My mom is weird PLEASE HELP?

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Sabrina Goodridge
Asked at 2012-09-05 17:23:04
My mom will say criminals get away with a knife at night and try to steal ... We live in a safe area. He's talking about five seconds for my car Albertsons. One can not imagine the immensity of **** I do not care what he says 98 percent of the time. She repeats the same thing over and over again. She just repeated about being robbed, but also other nonsense. For example, getting good grades. This is what I think: I know that. Why are you telling me this. Five seconds later, the same thing is repeated again. I get good grades. I have all A's and .... **** I'm just trying to clear the mind right now typing this on yahoo answers. I know that nobody is going to give a solution that is just a way to make my public problems. And I like to see people's responses is delayed. This is the most likely answer is that I have: you should talk to your mom. I know I've talked to her about it, but she is more delayed than a rhino v? Gina. She will say that it is their duty to protect. I put it in capitals because she screams to make a point. I think the problem lies in his being Russian. He learned English when he was thirty and I think that's where its retardation syndrome. The Russians are accustomed to say probably useless **** to each other and are flattered when they tell each other to look both ways before crossing a street at least 20 times before they actually cross the street. My dad does not have mental retardation. It's stupid. Let me express what is the difference between the delay and stupid. Nothing. No difference'm just ******* with you. My father cares about the money. If you can get a good deal, do not buy. If you lose one dollar buying something when you could have saved a dollar elsewhere goes apeshit. Makes about $ 100,000 a year. I know that I'm complaining OMG MY LIFE SUCKS! and the truth is it does. Not as much as African children. Pooooor Africans .... God damn ******* writing their problems outside feels so good. This is like my JOURNAL! THAN THE PUBLIC! I can not wait until I can go to college if my dad apeshit going to pay for it. XD If I'm not a student loan. That's where I can live away from my parents behind. My mother .... I've said many times retard has lost its meaning. We will just call your special. And my dad is a secret Jew in disguise. I will love even more ******* life living away from my parents. My goal is happiness. I'm sure other people are going threw the same problem as me, except that they are stupid and try to resolve the conflict. I used to be very stupid to believe it or not. In fact, I tried to fix 50 years of wisdom. If you do not get what is the age that my parents are. I tried talking to my parents! Guess what? It works for almost a second. not fun ******* you have to remember every second military. Now I've gained some wisdom about what the real world is hard. I'm ready. I'm ready to embark on my journey to college. THANK GOD THANK YOU THANK EVERYONE BUDDA SATAN I decided not to go to community college. That would have been the wost decision of my life. I'd rather be in Africa for two years with children starving. No, I would not. this sense of good writing. there are many other things I can say that's wrong with my parents but hey nobody is perfect. It is not fair to expect my parents to be perfect. Nobody is perfect and I am not perfect definfuckinado. In conclusion, parents are gay. There is no easier way to put this. Every teenager secretly hates his parents. Maybe not getting enough attention. Maybe they are attention whores. Or in my case I GET TO CAREFULLY *******! I can not fight my parents because they are sensitive. They cry to persuade and that makes me feel bad. Makes me feel like a terrible person. Seeing a cry of 50 years is very sad. you're probably thinking your ******* cruel to make your parents cry! well the truth is crying by the stupidest. **** My mom wanted to eat a banana and I was not hungry. She tried to force me to eat and I would not and she began to mourn. I'm dead serious *******. Let me rephrase that, since I have a little Russian in me. I'm dead serious *******. This was fun to write and yah. I do not give a **** what others think ESPECIALLY THROUGH INTERNET. Please, I encourage you to make fun of me. I find it funny. Say something to make me feel bad. I will not. I probably forgot to mention something but hey I do not give a ****. Anyway haters ganna hate. The world **** and Sarah Palin. I hate that *****. I apologize for the grammar and spelling endured terrible while reading this. You have to realize that he was let off steam. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID Herp Derp! This felt good writing. I said it 5 times. Either that, or I just did a number. If you read through a

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