm told that begins in August. So in August I'm going to pay $ 60 per month for the next 12 months, which means my payment plan till next August and would like to return to the high rate of interest wicked. Well, I get on my account and have begun to see ordinary interest charge me again! I'm so P.O d '. Why always gives me problems? I called and of course people have been collections for the day. She said many times that only make the lower rate until it is back under the limit, but she re-read about the history and says clearly that was a difficulty and get the payment plan for a year. She told me to call back and say I was wrong. I can not wait to pay for them I can not stand all the littering. They gave my mom a few years ago also problems. She and my father divorced and she has the car in the divorce she wanted to change the loan to his name, but said his credit was too bad, so I refused. My dad claimed bankruptcy in everything, including the car, but agreed to let her keep it because it was making regular payments, but still refused to change the loan over. So one day the car broke down and my mom was really mad because he'd just talk to them about the loan and called them and told them to come get the car. He was asked to drive it again and she said she is not running. So basically screwed themselves. They had to take a car that had broken more than they should when it was worth and no one to charge as had been claimed in a bankruptcy. I really wish I had the money to pay them now. What I can do? Do you think if I call they will have to change it again, because it is what was agreed in August? Thank you.
Anyone else have problems with Wells Fargo?1gavial2012-10-12 02:06:03
I and my husband just opened a new joint checking ACCT earlier this year , so I've been trying to get my car loan payments drawn from this new ACCT . I called Wells Fargo as 7 times and still not fair ! Now are harassing me and calling me saying I owe them two payments when in fact only one and that we owe it to March. I called two people today who not only was ... one of them said I should by February when that's not true because I went to the bank online and it was taken from my Acct. They say that after 10 days if no payment is made will go against my credit , when in fact it is their own fault because they have not been addressed when they call . I called to make payments in March but still paying increasingly investing . They need to find smarter people to work for them . Once my car is paid off next year than ever finance another vehicle through WF !
Wells fargo refinance car loan?0Carmela2012-09-23 08:03:02
Just wondering if you have to have good credit to refinance your car or get a loan extension only have 23 months to go, but my payments are very high
Why doesnt wells fargo have my school?0Wyman2012-09-23 11:51:03
I tried to apply for a student loan online and the bank does not have my university on the list?
I got approved for a car loan on by Wells Fargo. . .?3Marzi2012-10-23 11:31:02
I credit application through the dealer ( went through 7 or 8 lenders - Wells Fargo was the only one I approve because I have bad credit ) . Anyway , was approved for a loan , but the payment had to be 20 % of the loan amount , and the car I was seeing, it was a little more than I could afford at the time ( there was also a stipulation that the car had to be at least 06). This concession did not have many other cars that qualify to choose which came a little cheaper . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I 'm wondering is , since my app approved (although the credit application was withdrawn ) would it be reasonable to think that if I contacted Wells Fargo directly I would be able to obtain financing and then just go to any dealer I wanted ( which I wish I could find a slightly less expensive vehicle ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any reason that might reject me because I'm not asking for a loan through a dealer?
Wells Fargo - Experiences? So far mine is bad!!?2please2012-11-04 08:32:02
A year ago I spoke with them on a home mortgage and laughed , basically . I ended up talking to someone and got a loan and a house. Now I opened a checking account with them and I did not realize they were going to open a credit card for me . Well , he refused and I 'm done so ! The personal banker I spoke with a woman who talks fast and I have opened several accounts in the last year and am trying to take care of any more credit inquiries . ARGH ! I am divorced and so I have $ 6000 + on a credit card I'm working and paying my own need to open credit card accounts , my own insurance policies , etc. , that is why there have been so many questions . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently decided to sell my house in hopes of buying a new one. After sold plan to move with my parents until I can get a new place discovered . However, with this latest denial , am I doomed ? Or Wells Fargo elusive institution through loans , etc ?
Does anyone have a loan with Wells Fargo Auto? HELP!?1fre2012-10-08 16:17:03
Does anyone else have loans through them ? Are they so rude to you as they are to me ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a little behind on my loan and they call me 25 times a day ( no exaggeration ! ) And then I wonder why I'm running late ? ? ? It is not your business. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What have you done to solve these problems with them ? ( Do not suggest refinancing , since nobody is financing cars right now) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help ! I can not deal with these rude people more !
Can Wells Fargo tell if I cash a check?1Mary - Help plz2012-10-26 14:05:04
We are in the middle of a loan modification and have received money from the annuity of my husband . Our mortgage company is Wells Fargo checking and annuity is Wells Fargo . Do they know if the check ?

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