If a loan charges off for non-payment, does it continue to be reported as "charge-off" after payment plan? related questions

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If a loan charges off for non-payment, does it continue to be reported as "charge-off" after payment plan?0kuno2012-09-06 23:37:03
If a loan charged off for nonpayment , but then the debtor enters into a repayment agreement , the creditor can continue to denounce him as a "charge off" in the debtor's credit report ? Can the debtor compel the creditor to exchange the debt situation in the credit report , and now they are paying him?
If I refinance my car loan before making my first payment. Can a dealership or bank charge any kind of fee?0katlin2012-10-08 13:30:36
My rate used car loan I got from the dealership I bought my car used is 8.77% . Looks like I will be able to refinance at a rate of 6.4 % . With the additional cost of an application fee and a $ 75 title transfer fee of $ 50. The loan amount is just over $ 11,000 . It seems worth doing .
Do you know of a payday loan that i can choose my own payment plan?2bri2012-09-26 03:48:04
I want a quick loan , but do not want my payment was separated from my bank acount padyloan know of sites where I can set my own payments .
Is there a company that can give you a loan and make a payment plan?3Avery Willborn2012-09-30 09:02:02
i am in a situation where im about to lose my house and my car repossesed with what is said to have tried to get a cash advance loan , but no one will lend money when you barely have credit questions . my is .. is a company that can give a lump sum of money and are able to repay the money with him in the coming months? I would ask if there was an emergency
Is there a way to get a no credit check loan with a monthly payment plan?0Olga2012-09-11 17:22:03
I'm trying to get a loan to consolidate my debt (around 2000.00 ) MedlinePlus and I am a college student with no credit for ........
Where is the best place to get a student loan, and the best type of payment plan to get? ?0Paulette2012-11-05 17:17:19
I am looking into getting student loans and don't know if i should apply for subsidized or unsubsidized, and also don't really know where to apply. thank you.
Is it wrong of me to ask for a payment plan from a friend for a loan made over 10 years ago?3Dwigh2012-10-05 01:29:03
I loaned a friend $ 8,000 in 10 years . The charge was not made in a single payment . She asked a couple of thousands of dollars over the years. She says she does not have the money to pay me and that can never be able to pay me because she is in so much debt . I never mentioned the loan for all those years . Recently, I proposed to make a monthly payment plan with all the money you can afford. There has never been late in paying the minimum amount on your credit cards . I guess why I can not be treated as a credit card loan . She was offended and was nasty , aggressive and rude when I spoke to her about it . However, he agreed to pay something every month , but it can not guarantee that a payment will be consistent. MedlinePlus I'm not sure she is being completely honest about having no money to pay . She told me that recently came into some money so that she can use some of them to pay me. I would not have mentioned that information if no push to repay the loan . MedlinePlus Was I wrong to ask for the return of loan? Should he attributed to an important lesson not lend money to friends and take it as a loss?
What is the best way to pay federal taxes when you have no cash. Credit card, loan, IRS payment plan?2Kali2012-10-26 05:27:03
I owe $ 2,000.00 . What would the interest rate , how they accumulate , how long do I have to pay if I went the route IRS payment plan? I know I should take more during the year , but if I did , I could not live on my paycheck.
Daughter is looking for a secure online personal loan with payment plan for $1500?0Fida2012-10-19 08:52:50
your credit is not great - want to get a loan with no payments , where you have to return in a week or 90 days has a good job , sure , just poor credit - she wants to find a good company and reliable reasonable interest for this loan , where you can get approved with bad credit , no fuss / no muss
Can my bank charge me for placing a stop payment on a check that online bill pay sent that is lost?0woody2012-10-08 23:27:57
I pay my bills every month through ez - payment services to bill my credit union provides for Union First Financial Federal Credit Union. The service is provided by a service provider outside ez - payment invoice. In this case I paid my car payment . Bank of America (the holder of the loan ) never received the check. Apparently , he sent a check by mail to Bank of America . The check has failed her and it's been almost 12 days. I never had this problem. The bank informed me that to put a stop payment on the check he would have to pay a fee. I realize when a lost check e I have to pay this fee , but you really can pass this cost to me in this case ? They say they are passing on the fee that the bill payment service happened to them . But if the payment service accounts lost it in the first place I have any recourse here? Or should I pay the fee . If it was my mistake I'd gladly pay but banks always screw the customer , even when they are wrong. I'm sick of it .
Are banks allowed to charge you a late payment fee when it has agreed to defer your repayments for a set term?0ANANOMOUS2012-10-05 08:13:19
I have a personal loan with a bank . I am obliged to make monthly payments on this loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus At my request, the bank agreed to defer my payments for several months . They charged me late payment fines each of these months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No informed me that I would be charged these fees . He was , however , aware that missing a payment incurs a late payment fee . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder , is the bank may charge me fees "late payment" for missing a payment date for a payment that was not required to do so ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , the bank is required to inform me that the agreement entered into , for example, to postpone payments , require you to pay fines for late payment ?
I was 3 hours late making my final credit card payment, can I get the "charge off" reversed?0ko2012-10-01 05:37:02
Recently I decided to pay the remaining debt on the credit card . However, I called too late in the day and my charge account . I paid the card that night anyway . I was told that the credit card company that did not matter, they are forced to report this as "charged off the paid in full . " I wonder if I have the right to obtain credit card to reverse this (especially considering that operator told her she had the morning until 10 pm for payment and was told that I was really only until 17:00 when I called back at 8pm . ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My debt outstanding was origially 20K but I had brought up 5k over 3 years of making payments every month. This was very difficult (I worked two full time jobs to do this) . I had decided to return to school and missed some payments after I left my job and waiting for school to start and my money scholarhship to succeed. After missing payments , said my credit card company had until the end of the month to make a payment or charge off the account . He then obtained a loan from a family member for the remaining balance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus On the morning of day 31 I called and said I had until 10 pm to make the payment . Based on this information , I decided to call back when it was more convenient for me after my classes ended at 17:00 PST. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel cheated now that was worth 20k voucher of debt , only to have my credit ruined because I was 3 hours late in taking my last payment . Not only that , I could have made the payment in the morning , but decided to wait until it was more convenient because of something your operator told me .

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