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Wells Fargo is demanding that created an online bank account if you want to pick up one of their loans for school, but I have no income so the account would be inactive and was told that an account if you do something bad would happen (not sure exactly what). I'm beginning to think that school is cheating (lol I'm sure)

1 could apply for the account and then cancel it after obtaining the loan (as long as it does not take a great amount of time for approval )
2 is necessary to have an account for a loan, there is no way for them to track the people who should ( or am I missing something here )
3 What is the "bad thing "
4 I have done all this reading of Wells Fargo and I still have no understanding of banking, accounting, investment portfolios .... I 'm looking in the wrong place , it feels like everything is overwhelming and in circles (which should find a forum of finance)
5 What do you know of any forums , the best research sites, etc.

If you're wondering why I just asked my father for help because they do not want your financial habits horrible, so I'll try to learn on my own about this and hopefully help them out , and < br >
I'm basically looking for a nudge in the right direction, any help is appreciated please and thank you :)

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