Is it true that people with horrible credit can get car loans? related questions

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Is it true that people with horrible credit can get car loans?0achut dahal2012-09-05 07:58:04
Car Dealers make it sound like you can be in collections for many accounts and they will get into a new car with no money . What is the truth about this?
Loans for people with horrible credit!?0Waleed2012-09-17 22:02:03
I needed a small personal loan . My credit score has been compromised because I had my personal information stolen by a family member , and am now in the process of having negative marks removed from my credit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am looking for a private loan in the amount of $ 15,000 for commercial purposes and for other reasons . I found many companies that claim to offer loans to people like me , but they charge exorbitant fees . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am in need of a legitimate loan company for people with subprime credit . NO spammers . NOBODY outside the U.S. . ANYONE WANT A payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hope your answers . Feel free to email me or contact me via messenger .
Besides a cash advance are there any other small loans for people with horrible credit?5Raj2012-11-05 06:07:02
In addition to a cash advance is there other small loans to people with horrible credit ?
Ok so i am another one of those people who make the horrible mistake of being a cosigner on a vehicle. ?1zeta2012-10-25 12:58:02
I am trying to remove my name from a vehicle that I have access to im trying to buy a car for me , but all that remains to be approved is the debt ratio for the current vehicle loan in question . i have a very good credit and my credit cards are minimal , but I still can not get approved . I have tried to contact the former many times, but he is not cooperating . not be approved if I had to refinance and he is so selfish he does not care what you are doing this to me . I ran many options through my head , as refinancing the car in my name and then have the car taken from him , but threats in name is not worth risking my safety or my family. this has been very stressful for me and I need help with any other options to help resolve this safely . I was thinking of filing a civil complaint against him with the hope that they will be forced to withdraw my name from the vehicle and he has been making payments and I have no access to the car at all . What is the process of a civil lawsuit and what might be the cost ? it is a long process ? I'm sorry , or the long story , but I love to have all my options on how to resolve this disgusting mess of a mistake ? trust me , it was a hard lesson learned ! Thanks in advance for all your advice !
Is it true that u can get aloan online from people ?0Federico2012-08-21 07:36:03
I need a loan and somehow through this site , someone is offering a loan , how is thruthful .
People always say Jobs Americans Wont do but is this really true i say NO!?0Danyell2012-10-06 12:26:41
Americans went to the Moon built the largest building and many things we have done , no jobs Americans can not do. We are being controlled by our government by taking away our freedom . America is the land of opportunity and we are slaves of the government. Also jobs are so hard to come by and we have many radical Muslims and all these illegal border coming why? ? because the government has not done there job to protect the American citizen . Obama and Bush both did the same to carry an amnesty to all illegal in the United States. NO! we have to do is send all these illegals back to there and secure our border . Why have both unemployment is because Mexicans are the majority is taking our jobs . For example , imagine all the trouble she went through to become a construction worker , you went to school for 4 years and had to pay a lot of tuition now you need to make enough money to repay the loan and rent. Well unlucky because big buisness are hiring illegal to do our job , and to do the work for low wages. Mexicans are taking our jobs and we need to get our freedom . Americans are fed up with drug smuggling and creating many Mexican gangs. If I were president of the United States I would send all the illegals back where they came from . And if they try to cross the border will be sent back . We have to protect the United States do not get more ! God Bless America
Are there any private student loans(uncertified) left out there? My credit is horrible,but my co-signers is A+?0AKbar2012-10-26 13:53:10
Are private student loans ( not certified) are out there ? My credit is horrible, but my co -signers is A + ?
College experts i need info on student loans -bad credit i had not horrible but a bad record throughhighschool2Reed2012-09-16 00:58:03
somone plz help
ADVICE, got stuck with the most horrible car note on a car thats so not worth it I feel so horrible and stupid?0Meil2012-10-17 00:04:18
He hit me with a loan horrible year 3 in a 2003 chevy venture that I'm having trouble paying since I separated from my ex . I have two years more to pay and the payment amount is 8500 ! The car is not worth the amount and I can barely make the payments, I wud return but what happens when I do and how I can get around if I do? I really need some advice I feel so silly how could get into this . Any advice from my credit is bad or refinance or trade me in.
Is it true that multiple credit inquiries for car loans only count as one?1Liz Bell2012-10-22 11:41:03
Is it true that multiple credit inquiries for car loans only counts as one?
Credit union loans? How do they work? Too good to be true?0Abbey(Please help)2012-10-04 14:01:36
I have gotten into a bit of a pickle with credit card debt , and I do not want to transfer balances , and I do not think my credit score is as big as it is, and do not want to damage it any further. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been thinking about getting a personal loan to pay off my cards , my cards and cut back on my feet . When in I found a section on Credit Unions. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I visited the link from my local credit union , and it seems too good to be true - that offer a rate of 9.9 % for everyone , regardless of personal circumstances / borrowed capital and credit rating MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I realize I have to participate , and pay an amount to a savings account with them each month , but also state that you can pay as little as
Are there any home loans available for first time home buyers with horrible credit?2forki2012-10-27 05:12:03
My credit is really bad I'll just be honest . I have some old credit cards and student loans. The only thing that is a plus in my credit is my car . Are there lenders who are willing to work with someone like me . I have tried in the past lenders who say that will help, but they all said no.

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