Going to Court Tomorrow for a Traffic Ticket...?

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Asked at 2012-09-04 06:47:02
In college , attend no parking, the school is full , so I usually end up parking in the back . At the end of the day , sometimes I'll pull my car to the front before my night class . MedlinePlus A couple of weeks ago I was doing and was not wearing a seat belt (never left school property ) and pulled my car to the front of the park , making it a motorcycle cop stopped me , and proceeded to give me a ticket . Once I got home and found out it was $ 200 I got a court date to see a judge for this. MedlinePlus I'm smart enough to know there are seatbelts for my safety and use them anytime I'm driving , but I feel I am being punished for a very large amount when I have done nothing wrong . I usually just pay but being a student and because 20k in loans MedlinePlus makes this a big deal . My plan is to explain to the judge my situation , but would like to know any legal advice or suggestions for my situation ? Thanks for any advice taxpayer.
Answer1PaygeAnswered at 2012-08-05 21:18:06
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Answer2JLAnswered at 2012-10-03 05:28:14
In most states, public parking is a legal place to issue all kinds of notes , for example , in Texas , if you operate any motor vehicle in a public parking even can be ticketed seat belt. Seat belts save lives can talk to the judge , but it will be their decision on what the end result is , dress nice , be polite and do not argue .
Answer3LetitiaAnswered at 2012-10-08 03:04:15
There is " No" parking , but usually park in the back . It makes no sense . I suspect that you are trying to ask if your state law requires seat belt use to move a car to campus. Not . In my state , the seat belt laws apply only when the " street " and defined to exclude parking areas , but include other roads on campus . My advice is to find out what your state laws say about it. That way , you can tell if your explanation will be a defense or a confession . MedlinePlus By the way , you just can not explain unchallenged. If you wish to defend, you plead not guilty and stand trial. The prosecutor may present evidence of the government ( the testimony of the police ) and can be interrogated . Then you can present your evidence and the prosecutor may question .
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