I just recently filed for divorce from my husband and he does not want the divorce. He has not been abusive?

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Asked at 2012-09-06 09:45:07
We have simply grown apart and I'm terribly unhappy . We had a small business are carried by the current economic conditions and am simply asking that divide our debts in half and let you walk with your 401k , full retirement and full social security . He has worked for the same company for almost 20 years and has accumulated a considerable amount . All I'm asking is to keep the house that has little or no capital for children to stay home . I have not asked to pay anything for the house payment and have requested NO allimony and have requested that the pension is the minimum allowed. He is very angry and is an emotional wreck and I fear I may have a nervous breakdown . He says if we split that is "broken " and simply leave their jobs and give up their portion of the debt that was in both our names . I can not refinance the house and I know that if I were to miss payments this could damage your credit , but my fear is that they simply quit his job and not pay their share of the debt and the creditors come after me . I honestly believe that the mood is in it stopped working and does not care what happens to his credit . He's been in a very stressful job that wanted to make for years , but in order to pay the debts that will have to maintain it. What if you do not pay your share ? Loans are both of our names and told me that if he loses since we entered together debt we remain both responsible
Answer1rennieAnswered at 2012-09-11 13:53:05
Jeez, lady . No abuse , and who has worked 20 years in a job you hate to provide for your family ? You have ' grown apart ? That sounds like you're playing . Look, you have children together . You need to try counseling first. Do not know why you're suddenly so unhappy , that in 20 years , but you owe it to her husband and children to get over yourself and give it a try . If so , and it does not work , then you have a right to worry , but out of this? Then double-edged freedom , honey , he really did not have to worry about your finances and then do it? Since he is not going to be your husband and all.
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