Question about small claims court?

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so my girlfriend recently sold its 22 "chrome wheels with a man who" was "my friend had a verbal agreement to pay $ 1600 for the wheels with tires included .... We dance around the bush where I wanted to bring him all the money at once, and he said he would when I brought the four wheels / tires up .... So when I brought up his barbershop tires (Ten Spot Barbershop, Lafayette, IN) just gave me $ 400 in 20 dollar bills, and he said he wants to try on the tires to see if they fit with no problem and if they do, then I would bring $ 400 more tonight after work tonight (Friday night) and then bring u $ 800 on Monday. So I let him take home the tires to prove and I will text later that day to see if they fit and told me I have not had time to test yet, but when I do il text you .. . finally SMS me like 2 or 3 days later and said they fit great and I will pay .... so I went to his shop and says he's waiting on the money, then do not call me, I will SMS several times and he does not respond. So I thought if I said that I lent my friend money to help her out with her new baby and diapers and such that would put the motivation for the remaining $ 1,200 to me since we were friends decent, and did not really know my gf. wait So I am still waiting 3-4 almost 5 months and still have not received a dollar of this type. Whenever I ask for money, says coming to the store i got ui then go to the store and gives me an excuse of why nt have the money, then after about 4 attempts starts saying times are slow and I will pay you I have t forgoten about money is tight right now (This man owns a barber in Tennessee, in addition to Lafayette where the barber just there so I do not pay wages, apart from income, and makes each cut $ 10 that about 20-30 per hour, and has always PPL cut) and his wife is a professor at Purdue University and makes hella salary ..... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well His wife told me from the beginning to go Antonio Lewis (AKA Ten) is a businessman and either given new tires or get paid, so your message after we keep blowing off payments , and he sends me a text basically threatened me if I say another word about the tires to his wife that "you have to figure out the rest" and I told him I was going to take to small claims court if not going to pay .... He goes on to say that later I have my proof that you have yours, my girlfriend has bank statements, receipts california customs, and photos of the tires that show proof of ownership with these tires .... just texting each other and I lend me money to get by as she waited for him to pay for the rest of 1200, because she has a baby to care for and do not receive child support from the father and these tires are sold get money to support his child, received a car seat, crib, and collecting bottles and diapers and clothes wipeys. Then I said that since that 1200 paid paid and not have to pay the remainder of 1200 is due, even though only 400 in 1600 paid its agreement .... 1200 i agree its loaneed was totally different between me and her, in which she reimberse Antonio paid when or if your 1200 ..... So now you have the tires and refuses to give back and think that since you saved the text message to me saying that he borrowed money from his tires are law and that I will lose in small claims court, he is trying to move to Colorado as fast as you can you can take the car with the wheels on them so I can not reach them, but I thought if he has a repromand come to court in Indiana, you have to fly back to the court date or automatically lose no show. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My girlfriend has a new baby to care for his father and babies rescued them from day 1 so it was selling tires in order to get money to buy the things your baby needs MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The reason he is trying to scam the tires is because his best friend was my roommate and stopped paying me and my roommate third (my previous roommates own brother) and their share of income the bills so he was fired. .. so now they're trying to screw us all what we have because we refuse to let the free merry. And now she's texting Antonio now you know what you want to bring to the court saying "Oh you did not receive the money on that slide under the door and put in your mailbox," which is absolutely false because never We paid nothing and they certainly did not leave paper trail as a check or money order. but if I had paid cash wouldnt lie about it and there would be no reason to take it to court because they have fullfilled their verbal agreement, but hes being totally immature of the situation so I'm tired of waiting. Also, I have a text message that comes the endowment thing that says "Uncle never b
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File the claim, we serve fast before you leave.
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