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First time home buying question?3Remi2012-10-20 23:49:02
I am a first time home buyer and have been launched prequalification and pre-approval for a mortgage loan Wellsfargo so now I'm starting to look at houses online and such so my question is .. if I make an offer on a house there a period of time when I have to move in by ? My contract expires in three months and I have informed them ( I can go month to month if I have not found anything by then ) so I'm thinking if I can make offers of housing but now it will not happen to them for 2 months? or whatever it is unusual to have a delay of 2 months, if an offer is accepted ?
Help on first time home buying?0math12012-10-03 11:43:51
Looking to buy a house with my soon to be husband . We are looking in the price range of 70 - 80k I have read online in local banks and see that there are plenty of banks that offer loans seem less than $ 125k ..... Does anyone have any helpful advice for me . Thanks Amanda
How do i go about buying a home for the first time?0partridge2012-09-22 05:58:03
I will start my new job next month and my husband had a job for two years . We have 3 children between two and want to buy a house big enough for the family, but cheap enough for us to buy . Every time you go online to search the house , there is nothing in our price range and if it is then that keeps me in touch with anyone to see it. Then there are the home loans and home accessories . and all that stuff . How do all of this and put it down to the right and fast? I know nothing about buying a house . Help !
I am considering buying a car and a home at the same time. bad idea?1Guido2012-09-13 01:29:04
Currently I have an SUV when I bought it but I was being selfish and did not care what kind of interest rate you pay so lets just say its sky high. i drive about 30 miles then back home and my car is not very fuel efficient. I want to buy a used car, but at the same time I'm starting the home buying process . I have about $ 5000 in savings , which is enough for a down payment and closing costs for home . If I change my truck ( I owe about 9k ) and get a used car , and I hope to break even with that, it's a bad idea to try to get a vehicle at the same time I can buy my first home ? ( my credit limit is high enough to buy a house ) . also get pre - approved for a loan because my work is based more commission they wont include my commission because I have not worked there for two years and I am also in the National Guard and used to include the payment because I have been for less than 2 years, so I'm having to settle for cheaper housing . I wait in the house and the car ? conform to the house and wait in the car ? help me .
I need advice on 1st time home buying?3Willie Brown2012-09-13 08:25:02
Im 21 , employed , gross 1600.00 per month and have little credit.I told I could buy a house cheaper than renting a apt.My question is , where do I start ? Do you know any company in Northeast Ohio to work with me ? I owe a student loan and a car payment that leaves approx . A free month 1000.00 . Any suggestions would be appreciated .
FIRST TIME HOME BUYING, HELP! real answers only please?1Lori2012-08-10 23:34:02
if my husband and I are renting a house now, everyone I know just waited until they're 35 and just got a cheap loan and buy a cheap house , were 26 , 2 children and 30,000 + income , and I can do my own health income online , we have the money, we were cleaning , the credit is not so bad, and over 5,000 in income tax each year , we have plenty of money but no idea where to start to get a mortgage the right way , I do just go to a realtor ? OMG help , HUD ? The FHA ? that are considered low income, grants? ?
Buying a home for the first time...what type of mortgage is the best for us?2hriday2012-11-02 18:49:02
My wife and I have great credit (730) , we are seeking a loan for a residence, $ 409,000 . We come to the table with 0 down , no money out of pocket. What kind of loan is best for us ? We can afford $ 2500/monthly . Any help would be great . Online mortgage calculators suck !
Help On buying a home that we are so close, but yet so far from getting. Below (Requires Patience, & Time.)?1SJH all the way_<32012-10-14 13:25:04
Ok . This is a very long question , so anyone who has time to read and respond to the best of his knowledge , just want to show my thanks in advance. I liked him a lot. And I also ask that I keep this question for the more experienced , more responsive people , bankers , real estate agents , loan people , financial advisors, and people with similar situations or know people with similar situations . Etc. ... Thank you ! MedlinePlus Well here we go ... MedlinePlus my Boyfriend
Home buying question?1SWETA2012-09-19 00:46:05
So my husband and I are in a house that is 3 bedrooms , 2.5 baths , beautiful house, with a cottage / apartment in the back we could rent my best friend and her boyfriend . My brother and his wife - used to rent the house , so I know how it looks inside and such, but not available to rent as landlords over foreclosed on it . It is in the market for 129K 92K marked down . Using a mortgage calculator I found online with a 30 year mortgage , an interest rate of 6.5 % , and $ 0 down payment we could do . The problem I foresee is that getting a loan which I am working , so I'm in, but I have a credit score of 0. I've never had a credit card or take out a loan or anything . I have no credit at all . My husband has a good credit score , but not income . This could be a problem ? Or if both our names are on the mortgage , you have to be right? Actually I have no idea, but I have a general idea before going to the bank for a loan deal . Not to sound a complete idiot .
Buying a home question...?0Alvi2012-09-20 16:16:03
Student loans . ----- 100k will be discharged from military disability service connection , unempolyability . MedlinePlus VA / SSD 4600.00 monthly income guaranteed forever .... MedlinePlus FICO score - 722 MedlinePlus CC -0 MedlinePlus Car payment -6700 left ... month 300. MedlinePlus 4 MedlinePlus Family I pre -qualify for 180- 200k MedlinePlus Put on offer in a home filled MedlinePlus - 2k asking price was 177K below asking closing costs . Selling agent says that so far everything looks good , it's been two weeks , bank marketers are asking about our MedlinePlus side . Is it a sign SELLER GOOD APPROVING BANK ?
The ULTIMATE home buying question....?4Tityana2012-09-06 10:15:04
I'm about to graduate from college , and I have about 15,000 saved. I am thinking of buying a condo of about 85,000. I have two choices when it comes to mortgage .... 100% of the loan, the payment of 6.75 % to about 550 a month (not required PMI ) 95% of the loan , payments of 6.375% over 540 per month ( including PMI) (4,250 cash down payment ) My qestion is this .... ? Does it make any sense to make a down payment when only lower the payments for about $ 10 a month? I wish I had equity in the property , but could use the money to pay off my car completely , which would free up $ 115 a month. Market is Tulsa , OK ..... appreciation rate of around 3-5% a year, really is not affected by the market, so there is never any downturrns really important. I'm looking to be home for about 5 years.
Home buying question...please help? FHA loan?3Wood2012-08-16 22:24:31
Ok ... so I have my pre -approved FHA loan . We found a home at last . But the bank that owns the property that is the entire country is with me all confused. We put in an offer with our agent. She calls me to tell me that the bank wants prior approval through them . ( I say in case I fall through the funding , and have a backup so the bank is not wasting time ) Obviouslly So we are getting a better price through the FHA loan with a lower PAYMENTS . So NOT going to use the loan Counrty wide . I'm waiting for the entire country to get back to me in the state of our loan application . Is this normal for a bank that you have 2 pre-approval before you sell a home or across the country is trying to pull a fast one and say you have to finance them. My agent said it's just for backup to make the bank happy that we have a backup option if necessary. And I can go with the loan that is giving us the best rate . Anyone ever experience this? ?

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