Why was I denied for the Citi mtvU card for "insufficient credit history?"? related questions

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Why was I denied for the Citi mtvU card for "insufficient credit history?"?0decon2012-08-06 10:06:46
Hey , I'm a college student , which I thought was pretty good claim on the basis of my age (I have 21). I have two credit cards at this time : a 5 month old $ 300 card Orchard Bank insurance and a 3-month unsecured $ 800 Wells Fargo College card . The mtvU card is marketed toward college students , so why is denied on the basis of " insufficient credit history ? " What part of a credit history is what they expect me to have , if I am in college? This makes no sense. I'm building my credit card for my dad will not have to co-sign for me when I have to get a car loan .
Insufficient Credit History?0Fellon2012-09-28 00:19:02
I'm a college student , living at home . I recently moved in with my mom and stpedad , after my father moved me from home .. in the house of my father , I was able to drive to school with another car , but now we do not talk .. no personal transportation . I will find a job in the short term , and return to school in January. I have no car and no money . I need a way to get around the city , and requested a student loan to pay for a car , and then pay the loan monthly . I kept getting denied , and found out it was due to insufficient credit history . I need that loan , or I'll have to take the bus .. it takes time to reach even the nearest locations . How I can start building easily and quickly , and how I can go about recovering the loan ? Thank you !
How much time does "insufficient credit history" usually imply?0dott2012-10-08 01:54:05
So I've had my credit card ( had one insured , I have a security one) for over a year. Also, I have a car loan that is about 8 months . I recently applied for a new credit card was declined due to " insufficient credit history " . I wondered how long it is still regarded as "insufficient " . Is four years ? 5? 10?
I have a pretty good credit score, but not much history, will I get denied when applying for a credit card?2tawana2012-10-08 18:11:03
My score is calculated in 722 is normal and good , I suppose , is to pay all student loans on time and have never had a credit card before ... but I decided to break down and finally get one . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, accidentally requested that necessary " excellent " credit, but I refused the other day .... I would like to apply for another , but I do not want to get denied again and have a great deal of recent research on my credit report , crawling on my own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I have to apply for a card that only requires a " fair " credit for what I know I will be accepted ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The reason for this is that I'm starting a business , however , is still at such an early stage that I doubt you get approved for a business credit card small ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking to get a limit of 2-3000 dollars ...
What does "insufficient loans secured by real estate" mean when you are rejected for a credit card?1Brandie2012-10-06 15:50:02
I was rejected credit card for that specific reason . I do not own real estate , or credit reporting agency that the information was used by the bank to see if my credit was good enough to have some "real estate" in its report . Please let me know if anyone has any idea. Thank you.
I applied for a "personal" unsecured bank loan, but they denied it because of a "Limited Credit History"?0Darian2012-08-14 06:19:03
All websites I looked on the " limited credit history " we are talking about people who have never had a credit card in his life. I have three credit cards (Mastercard , Visa and a gas card ), the oldest (the visa) is 5 years and my credit limit with three combined is about $ 12k. All are in good condition , no negative remarks . Also, I have a student loan of U.S. Department of Education and is also highly regarded . How long until my credit history is not " limited" more?
With Citi layoffs should I proceed with the Citi loan discussed at http://www.thefinanceowl.com/ ? Yrs nervous?0Ida2012-09-07 03:58:03
I'm worried about Citi layoffs of 50,000. Should I be concerned about borrowing money from Citi , which had begun to process an application for the loan described in http://www.thefinanceowl.com/banks/usa/citigroup-inc/unsecured-personal-loans/ , but the news this week has made me nervous . Am I being silly ?
