Is it legal for a credit union to loan money and not have to report it to a credit bureau? related questions

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Is it legal for a credit union to loan money and not have to report it to a credit bureau?3Munira2012-09-28 21:34:03
I just received my credit report and found my car loan and a revolving loan I have through a local credit union are not there . I went in and asked and was told not to report today but may in the future . My problem is that all credit is good that I have to me at the moment . Is it legal for them not to report ? Do I have options on what else could I do ? I think I still owe too much money on my car to refinance elsewhere. anyones help would be greatly appreciated! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
How long will a collection agency contact you before they report to credit bureau?0Ariadne2012-10-14 05:03:01
OK , here it is in a nutshell. We have about 4 collection agencies wanting us money . We have no problem making payments to pay . From now are not on our credit report . And I really do not want them in our credit. So ..... my question is how long they will contact us before just reported on our credit and / or if you set the payments still appears ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Old Cable bill MedlinePlus 2. online payday loan MedlinePlus 3. bank account closed (due to overdrafts online loan ) MedlinePlus Thanks for any help .
How many months must I pay a short term loan on time before the company will give the credit bureau a + report?2kyu2012-10-23 18:53:52
How long do I have to pay in time to get a positive report from the agency that lent me money to the credit bureaus ? I want to repay the loans as soon as possible , but I hear it may not be the best strategy .
Can a private financial institution report to the credit bureau if they havent reported the loan to begin with?3krislin2012-11-05 07:46:02
I got a car loan through an Agency 2nd Chance at a very high interest rate . They said they report to the credit bureau and that would be a great way to rebuild my credit . 2 years later I found out that the loan not been reported , or that I am in good shape . It has improved my credit at all and I have been paying for two years . If I turn on the vehicle can report me to the credit bureau ?
Can a Payday Loan/Cash Advance company report you to the credit bureau if you dont repay?0B2012-09-05 03:29:04
I have a Payday Loan / Cash Advance that I pay now its on my credit report . First question is can you do that ? I recently received some papers in a mail stating that these companies are currently in a class action. 2nd question ... If the case goes in our favor .. I can get this taken from my credit report ?
Owner financed home, can they report to credit union? how?0rebel is heartbroken2012-11-04 05:21:00
My husband and I are buying a home from a personal seller. Everything is official, we have a legal binding contract, and everything. We just make payments to them, instead of getting a bank loan. We want to know if they can report us to the credit union, and if so, how do they do so? We have been making payments on time for 2 years, and have 5 to go, and that would greatly help both of our credit scores. Thanks for any help!
Is it legal that a dealer did a Hard Inquiry of my credit report without my permit for a car loan quote?1Thumper2012-09-14 14:21:03
I requested a quote for auto financing . I noticed that one of its participating dealerships actually made a hard inquiry on my credit report . I do not think they allowed to do that I know that this will have a negative impact on my credit score . Is it normal that if I just wanted to ask for a quote ? Should I play outside? Thank you.
Have 1yr left car loan;adding $800 more credit union debt to that.Also have credit card w/credit union.?0RIZWAN HASSA2012-08-26 19:59:17
New loan / security agreement protects systems also.Sounds car credit card visa card loans as before is gone , they can always threaten 2 in my car / and I'll get the lien back in my car once the car loan is paid ? Also if I file bankruptcy sys 'm in default . From Chptr7 Bankruptcy is something I've considered ; ? If you file bankruptcy , I " forgiven " all credit cards , including Visa credit unions . In addition, my presentation bankruptcy gives them the right to take my car anyway , but I have the intention to settle evn two car loan ? Lost job many years , disabled and soc sec disability now .
Richard borrowed $18,000 from the credit union to buy a car. the credit union charges 18% monthly compounded?0LOOBY2012-08-15 18:30:03
Richard 's interest and repayment of the loan in equal monthly payments for 4 years. What interest will you pay for your loan of 4 years? SAMPLE WORK OUT PLEASE! thanks !
If I apply for an auto loan at a car dealership, which credit bureau do they usually pull my credit score from0dukegirl2012-10-14 00:47:45
I just got my credit score from all three bureaus are: MedlinePlus TransUnion : 697 MedlinePlus Experian : 702 MedlinePlus Equifax : 689 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hope they pull my Experian score ! Will I be able to enjoy a good if I go to the dealership for a new car ?
Richard borrowed $18,000 from the credit union to buy a car. The credit union charges 18% p.a. monthly?0Gabrie2012-09-14 12:02:03
Richard compound interest and paying the loan in equal monthly installments over four years . The credit union arranged for Richard to automatically pay your monthly payment of your salary acount . How richard pay each month ? MedlinePlus Please show WORK OUT! thank you! :)
Can you make a payment/deposit for an account at one credit union at another credit union?0remae2012-09-05 23:08:05
I thought someone told me years ago that if you have an account at a credit union and you do not have a branch near you , you can go to another credit union and make a payment / deposit / etc . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you know if this is true ? I have a car loan through a credit union a few hundred kilometers away ( in the state ) , and wondered if he could make the payment to another credit union closer to me as it is due on Monday and I have been negligent . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.

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