What can I possibly do online to earn me some money? I cannot cater for college expenses. Someone help please. related questions

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What can I possibly do online to earn me some money? I cannot cater for college expenses. Someone help please.1Belinda2012-09-20 23:50:03
I am a 20 male bachelor commerce student in Nairobi , Kenya. I'm in my first year , and am no longer able to meet college expenses . I do not want to stop what I 'm looking for something . I have all possible help from the government , loans , etc , but not enough . I can sail three times a week , two hours each time . What's online for me to make use of those two hours each time? Please help me .
Trying to earn money for college, any ideas ?0Rimmy2012-09-23 18:46:05
Yeah yeah , get a job you say , Im in the . MedlinePlus Get a loan that you say , tried , failed. MedlinePlus Online Scholarships : Fastweb , MyView , cappex , scholarshippoints , surveys , randomized, yes I did ... MedlinePlus Ask your friends in the making , I made a facebook page and if I get 300 members by Sunday night ill get a donation of $ 30 ( already 203 members ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I really want to do is write a letter to large companies . Any idea ? Or something more creative ?
What is the best and quickest way to earn money online?6shashana2012-11-06 05:06:03
I have an amazing idea for a social networking website , but unfortunately I have the money to create one. MedlinePlus Currently I am studying all forms of financing available , including government based grants or loans . But I prefer to use something like my last resort. MedlinePlus I have also considered the grant-based financing , where I would ask people to donate their money . I need more than one thousand dollars , and I do not think people are willing to donate enough to truly help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What other ways I can make money , preferably in an online environment .
Is there any legimate way to earn money online?1Ritsha2012-10-13 17:38:02
I'm a college student trying to pay off some student loans .
I am going to college this fall and I really need a way to earn money fast. Any ideas? Any one willing to help?0Aaliesha2012-10-03 08:10:42
I need money for a car to come and go . I found one for 3500, but I have no money . Also I have a laptop . I'm trying to find a job so you can get a student loan for my tuition, but for other things I need money as soon as possible . Please Help Me! !
Need more money for college expenses for in and out of school?0Brayden2012-11-04 02:23:28
I have paid my tuition and received my left over financial aid money, but i need more money to pay help pay for living expenses and other stuff for school. Will I still be able to get a student loan from a student loan company being that I have already received financial aid (subsidized and unsubsidized)?
I don't have a high school diploma yet (need 3 credits) can I go to community college or earn credits online..0kailee2012-09-26 15:16:04
In order to be accepted by the community college in the fall ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So yeah ... I am older and must graduate about now , but I'm in the 11th grade will be senior next year . I only need 3 credits to graduate (which won seven each year ) , but since I 'm going to the private school that does not want to accelerate my education ( I wanted to take additional classes and graduate early this year . ) Well, I can take courses through of an accredited online company or even catch up on a community college and earn my high school diploma there? Trust me , it's time for me to go , and leave my house . I have a job and a car , and with a few student loans I'll be fine financially . I'd like to graduate as soon as possible , and I'm having trouble finding what are my options , since to my counselor accecourse wont help. I can go on to a 4-year university in the future , but for now I want to stick to a two years anyway , and I want to be a veterinary technician .
I don't have a high school diploma yet (need 3 credits) can I go to community college or earn credits online..0Nashea2012-11-04 06:00:59
In order to be accepted by community college in the fall? So yeah... I am older and should be graduating about now, but am in 11th grade- going to be a senior next year. I only need 3 credits to graduate (we earn 7 each year), but since I go to private school they don't want to fast track my education (I wanted to take extra classes this year and graduate early.) Well, can I take courses through an accredited online company or even catch up in a community college and earn my high school diploma there? Trust me it is time for me to move out, and leave my house. I have a job and a car, and with a few student loans I will be fine financially. I would like to graduate as soon as possible, and I am having trouble finding out what my options are, since of in order to be accecourse my counselor wont help me. I may advance to a 4 year college in the future, but for now I want to stick to a two year anyways, since I want to be a vet technician.
Save, invest, & take out student loans for college costs OR pay cash for college expenses?2Piom2012-10-08 13:29:09
I have 24 years and is currently working on my MBA (part-time ) . I can make enough money to pay my tuition and fees ( and the payment of a student loan taken out before 5400) , but that means very little and try to save a budget . I will be enrolling in my company's 401 ( K ) this month ( small contributions ) , and I have really wanted to start investing on my own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think I can get higher returns on my money I would have to pay in interest on student loans. If defer my student loan payments , and additional borrowing to pay my future college expenses ( probably around $ 7000 - $ 10,000) , I believe that could save about $ 400-600 per month. Would it be wise for me to take additional student debt to start investing , or do I pay my bills with cash?
Fresh out of college, Brand New job, and Possibly house?1Adewale2012-10-04 12:31:02
I am a recent graduate of a school in Ohio and a month ago I became a big girl and FINALLY got my first full time job. My boyfriend and I live together and we decided that since we ended up living in an apartment and want to buy a house. Currently I have two jobs, making $ 2,000 a month before taxes, credit scores ranging from 690 to 720 and not have a lot of debt (some 13,000 college and my car is being looked after by my parents with a loan car in my name to keep my high score) I've been working in a retail store for two years and together I'm paying $ 100 in credit card debt each month. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We are not looking for an expensive home, less than 90,000 is actually what we are looking for even in a big city (I live in Toledo Ohio ... you can get a decent home for 90,000 here for some strange reason) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it possible for me to even get a loan or should I wait? We are tired of living in an apartment, have bad credit and child support in her lap, and I owe much to begin with (obviously by the description). We wanted to get home before we got married, so my credit does not fall apart and not be able to get a loan. He is trying to pay everything off, but we're getting married in a year and its debt has been at it for a good 3 years (to say nothing of the more than 40,000 student loans) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess what I'm trying to make is that if I married him, he would not be able to get a house? and if I can not get a house when I married him, I can get a house now while my credit is amazing (for everyone a new college graduate tells me I have amazing credit ...) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus we want to go in September because our lease and then not want to move to another apartment complex. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No hard please, this is for support purposes. I love the type of debt or not, so please be gentle. :)
Who helps people buy a car with bad credit and possibly no money down?3fishbowl2012-10-16 01:01:02
My credit is crap and I just get the run around with the car purchase . I have made applications through the network for car loans and call me and I go up to the dealership and they said the same thing " you need a co-signer or 2500 down" . Who can apply to really help me get into a car ?
Could they have possibly put this money into a closed bank account?1B2012-10-05 05:05:02
Currently I have a BANK ACCOUNT closed and is discovered by $ 280.00 supposably and had taken a loan of $ 150.00 of this institute funds online . The bank told me that this account is temporarily closed until the money is paid , but let me say that when I applied for the loan , I forgot to change my bank account information . The lending company is saying that the loan matures on March 3 , but have not received any money . Do everything possible to make this loan for coming into my mind , because somehow now , I received a letter from my bank saying that this account is only $ 130.00 exaggerate . So, a total of 280.00 least 150.00 ( loan ) which is equal to 130.00 ... you may get the credit on this account in some way just to make me pay for it ? And let me remind you , that never has money for the loan. Thanks and please help. So, would you pay for a loan that never were and what should I do besides call my bank? And I do not want to call the place of loans , not only will harass me for money , I have : (

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