Does anybody know of a legit lender for personal loans if you have bad credit? related questions

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Does anybody know of a legit lender for personal loans if you have bad credit?0Roxxane2012-09-06 19:43:07
Hello , MedlinePlus I am in need of a personal loan of $ 50,000 , and my husband and I have beaten some bumps in the road , so we have bad credit , but I would use the money to buy a car that I am in dire need of and pay credit card bills so we can get back on track . I know there are many scams out there so if you know of a legit lender with decent interest rates would appreciate your help . thanks
Does anyone know of a personal loan i can get from a private lender with bad credit that is actually legit?6Carla2012-10-10 18:22:02
Does anyone know of a personal loan you can get from a private lender bad credit really be trusted?
Need personal loan of 25000 , poor credit score, due to illness anyone know of legit lender?4Vance Reed2018-07-28 02:39:59
was delayed due to medical problems and two car accidents credit score was a great success , trying to get a legit loan to pay for all staff , and lower monthly payments , but to improve the credit score ... Can anyone help ...... ? ? ? ? I'm really trying to get points on the right track and improve credit scores ... do not want to refinance your home , no one would do it anyway
***10 POINTS!!!!*** I need to find a legit sub-prime lender for a personal loan ASAP!?1JOVEL2012-08-19 23:35:03
I have to get a loan of at least $ 2500 this weekend . My credit union told me that going to refinance my car and leave my interest rate by 6 percentage points if I can pay $ 2500 in principal. Actually I have to do this weekend and DO NOT want to go through a payday or being scammed, but my credit score is very low due to debts incurred by my ex -husband and I when we were married. Anyone know of a true lender of subprime mortgages ? I'm in Houston if that helps.
Any LEGIT companies for personal loans or credit cards, for people with bad credit?2tyler baker2012-10-20 04:18:02
I looked online and I've seen sites for instant loans and whatever, but I do not know what to trust or believe? Has anyone tried any?
What are some legit links or websites to get either education/student or personal loans with no or bad credit?3elizabeth Sosnovskiy2012-09-17 09:04:06
I am a college student with no credit , but I'm also going through a car accident settlement , but the accounts are still on my credit card unpaid until the solution was completely "solved " by what operating system is wrong for the moment, but will clear soon and then I'm back to not credit.I not have anyone to co-sign , and so that's why I need a private loan. (not Stafford or Perkins)
Anyone know of a serious bad credit lender for personal unsecured loans?0Irina2012-09-11 14:10:05
I would appreciate your urgent response
Why do you have to pay a company to search for lender for a bad credit personal loans? do they really work?2mita2012-11-06 00:54:02
Why have to pay a company to find a lender for bad credit personal loans ? Do they really work ?
Does anyone know a lender who does personal unsecured loans for bad credit that is not a payday loan.?1annyomouse2012-08-08 05:11:44
Does anyone know of a lender that makes unsecured personal loans for bad credit is not a payday loan . ?
Where can I find a lender to give bad credit, high risk personal loans.?3rajender pal2012-10-10 12:24:02
I live in the state of Illinois and need a personal loan of $ 5,000.
I need a poor credit loan fast does anyone know a legit private lender knowone with a yahoo free email account2judson2012-09-09 04:41:09
I've been trying to get a loan for some time qiute I mean I know the real private lender would not be in yahoo answers, but I know someone must know of one please help me please , did not respond very comments smart and do not refer thrive lewgit i need places as it can be cheated in prosperity also
Any legit non-payday personal loans online?1Shamim2012-09-11 12:31:02
My boyfriend and I are trying to get get a personal loan , a loan or can for about $ 7000, $ 5000 to buy that home sisters . I have bad credit and all the places I 've been to in the past has said to my boyfriend who does not have enough credit history . I recently got a credit card to start establishing credit , but has not had enough time to really show anything . We will try financial centers around here , but I wanted to check and see if there is somewhere online to try legit, we have two different shifts , so it is difficult to meet to go and apply. We have tried to LendingTree , American general , and . Nothing for any of them . Lending Tree is still pending , but I doubt it . We have no one to cosign for us , no family to borrow it , and I do not care how much the interest rate. Thanks in advance .

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