Which one is more important? Moving out of horrible apartment or saving for my first car?

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Asked at 2012-09-04 15:28:03
My contract is up in a few months and would like to leave my current apartment because I hate it. The building is old , the walls are cracking . I can not control the temperature of the radiator in the kitchen and gets so hot that I have to keep dry goods in the fridge . Most of the outlets are in my room , only one room and none in the bathroom . The upstairs neighbors are rude and obnoxious. They drain out of the shower on the floor and that has caused my roof to keep water brown spots . They work boots and heels and stomp around them all day. It's like living under a gym . They yell, scream and play Tejano music at 12am as a night club . The floors are so bad that I have to wear headphones to bed at night and wakes me in the morning because of their cheap spring mattress and rub against the rotten wooden floor . I can not take much longer. I need peace . Most of my income goes to rent and is quite difficult to save for another apartment deposit . I also wanted to save for my first car , so you can get a better job out of town . I can not save money for both at the same time . If I have a car this summer , I can not move . If I move, I can not get a car . Please do not say car loans because I do not qualify and I'm paying a personal loan . I sold on eBay , but not enough for the money I need . So it comes down to saving for a car or moving. What would you do ?
Answer1vinita mahtoAnswered at 2012-09-05 06:41:04
Moving out . We all have to move from our first car ...
Answer2 〆 eating fried ﹑ -Answered at 2012-09-07 12:04:03
Save for the car.
Answer3mythAnswered at 2012-09-11 03:26:07
Id say get a car first , because then you can get a job somewhere else which means more money means better place to live :)
Answer4kinya030876Answered at 2012-09-15 04:19:05
Get an apartment in a decent area , close to public transport . See everything you `ll save without a car . MedlinePlus 1, the cost
2, MedlinePlus insurance 3, the maintenance
4, depreciation , etc.
Answer5ilovej11Answered at 2012-09-15 12:56:02
I would move . I lived in a slum apartment building then it just got worse and illegal moves
Answer6SJH all the way_<3Answered at 2012-09-16 12:54:03
move , you really need a good place to stay.with a good place , you get a good night's sleep sleep.with has energy.with energy , you get to work part time and earn more money.with moremoney , you get your car.
Answer7zafirAnswered at 2012-09-16 22:19:03
Move. You need to be happy where you live . The car may be next.
Answer8umeshAnswered at 2012-10-19 15:20:16
I would drive MedlinePlus depending on what you get, it'll be more reliable than any means of transport that are relying on ... apartments and no matter where you will almost always be well
Answer9sanchiaAnswered at 2012-10-25 14:13:21
I would move . I lived in an apartment horrible as this before and know what to eat in their right mind . After moving then you can try to start saving for a car .
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