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Clean Son's repo car loan out of my credit?2Merlene2012-09-30 20:36:03
They co - signed a car loan for my son . A few times he was late in paying . Then he was late again for two months and the bank repossessed the car . He made the payment and got the car back . And recently he was late again and seized the car again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally paid the remaining amount and got his car. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My credit has dropped 820 to 620 because of this problem . Many of my credit card companies closed my account but I have to pay the remaining balances . Never been late on my bill payments . Please advise me what I have to do to clear my mind . What are my options . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He is my son ... I love him , but never signed by anyone ever again . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus People do not always co - sign anyone. !
Should I pay my sons car loan off since I paid for my daughters car?0Rhiana2012-11-06 08:21:02
I am a single mother and raised my two children on my own. My ex-husband was and still is a loser and never supported them. I literally did everything . When my daughter was 10, her dad sued me for custody of his son and not ours (really ) and a judge gave custody of our daughter and no son . When he turned 15, he asked to come home , and I made ​​a big mistake and let me live again. It was a fiasco . I spent $ $ $ $ . She is very immature and does not work and has no intention of working . He managed to somehow get hit with a good kid who lived 150 miles away, and married her . She is preggo 3 months and has no intention of returning to work . She is very manipulative and managed so far to have everything his way . Well . I put her in a car to my credit card , and when she did not make the payments , he worked and worked and worked and paid your car off . She does not know that his pay . I feel guilty because my son responsible work , full time, going to college part time child is doing their own car payments for the next 16 months . It strives to make ends meet and here I paid the car off and does not help with it . Should I do the same for him and pay his car and leave everything for loans ?
How to clean your credit history up, I have been trying to get my credit score up. I have had a auto loan?2dian2012-09-07 03:35:02
refinanced , has negotiated a car drive better have a credit card , and paid stuff on my credit report . I have a credit card and limit is 250.00 , but I am still unable to get credit . I 'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong .
Repo car question. what if the loan co. does't find the car and then charges off the acct. not as a repo?2island boy Calling GURRU BLUE2012-10-03 03:10:03
The person still has the car in the credit report shows a closed / load Acct. Maybe the person who is applying for a new car title?
My sons father keeps asking for more Child Support?0 ↘ Preschool -2012-09-22 03:44:02
My son is 10 . lives with his father . The two are married. I have always paid a certain percentage of my salary for him . I learned that since I'm earning less than before I have been paying too much . We do not have a warrant officer, but have always just followed the guidelines . Now I'm paying 35% more than it should be . He is always asking for more . He and his family have a house , nice cars and are always coming and mini vacation. They also have a baby of their own way . My husband and I live in a small apartment and struggling to make ends meet do not live frivolously . Also, never has offered to pick up or drop off our son . I have not done anything about it because he's an idiot and tell him the hardest things for me and then say that my husband and I to get a second job . My husband is the wage and often work late and could not work a second job job.I 30 hours a week and then go to school part time (going to school is temporarily postponed my $ 1200 student loan month) . Finally he said in an email please stop asking for more , stretch far we can go . I know he 'll come back with some reason that " deserve " more . The father of my son and his family are suffering financially and I feel bad saying no. Only I have some ideas on how to handle such a person , and also the ideas and support . Lives in IL and I just recently moved to Wisconsin from IL .
Need serious advice! How to clean up credit to get a loan or credit card?2TRISRAN2012-09-07 09:42:17
Hello , my sister and I would start a small business this year . We are in the process of obtaining licenses to a service center . However, we are having trouble raising capital all on our own. So far we have managed to save $ 21,000 MedlinePlus in a business account . We understand that we need much more , about $ 30,000 more in reality according to our business plan . We have bad credit (520) and under. That's the reason I 've been saving and saving . We would like to know if it's a good idea to take our ( savings) and pay all companies owe to see a dramatic change in our credit reports . Have anyone here ever done this before ? You think quickly appear in our reports so he could approach a lender , or get a small business loan online ? We do not know what to do with the money we have saved but absolutely certain that it is not enough for ( initial capital ) . What should we do ? !
What is the best way to clean up your credit?0eep2012-09-30 10:08:02
I'm looking to clean my credit ... like everyone else right now. I have trouble getting approval for anything , even a secured credit card ! My FICO is 619 and I had a credit card sent to collections for $ 300 and a loan of $ 5,000 sent to collections . What is the best way to clean my credit. It can not be approved for a credit card , car loan or even renting an apartment ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help !
Trying to clean up my credit....?0ALASKA2012-10-07 18:22:53
I have no credit card debt at all, but numerous bills that accumulated as a young man who could not or did not pay . No repos , no liens , student loans , not only invoices . Should I go through a little agency contact companies on my own and go from there ? I have really wanted to consolidate debt in one lump sum , but I do not think that if you have no credit card debt . Any ideas on what I should do ?
How can I clean up my credit fast?0reefa2012-10-15 12:13:27
I join the Air Force, and as a security check to check my credit. First I have to make weight , so I have about 2 months to at least begin to make an effort to start paying on my debts . My problem is that after paying all my current "survival " only bills I have about $ 25 left at the end of the month ! I have god awful credit and no co -signers of a loan . Any suggestions ?
"Credit Clean Up" Advice Please?0not planning 2 tell u2012-09-18 01:03:04
My credit is really bad , and my score is somewhere in the 400, about 500 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 85% of my claim is for a total of unpaid bills from the hospital about $ 15,000. The rest is an old utility bill ($ 500) , and I owe a bank ($ 300) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I never had any bankruptcies , foreclosures , credit cards , repossesions , evictions , etc .... MedlinePlus What would you suggest to pay first to get my credit score up ? Some people say that hospital bills are not that important , but it must be important if my credit score is very low and I have nothing "important " on it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've seen other people with credit scores that low , but they had all kinds of credit card and loan debts . That's why I do not understand why mine is so low and never had any of that . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , it would be better to pay the bills first Hosptial , or two other small bills ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, is there anyway to consolidate my hospital bills payment all in one ? They are in the same hospital , but are of different doctors and different departments ?
Credit been clean 2yrs now but i have 2 charged of cards and slow pay on small loan and car can it get better?0Huang2012-10-08 05:34:33
He had bad credit, then cleaned two years ago and tried to keep the payments good but in the last four months of his cause ive gotten bad recently started my own business my score was around 600 and up but not sure now need imput on what cause once the creditors add bad credit score they wont remove after paid Please help!
HELP - My sons girlfriend is leaving him, he can't afford the house & cars. What should he do?0Michele2012-11-03 07:28:02
The house is in your name , just put it on March 07 the car loan and the title is in your name , the title of the truck is in their name , but the truck loan is in his name . 15,000 owed ​​on the car and the truck , but want to keep the truck , I do not either and it will not help pay after this month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How does he go about getting rid of the car ? Sell ​​it privately, if possible, within one month ? What other options do you have? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know what to say . Funded 100K for the house and not enough work to add a good selling price 20K , if you sell the house to get out of debt or what? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice would be greatly appreciated , please help . He is 22 and makes good money , but just enough .

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