Denied for credit card...what does it mean?0� ~* ho�nY D�viL *~ � 2012-10-04 22:55:42
I checked my credit report from Equifax last week and saw that my score was 739. Last month consolidated loan of $ 16,000 at a rate of 29% on a $ 20,000 loan at a rate of 11.5 % ( the payment is $ 518) . Also I have a student line of credit ( now inactive ) for $ 12,000 with a balance of $ 7,500 ( rate is 5.75 , the minimum payment is $ 75) . I have a mastercard with a limit of $ 2500 and a balance of $ 4. I have another visa inactive in my report with a balance of - $ 23. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was looking to get a new visa to benefit from airline miles, insurance and other benefits that my active mastercard no . The bank adviser thought it would be OK to apply and who earn $ 75,000 and have no mortgage or rent payment ( you do not own a house or other assets even though) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He put the application on Friday and declined again today. The reason given was that "the customer is a new consolidation loan , and the operations are high . Addition, the Customer is no savings ." that's the extent of what he said . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My advisor was a little surprised , but he said he could consult with his manager as sometimes can attest to a state of low- risk customers . I told him I just wanted to know what I do to improve my credit . She consulted with the manager and they will contact me in a few days . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am in need of a new car. Does this mean that I would not qualify for an auto loan at this time ? What is my best course of action to improve my situation ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Mike MedlinePlus
How would I use the money on a Citi bank Secured Card?1caf2012-10-21 09:38:55
This is Citi fine print : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Site Url : MedlinePlus https://creditcards.citi.com/credit-cards/citi-secured-mastercard/ MedlinePlus Build your credit - and earn a strong competitive Rate1 an amount of $ 200 to $ 5,000 in a CD ( certificate of deposit ) . The limit of the credit card , then it becomes equal to the amount of money in your CD . We present the performance of your account to the major credit agencies , and after 18 months, you may be eligible for a guarantee Citi ? Platinum Select? MasterCard ? . Meanwhile, you will gain a competitive annual interest rate on the CD . MedlinePlus - MedlinePlus Ok so if it is a CD , which can not be matured for 18 months , how the hell is withdrawn money ? and can be removed if not ruin the CD ? MedlinePlus I have said that I have no line of credit , and the only way to start is with a secured card . Nobody is going to co - sign for me and I did not choose to make a loan , in addition to my chances of getting a loan with no credit are fairly low . Most days now secure cards will require an annual fee to rebuild your credit . MedlinePlus I never really understood the whole April / Interest system or how it works , I've been looking for an APR / Interest for dummies and noobs online , but no luck .
What does it mean to be denied a credit card for this reason?0Eartha2012-10-01 13:24:02
" The high percentage of credit profile consists of bank cards " MedlinePlus I bank cards Visa , MasterCard , American Express , etc. were " better" than store cards . What they want to see here? A mortgage ? Then I said I had a lot of debt . A car loan ? Same thing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What does this have to do with anything ?
Denied for a secured credit card?6fidelcio2012-11-03 03:13:02
I am a new resident and have zero credit. To create one , I applied for a bank loan guaranteed by Bank of America . I set up a savings account for $ 500 and is supposed to be the limit of the card. Now , I was told to wait 4-6 weeks for my card to arrive. Instead , I just got a letter in the mail that I was denied. How is it possible ? How am I supposed to build credit if I can not get the insurance card ? I do not want to borrow a credit card just to build and do not qualify for a store credit card . There is nothing wrong with my credit report , is white . How on earth can we deny ?
What do I do if CHASE denied me twice on one credit card application?1Monali2012-10-25 01:40:02
Early last month applied for a chase credit card online . After waiting a couple of weeks , I have never received any information about that application. Concerned that , last week I called their customer support . They informed me that they had no information on my application . 2 or 3 people I talked to could not find any evidence of my application . His advice was to re-apply for a credit card. So I went ahead and did it this morning . I wanted to be sure I went through this time , so I called them again. They informed me that my application had happened earlier and that was rejected . I asked if I could have just sent application canceled. They said no. They explained that there is nothing you or they can do and that is probably not on my credit report . Called back later because I could not believe it . The next person I spoke to said that I can send in a conflict once I receive my second denial . That seems totally untrue and unfair to me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does this seem fair? Also, I was just approved for a home loan last week. How is it possible that you can get a mortgage for about $ 300,000, but not a credit card ?

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