Can I trade in a car that I still owe 20k on and get a cheaper car? related questions

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I would like to trade in my car for a cheaper car but I still owe on it, what do I do?1tay2012-09-20 06:00:03
? I can trade in a car if there is still money owed on it ? What happens to my current loan ?
Can I trade in a car that I still owe 20k on and get a cheaper car?0ko2012-09-06 23:24:03
I bought a 07 Civic Si sedan for a year and a half ago .. stifle 3k and took a loan for the rest ... After paying for a year I'm down to 20,000, where the car is worth about 22,000 . I like to have lower monthly payments so there is a way to operate the car and get a cheaper one ?
Should we trade our BMW for a cheaper car or keep it and pay it off?3miechelle2012-11-02 06:20:02
We have a 2004 X3 ~ 31K miles. We buy used with an extended warranty 100K miles . We have about $ 26K and have another 4 years of the loan . ( PMT $ 600 a month ) We are about even in the car going to trade . We are debt free exept for the car, a student loan and the house and I want to start adding to savings aggressivly current $ 8K for emergencies and eventually get to where our salaries are only for living expenses only, all nuts . ( My husband and I have been pension and other retirement accounts . ) MedlinePlus We would really like to have a large SUV ( plan to have another baby next year ) , but do not want to pay to extend in a car for longer than we have too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice would be great! MedlinePlus Thank you !
Can I trade in my car, that is in my ex husbands name, for a cheaper car in my name ?4DHAWAL2012-08-30 14:06:04
I drive a mini cooper s 2002 I have 1 . tired of and 2. can no longer afford to pay 450 per month for . The problem is that I am the opposite of my loan and the car is Soly in my name, ex-husbands . Should be able to exchange it for a cheaper car and take the vehicle is in my name and credit of my ex and such?
Can I trade in my used car for a cheaper one at the same dealership?5Shannon-- please help!!2012-11-05 11:57:05
Hello. Six months ago , I bought a Honda Accord 2008 . I owe $ 20,200 on it . Nada and KBB say the retail value is up to $ 19,775 for my model . I want to replace it with a cheaper loan of about $ 5,000, making it easier to pay in a short period of time . Basically , I made a stupid decision and bought a car you can not afford . I am also determined to get completely debt free. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ? I have $ 4KI could repay the loan before trading it in. Will this help me any? Or use the $ 4K to pay the car back to me in cash? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP !
Can i trade my car into the dealer?for a cheaper one?3Cajunkay2012-11-05 00:55:04
Well , I took out a loan for a 2006 chevy cobalt his face and I can replace it with a cheaper what do I do ?
If I owe on my car loan still, can I trade it in for something cheaper?1abc2012-09-21 00:43:02
So I owe about $ 14,200 on my car loan . Is it possible to exchange it for a car that is $ 13,795 or I will be upside down with negative equity ?
How can i trade my car in with payments still? for a cheaper car?3Trenna2012-09-04 01:19:03
I realize now that I have a cheap car for my first time. I have a loan on a car as I had no credit and he was 18. I think it was $ 8,000. I have about $ 6,000 to pay. my KBB value is around $ 3,650 . I would like to exchange it for a cheaper car payments are more manageable payments or none at all. How I can do ?
If I have a car loan and let's say I want to trade it in and get a Cheaper car how does it work?0sharen2012-10-10 15:07:36
My car is worth 8K ooo cuz my loan finance charges iis around 13K , now say huypothetically I found a car say a mustang for 7k and I want one now how I can transfer my loan or get a new one for the mustang or I can change my car for the mustang ? How does it work when you are financing a car and want to buy another ?
I have a trade-in that is worth 12,00, and I owe 19,000. What can I do to get a car with a cheaper payment?2Amsden2012-10-22 08:53:03
? I can get a cheaper car , and pay , to have about 7,000 left in current loan ? I can ? Refianance the 7000, too?
How does it work if you have a loan on a car and you want to trade it on a cheaper car?1Ti2012-10-06 04:22:04
My son is 17 (18 next month ) , my mother signed a loan for my son to get a car . He makes the payments and has been doing very well with that. However, he was going to Texas in June for basic training in the Air Force . Want to change your car ( '02 Mustang GT V8 ) for up to 4 cylinder w / turbo so it will be cheaper in the gas and make your payment lower. How does the loan process and it will benefit you to do ? PD just got the car in December last year , he owes 15k .
If i wanted to trade in my car im still paying for a cheaper one. Is that possible?0기관 등의 이름에 나타나는 명사 2012-10-19 18:20:23
Lately I've had my eye on another car . And I was wondering if it was possible to trade in my car back to the dealer for another car that is cheaper and do my small loan ? Im paying for this car and paid more than half already . I can do this or that affect my credit ?

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