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Financing individually or jointly?0aleah2012-11-01 21:49:02
I'm really struggling to choose between these two options . apply for a loan on a new car . my wife has more than 720 credit score and I have 750. she works for testing and I do mostly cash . Is it better to apply jointly or individually?
Can a house be purchased jointly in Florida if only 1 party secures the financing?0lorenzo2012-08-17 05:20:03
Hey. I have a question about joint ownership ( also known as: ? Common Tenure ) My boyfriend and I to buy a house together. As I am currently unemployed , I'm doing all the work of reseraching , etc. literature search , and then do the work in the fixer and provides the money and has purchased the loan on your behalf. Our contract is being written this weekend and running do not think my name may be included in the contract unless my name is in the financial records . Is this an accurate statement ? If so , what process we use to protect my legal rights to own part of the house and when to do ? Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.
Do i have to individually unsubscribe to each e-mail i get from a cash loan place, or is there another way ?0Delta2012-08-19 08:55:03
I really want these places cash loans to stop email me!
Business partnership, individually guaranteed loans, and small claims lawsuits. What are the responsibilies?1Gerrad2012-11-03 12:43:03
When two business partners, getting a loan for which both are individually responsible, and a demand to another court meanwhile decided to return the loan, how does this affect the terms of the original loan? Also, if the partner who received the money of the judgment not to use the money received to pay the loan for which the judgment, and the loan company is carrying out the partner who paid the judgment for the total amount paid to them, what recourse is there? My situation is this: In 2007, my partner and I took out a micro-business loan in the amount of $ 10,000, which in turn is explained by the agent of loan is guaranteed by the company. In fact, the document was written so that my partner and I personally guaranteeing the scheduled payment of the loan. During the first six months thereafter, my partner and I made payments through the profits of our business. After leaving the business due to the questionable legality of some of the practices of my partner, tried to sue me for the entire loan balance. The judge granted an amount equal to 50% of the loan, less the payments he had made personally, since he left, for a total of $ 4,363. I started paying my ex-partner installments, with which then paid the loan company, until January 2009, at which point he stopped making payments to them entirely, while still receiving payments from me. In May this year, I paid off my view of him, and now found the original debt in the collection in my name, no payments have been made since December 2008, and an outstanding balance for totaling more than $ 7,600. It is clear that some resources must be available to me as it is not liable to pay the same debt twice, but I do not know what to do. Simple comments like "advocated" are not constructive, at least it can provide additional details about a course of action, please refrain from making such comments.
Should we apply for a car loan jointly?1pachi2012-10-19 08:41:02
I am engaged and getting married on April 09. I'm currently in the market for a new car , while I like to do in the coming weeks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the situation , however : I have pretty good credit . I've been working very hard over the last 4-5 years to its creation from a very low point and I have much fear of seeing it fall again. My boyfriend , on the other hand , does not have great credit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you have to apply for a loan together ? Will this hurt my credit ? Will it help yours? Will it affect my chances of getting a decent loan and APR ? I'm so confused . I've asked everyone in my life I can think to ask and nobody seems to help me in this.
Married filling Jointly?1cjones2012-11-02 05:04:02
I have a w2 . I won last 15,000 years . I wonder what I can do to get the most for my fed income tax return . She is also a student loan . thanks
Filing jointly with injured spouse?1Caus2012-10-08 00:39:02
I am forwarding this because I do not think it adds enough detail in my last question . My husband and I filed jointly with the injured spouse form. I have student loans outstanding . We present the exact form of last year and our return direct deposited within weeks after being accepted by the IRS . I'm reading online that if presented with injured spouse , you will receive a paper check , even if you opt for direct deposit . This was not the case last year . Has anything changed ? It is also possible that the time of waiting 11-14 weeks with injured spouse to be considerably less in any instance ? As I said , last year was not even half of that time . My return was originally said to be waiting for the ninth ( tomorrow ) , but the IRS website now says there was a delay . I called and was told by the injured spouse . I'm confused . Why is it so different this year , compared to the booming last year? Thanks in advance .
Should Me and my wife apply for new car loans jointly or separate? ?3Leona2012-10-21 01:01:03
My wife and I recently got married , and it's time for us to buy cars . My FICO score is 650 and your FICO score is around 750. My salary is almost double hers . Should we borrow our cars separately? I know this would help my interest rate , but I do not want to hurt your interest rate . Thanks in advance !
If a house is jointly purchased by a couple, will both get tax benefit?0ARC2012-09-01 02:41:02
If husband and wife are co-owner of a house / Flat , they will both get tax benefit on loan / repayment of principal ? What will be the amount of the tax deduction per year for each of them? will be half full tax rebate ( as tax rule in India ) ?
My ex and I jointly own our house, he moved out 3 years ago after cheating and I look after our son and pay...7...2012-10-25 12:47:02
the mortgage , bills and childcare costs , despite my very limited income . He pays nothing for the house and maintaining a pittance . I wanted to buy out of the house , but he wants half the equity aswell as your entire deposit , legal fees and original interest! When we were together and I was on maternity leave was consolidated some debt in your name aswell he also wants to recover in full, plus interest. I accepted reduced maintenance over the past three years , as he had helped me financially but not recognized what I have done this. I know that your loan is paid . I was happy to give their deposit back plus a small bonus , since I am not a person unfair , but is asking for more than that even in the house . It's a shame , because it has been friendly so far. We beneficial joint tenants so unfortunately I think you are entitled to half of everything. Should I leave, split any profit and start again ? Does anyone know what my legal position on the loan and the house ?
Can you still jointly consolidate student loan debt or is it now banned and why?0Marussa2012-08-19 10:23:02
Still jointly consolidate student loan debt or is currently banned and why ?
Married filed jointly- possible when spouse has 0 gross income?1mary doherty2012-11-06 08:20:03
Hi, My wife is an international student with no social. The software tells me if we were to file MFJ she'd need to have a social and also income (whether worldwide or in the states). She has absolutely zero earnings anywhere in all of 2007, does that mean we could only do married filed separately? By the software's calculations, MFJ produces a thousand more in potential refund. Also, MF separately will not allow me to claim my interests paid on education loans... Thanks for your time!

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