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Student loan, bad credit, makeup school. What do I do?0Allison Anderson2012-09-04 21:59:04
I want to go to school makeup and does not qualify for government student loan . I have bad credit and no collateral . The total enrollment is 5k . I have put 1500 down payment. What I can do?
Out of state makeup school?0mitia2012-08-27 11:14:16
I am currently enrolled in a local college for my degree in Business . I've been there for a year , but I'm taking this summer off ( May-August ) to work and pay the debt I have . Then will lead the artistic makeup school , however I'm not sure if I should stay local ( in Florida ) or go to another state . I found a Sallie Mae loan to cover all costs including all entry fees and deposits , including living expenses , such as rent for the month or two months I'm there (which varies depending on how often which go a week and how long you stay for) . I love to experience life in another place for a short time, which would give me the opportunity to see outside of my state born and raised in Florida while getting trained in makeup so you can start again praticing when the Florida , and eventually owning my own little room. Anyway .. No more stories ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any suggestions for makeup artistry SCHOOLS ? NOTHING would be great!
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Can you defer federal student loan payments from undergraduate school when going to graduate school?0Sara & Anonymous2012-10-26 11:22:56
I plan to go to medical school , but will have one year from the time I graduated from college and when I go to medical school . This means that I will have to start making payments on the student loan debt that have accumulated through licensing . All my debt loans are federal loans and was wondering if I can defer payments on my student loans until after you are done with medical school . I do not think I would have to keep making payments while in medical school , but I just wanted to be sure.
A student loan for a Title II school. Beauty school to be specific. Helpful information?0Smiley (I NEED MS.SUE OR WRITEACHER!! HELP!!)2012-09-18 21:03:03
I'm attending a make next school month and I have yet to figure out how I 'm paying for it ( I know) ! I have a huge list of problems here that readers should consider : MedlinePlus I have no credit MedlinePlus My co -signer credit only recently obtained his fixed MedlinePlus The sales amount is $ 15,000 MedlinePlus I can not afford to pay that on my own MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I applied through the primary school loan lender and my co -signer was denied because of your credit history . MedlinePlus Not meet the criteria for any of the banks ( I checked ) in my area because it is a title II of the school . MedlinePlus I heard about a small business loan and that could be an option , but considering all my debts , is it possible? I also know how hard it is to get a small business loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for serious answers educated here , please , no smart remarks or rude comments . Thanks , I appreciate the help!
Can i get a student loan to buy a car to get to school, to eliminate payments while attending school?0Basil2012-10-13 02:13:26
? I can get a loan to buy a car to go to school , to eliminate payments while in school ?
If i enroll in school can i get a student loan if i have bad credit?1AnOnYmOuS1232012-10-07 09:28:04
im 18 and I want to enroll in school to get my life on track , but I was wondering if I could get a student loan from a bank if I have bad credit ? The only reason I have bad credit is because I tried an online university and did not finish a class wen I was 17 and was charged for the class or havent paid yet.
I am a college student w/bad credit and i need to get a loan for school?0alandra2012-10-01 08:17:03
I have bad credit and my singing parents cosign a loan because they have bad credit too. I have no one else who would cosign for me . I do not know what to do now , because if I did not get a loan for college I can not go . All you need for the loan is $ 4,500.00 for the year . I did not have any financial support and maxed out government loans . I do not know what to do ? If I can get a student loan with my credit card that I can go to get one ?
I have really bad credit but need to get a student loan to finish school and nobody will cosign for me.?1tomcat2012-08-13 10:33:03
Does anyone know any good websites or places to get a student loan for myself with sucky credit ? Please help ! ! !
Where can an independent student with bad (okay, really bad) credit get a school loan without a co-signer?1Niels2012-09-21 20:18:01
I've accepted the Stafford Loan Sub - Sub and government . I have about $ 5000 and has to go through the alternative loan program , but am running into problems because of my credit score . Someone please help !
I need a student loan that doesnt need my school but I also have bad credit any refferalls?1Suzi2012-10-21 14:37:02
I need a student loan that does not require my school but I have bad credit no refferalls ?
If i have bad credit and am trying to get a student loan to attend a vocational school and have been denied.?1Chace2012-10-09 09:26:03
say I need a co -signer . I have no one to co - sign , where I can turn too ?

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