Creating a post graduate budget?

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I'm getting ready to finish my last semester of college . I've decided to start planning for post grad and want to create a budget plan . I want to plan one for if I have a job in my field (education ) and one for when I do not. Even if I have a job I will live with my mother for at least a year ( no more than 2 ) to save money and start building my credit. What are some other costs that are expected to be placed in my budget ? So far I have car insurance , student loans , child support, car ( gas , oil changes etc. ) and give my mother money ( similar to renting only cheaper ) . Are there any other expenses that I leaving out ? I thought that with taxes , retirement and health of my net salary would be $ 23,000. MedlinePlus SN : I'm sorry for all the misspelled words and grammatical errors I'm using my phone . I'm still learning how to use and fits the smaller buttons .

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