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Going to Court Tomorrow for a Traffic Ticket...?2bula2012-10-08 03:05:02
In college , attend no parking, the school is full , so I usually end up parking in the back . At the end of the day , sometimes I'll pull my car to the front before my night class . MedlinePlus A couple of weeks ago I was doing and was not wearing a seat belt (never left school property ) and pulled my car to the front of the park , making it a motorcycle cop stopped me , and proceeded to give me a ticket . Once I got home and found out it was $ 200 I got a court date to see a judge for this. MedlinePlus I'm smart enough to know there are seatbelts for my safety and use them anytime I'm driving , but I feel I am being punished for a very large amount when I have done nothing wrong . I usually just pay but being a student and because 20k in loans MedlinePlus makes this a big deal . My plan is to explain to the judge my situation , but would like to know any legal advice or suggestions for my situation ? Thanks for any advice taxpayer.
How long does a traffic ticket stay on the driving record?22022-06-06 07:42:59
Poor college student cant afford traffic ticket. help?3Vientiane2012-10-26 08:36:47
0Hi , I just got a ticket for $ 130. I 135 in 2 weeks off of non-federal work study . I have a car loan 145, a phone bill 50, and 87 insurance , which now will go up because I have not had my license for 2 years w / or receive a fine. If you can do the math on how much I am - $ 12 per month for only my bills . Luckily my dad gives me 50 a month . that leaves me $ 38 , which most likely will gas or food . What I can do to lower it. Im in college full time. So I can not do any community service / jail time .
How long does a traffic ticket stay on the driving record?22022-06-06 07:39:14
I received a citation for no car insurance? I don't know what to expect in court tomorrow!?0daiyana2012-08-20 14:30:02
A few weeks ago I received a citation for no car insurance. This is my first offense , and I really do not know what to expect , besides the possibility of having to pay a hefty fine . My wife and I recently moved to where we are ( in South Dakota ) and were thinking of buying insurance from my student loans were put in my bank account . I'm wanting some opinions on what to expect in court tomorrow morning .
If an unsecured loan goes to court and there is a garnishment of wages will court costs be charged?6Kalinda2012-11-06 02:37:02
If an unsecured loan goes to court and there is a wage garnishment legal fees be charged?
Has the Supreme Court or an Appellate court defined debt; what is the case citation?0zdruy2012-08-29 04:54:02
Debt as at the financial contract that requires the loan and cash back with interest MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
How can I force my ex to conmply with a Court Order on property? 4 yrs ago my ex went to Court trying to steal1Sorrells2012-08-20 00:20:03
my half of our jointly owned house pretending he was afraid that I am able to sell the house and make your home and our son . An excellent lady judge saw through this and made an order that the property is transferred to his name, but with a penalty of 50% in my favor, and several triggers for sale. ( If you rent the house for etc :) There was also a clause that prevented him from withdrawing any capital by obtaining more secured loans against the property without my written consent. This judgment is useless to my ex because their real intention was to sell to seize all the money and live with her ​​new boyfriend. Consequently , she and her unscrupulous lawyer , just are not responding to attempts to pull this off or are trying to rewrite the order of the Court on the transfer documents , so as to leave gaps for new loans for on the property. I'm in the fourth lawyer . Or give up and do nothing or want to sign anything and leave.
What happens in court if summoned to claims court for unsecured loans and i have no way to pay it?2yovamelia2012-09-19 09:35:03
3 unsecured loans and I can not pay more and who will denounce me , I can ? Jail
Court summons received, but settled I just out of court, do I still need to sign?0Viola2012-08-11 23:41:38
I fell behind on my loan of student and was given more than to the office of a debt - lawyer. I contacted them and made a arranegment of payment that is enjoyable for both of us. However, the December 30 , a civil lawsuit was filed against of me. The invoker came to my house day of yesterday with the papers of, but I was not home to sign and receive. They to the left a number to call them at . Do I have still need to sign the subpoena and report the to court despite that I just did to an agreement for reimbursement with the lawyer ? Yo have not called them yet. There is no reason to the go to court since we have settled, to the right?
Parking ticket?7 White cut, ugly Nan? 2012-11-01 22:04:01
I got a parking ticket today versus surgery doctors. My daughter was very sick and had no parking spaces, which was only there for 20 minutes and literally do not have the money to pay the bill because I have a student loan and I need my car to transport my daugter to daycare every day and I joined obtain, pay for that would mean that would have to go without pay normal bills and / or down , but the food , what I can do?
CA Speeding ticket- Used 3 extensions. Still cant pay. What now?2pretty2012-10-12 07:17:02
I live in California and I got a speeding ticket a while ago, just after I lost my job . Since then , I've used three extensions , the last of which ends in two days when I have to appear in the traffic division , while I look for another job. I have not gotten another job I was sick for part of the time, plus the economy is bad here . Still I can not afford . I have no car , no money , no credit available to me and no one to lend me money . Am I right about homeless couch jumping now . I had a job interview on a weekly basis , but no offers yet. What will happen to me legally?

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