Anyone know about renters rights in result of a home forclosure? related questions

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Anyone know about renters rights in result of a home forclosure?0Amy L.2012-09-04 19:58:06
My husband and I are renting a house from a real estate company . We've been here for five months , and signed a one year contract . We recently reported that the owner ( shareholder ) who have never met to repay the loan and the home is being forclosed on. The rental company told us that we could move to another house . I'm angry because now we have to move forward , even though we paid the rent . If the rental company to pay expenses for moves us ? We have inquired about purchasing the home at auction and were told to pay closing costs . We do not have that kind of cash and just wanted to add that into the loan , but were told that the broker can not do that in a foreclosure . Just wanted to check because they have no experience with this. Thank you.
Second Forclosure on same home?1Samuel Brogdon2012-09-05 19:11:03
My house was in forclosure 7 months . He gave me a payment plan for 4 months. All payments are made on time and the amount requested . Received letter today wanting 29,000 to redo loan. If they will not forclose again. I was doing 2, ooo a month's pay and has already paid 11,000 in six months . Now they will not help. They say that investors will not let you help them, because it is more than 15,000 in interest. Should I move and give up. They will not work with me after all this first agreement . Very annoying after I got two jobs to pay what he owed . I went thorugh a divorce and wanted to keep my house for me and my 2 children . I'm so confused about what happened .
Our home just went into forclosure. What can I do?3 ↘ 〆 altogether ru Bldg relic2012-08-13 00:37:03
Always pay on time. We ran out of control, so the last three months they sent money orders. Three and a half months later, they send all orders, and say it is not an acceptable form of payment! Therefore, we are three months late and foreclosed on our house. Now our credit is probably horrible. Who is a good company to go through our loan refinancing with bad credit aspect in mind?
Need Help (Advice) - home Forclosure.?1kelsy2012-10-13 13:33:02
I have a mortgage of $ 280K built in 1955 and has a variable rate loan with 4 options pymts and I have been doing pymnt # 4 is negative about me and my variable rate loan will change for the worse next year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The actual cash value of my home is $ 285KI can not refinance my house , and it will take longer to sell because it is very old and needs work. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Both myself and my wife has an excellent credit score over 700 and were planning to buy a new house for $ 255K and are similar to fixed rate payments and leave my old home to foreclosure. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can do that? Will my credit getting broke? What if my current lender finds out that I am making payments on my current home and I am in the process of buying a new home ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm thinking about calling my current lender and let them know you can not make the payments, but that's after I know that have been approved and I am living in my new house . Please advice need help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus mm
Forclosure on my Home (OHIO)?0need more help please2012-09-30 00:12:02
I am currently almost 3 months late , I called the bank , said after the next payment has looked lost my foreclosure. I was trying to refinance , but they are doing the impossible and will not give the new bank a final payment . I'm looking for people to tell me to keep trying to refinance , I realize that this would be the best thing to do , and I'm already doing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is - I am married but only when I bought the house , his name is on anything , if my house goes into foreclosure, this will affect your credit in any way? ? ? We have 2 car loans in both our names and share a bank account , how foreclosure affects us and what exactly happens during a foreclosure ? Also I have a bank account with mine and my son's name on it , can they touch our bank accounts ? ? ? We are in Ohio . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone who has been through something like this , your advice / standby would be greatly appreciated . thanks
Can an unpaid unsecured loan result in having your home taken.?0molly072012-10-13 11:01:38
my neighbors held a
Can an unsecured loan if unpaid result in your home being taken?4di-di2012-10-11 19:08:02
my neighbors held a
Lender Trespassed inside home before forclosure.?0[email protected]!™2012-10-12 07:28:14
In 2008 Country Wide Home Loans began foreclosure. Then he stopped and secured foreclosure home instead vandalism blocking us . Admitted to it. What can we do ?
Need lawyer in north cal to sue fairbanks capital mortgage for wrongful forclosure on home?0Dyan2012-09-20 20:10:03
fairbanks capital , while in the court in the class action and social security w comp doing refi mortgage yet another forclosed on my house saying they had no owners ins worth befor bought it bought the house and told me they were going to cancel the third day of the auction but sold in any way and I was not notifie notiefied me the new owner of the lady who made ​​the loan in the first place was sold for 250. i did not buy even one year before 268. He was 191. in putting 72thous for cash and two days before the auction priced at 410. I had five days to leave my children to the streets w from someones need help please bein tired of all homeless and lost the new owner threw all my belongings in the dumps including my twin daughters is still much sicker may be all that worked for for 22 years , my home business my home my house baby stuff thier children and all my memorial daufgrt and thier ashes even though eviction papers said I had 15 days assaulted by owner .
Do I have any legal rights to the home I live in?3BreAnne2012-08-14 12:53:04
I live in a house bought by a man who was a friend of my late wife . " Origanilly to go and buy the house with a life insurance policy they were selling. Life insurance fell through and I have been desperatly looking for a home loan . We developed a buyers aggreement was to secure funding by May 1 . that did not happen because I'm having credit problems are being addressed. Now the owner has stuck to his attorny in it. I offered to put money into an escrow account until my straightened funding . I have not paid any rent and now I do not know if he will try to kill my mom ( who is helping with my 3 children) to my three children and I of the house. I have been offered monthly payments and that was the last time I heard from the owner. We had just moved from November 7th my wife died three days later and my children had to start new schools. do not want to move again
HOA rules about pet waste? Stupid renters spoiling it for everyone?1mikey2012-10-04 06:43:02
Because our student loans, my husband and I were not able to get approved for long to buy a house. We looked at our options in our price range and went home with a 20 year old in a safe neighborhood in a safe side of the city, rather than go with a larger family house in the not so good side of the city. We have adopted a greyhound mix Humane Society of the same week we moved and she is simply amazing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband gets up early and runs away with it around our neighborhood. Take plastic bags in case he shits in a common area, or in someone's yard. When I walk all day, I also carry bags and pick up after her if she poops. Obviously not a fun task, but it is only a responsibility of owning a dog. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, there are a lot of renters in our neighborhood and the owners (mostly property management companies) apparently did not inform them of the HOA guidelines (which apply to all residents, property owners and tenants). Therefore, through walking our dog, we have found quite a few more dog owners (all of whom have bought dogs after our vi ...). They are collecting their dogs shit and just leave a huge mess everywhere! The Secretary of the HOA spent more than an hour, the other day, removing trash piles of dog-areas. She saw me bring groceries from my car and felt he had the right to blame me personally for the irresponsibility of others. I informed him that I could give you the names of at least two tenants who try to hide the dogs and their owners who constantly let your dog roam free in the neighborhood. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Instead of putting out the "Pick up after your pets" signs w / plastic bags, she complains then nothing is done. How I can get the other residents of the neighborhood to stop being so selfish and start picking up after their dogs?
I have a house to sell in Texas. I currently have renters living in it and they want to buy it.?4moe dillon2012-09-25 11:19:03
So , after having secured the loan of a loan officer , what the hell do I do? Do not need a real estate agent because I have buyers . Do I have to just go to the title company and wait for the cable or what? Any suggestions / advice?

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