Will Obama and America default in its trillion dollars loan from China? related questions

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Will Obama and America default in its trillion dollars loan from China?2Concerned2012-10-05 22:21:08
Obama is becoming a new friend of China and perhaps the American liberal media . Although the secured loan trillion of China , still maneuvering to expand government and outside ^ expenditure control. How Americans like to be second-class citizens looking up the powerful Chinese ? I guess it will be difficult for Obama and America to lift a finger against his loan lender , China , on violations of human rights , neighboring countries of bullying , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And with the global economic crisis , America can afford to China in time?
China paid for the Bush Tax cuts.They fronted us the Money now Republicans threatening to Default China LMFAO!?1Christin2012-10-08 06:11:04
No more Fox News is promoting it's all on the websites of the Tea Party , is all right , trying to pretend that this is a big spending spree left that has to be stopped by blocking the debt limit . . The problem with this , as the threat of a government shutdown . Is that many of the programs that we are still paying , and will pay for many years to come , programs were developed by the Bush administration .. So far, these programs vary sold in the country are threatening not to pay? Clearly this is just theater would otherwise not John Boehner and Mitch McConnell U.S. reassure investors as China , the people we float the funds for things like the Bush tax cuts , we are paying 50 % interest in peace ! ! Man how do you think China feels when you put the news and watch John Boehner standing with the Tea Party say they will block the payment ? Men do not think China feels good about Boehner lend money , and I mean that you are being ripped off , 50 % interest means that our credit is not so good with Chinese , least threatening not to pay ? And these are business people LMFAO ! John Boehner is crazy gotta love this theatrical act , I wonder how they will spin again blame Obama when Wall Street money back because every action hits 0.000000000001 per share after each extracts international investors , because we default on the LMFAO loans ! ! BOEHNER
The national debt will hit $10 trillion shortly. What happens if China doesn't loan us another $500 billion?2Al2012-10-19 12:12:02
This war has been expensive. We have almost doubled our national debt in just seven years . Our economy is on the verge of collapse. The dollar is in free fall . Our own banking industry is bored . Banks are hoarding capital to pay for the bad loans they have already done , so it can not pay . What if our government has a bond auction and nobody wants to buy them ? Everyone says we have provided this much earlier, to finance World War II . It's true . Sorta . During World War II the government ran up a huge amount of debt , but it had a population with enough cash available to absorb the entire debt . Our economy had an annual growth of 25 % in 1941 and 28 % in 1942 . Revenues were rising rapidly . By the standards of today, were virtually nonexistent taxes . People were saving huge chunks of their income . Compare that with today, when most of us are so deeply in debt that 10 % of us are missing house payments , so I do not have that mad money this time around .
The U.S is in debt to china and India for 3trillion what about the remaining $10 trillion who gave us the cash?0drcool 2012-10-11 11:24:12
What about the remaining debt who or partnerships that the U.S. owe the money , and if their is a link between these partnerships , and from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned , which means that the bailout is actually another credit for possessing co operations in the U.S. debt and most of the world (IMF < WORLD BANK) . Can anyone list these operations partners or countries having us and our debt in the future? to be passed to our children . thanx
If fannie and and freddie bought 3 trillion dollars,of loans from the banks.Where did the libs get that cash.?0jaloe2012-09-19 21:12:02
The cash that destroyed the housing market , where does it come ? Who gave Fannie and Freddie that twisting of cash and why ?
Why America may not need to beat China?4Farina2012-11-03 15:36:02
I think many people are concerned that U.S. may be necessary to defeat " China militarily in a war to prove his status as a world power. I think the onus is on China to beat U.S. If I were China , I would worry , an aging population, the population grows slowly , changing values, the massive amount of related assets in other countries too dependent on foreign (U.S. and its allies) for investment. In the case of the war in China would face this: Business - Americans left China would be an immediate recession . - There would be no guarantee of repayment of a billion dollars of U.S. loans U.S. control of Iraq, and the influence on Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (over 600,000 soldiers in the region) basically means the U.S. could starve the Chinese oil in 90 % of the world's oil comes through the Persian Gulf , like Japan in world war 2. America receives less than 16% of its oil from the Middle East , China has no allies in North America or the troops in the region,
Why does China loan money to America and Europe through the bond market?0Ramona2012-09-24 13:29:04
United States and Europe are in financial distress , so their bonus payments is questionable . I believe in Shakespeare 's advice : " Never a borrower nor a lender be , for loan often loses both itself and friend."
I read an EU econ's est.of $10 trillion of U.S. outstanding mortgs. Is this low? Maybe > $13 trillion?0BDM2012-09-25 19:42:03
And if the battery in U.S. consumer debt (credit cards / store cards / car / tv ' s / furniture / etc ) - people , we headed towards an economic disaster of epic proportions! As loans / debt / banks go wrong , more people lost their jobs , making more and more debt to go bad , and more and more ! All snowballed we coming! These "good " loans or assets that are not discussed ' sub - prime' , will quickly become BAD ! Who cares if it's called ' sub - prime' or not - when they stop making payments , all the same !
Obama said, he wants to stimuloot more money in his second 100 days, who will lend us more now that China quit?0Peter12012-11-02 12:07:03
China said not hesitate, you can not pay what you borrowed now . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So who is next in line Wahhabi free . I heard that the Taliban have a lot of cash.
How will you be affected if America goes into default?1philena2012-10-01 08:33:03
The most likely result of a defect will be to increase interest rates . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are you planning to buy a house or a car ? Taking a home improvement loan or second mortgage ? Refinancing loans ? Repayment of debt to an adjustable rate ? Awarded the welfare or social security ? Or maybe you own a business you need cash or revolving credit advances - . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All these people will be affected by higher interest rates . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unless you own your home , have no debt , and enough money to buy all you need - this will affect you .
What has Obama done for America so far?7Zaharaddeen2012-10-02 11:45:02
I mean, besides : 1 . Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created 2.1 million jobs ( as of 12/31/09) . 2 . He finished the previous policy of not regulating and labeling of the carbon dioxide emissions 3 . He ended the previous policy of offering tax breaks to companies that outsource American jobs , the new policy is to promote the internationalization of return employment 4 . He ended the previous policy on torture , the U.S. now has a policy of torture and is not in accordance with the rules of the Geneva Convention Convention 5 . . Launched Recovery.gov to track spending of Recovery Act , an unprecedented step to ensure transparency and accountability through technology. 6 . He ended the previous practice of protecting credit card companies , instead of which are new consumer protections in the credit card industry
China fueling Sri Lanka ethnic war making it more bloody for monetary gain,India must stop China interference?0hardik2012-10-16 02:44:31
China , Sri Lanka war fuels MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sri Lanka , once the self - proclaimed " Paradise Island, " became the island of bloodshed more than a quarter century ago . But even by his long , bloody , bloodshed since last year is unprecedented . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The United Nations estimates that about 1,200 fighters are killed every month in a civil war that continues to evoke a weak international response even when hundreds of thousands of minority Tamils ​​have fled their homes or remain trapped behind the front line . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With the world preoccupied with urgent problems , President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother , Defense Minister Gotabhaya Rajapaksa , a naturalized U.S. citizen , go ahead with its brutal military campaign with impunity . The offense has a distinct family imprint , with another brother of the president's top advisers . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chinese military and financial support

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