Am I liable for a Debt my partner aquired before meeting me?

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My partner had taken a loan before you me. He was keeping up with their payments until reduntant was made . He then went to live with myself and stayed in state benifits . I helped organize a payment amount . It was very minor amount , but paying anyway. had not paid for several months for one reason or another, but had not received any contact from them. (With the secret hope that we slip through the net in this foolishly ignored) Since then, work has begun , and he received a letter requesting the full amount. We can not pay, their wages are very low and not very different from what we receive every month in benifits . We have 3 children, 2 of them are mine and tax credits to dump income. After income tax and the advice that we have less cash income support you have provided. I have written to them and arrange a monthly amount to pay, tell me not willing accept a plan that offers up the total income (which you like) who wish to settle in the county court stage , blah, blah. Tho he is paying something.

I want to know what would happen if they came to take possession of his articles in the interim. Do I have to give up their possessions, taking into account , most things were mine before he came to live with me.

You only need a general council, actually in this situation .. I know that the payment of something is better than nothing, and I know that if we take only the courts can demand what we can afford , but do not want my children to suffer in all this either.

Oh , not married , living together for 5 years.

thanks in advance
Answer1TatiannaAnswered at 2012-08-28 02:42:02
Not sure if all states / countries are the same but in New York if you took out the loan in your name and you were not on the loan and you do not agree to repay the loan in your name in the paper, you are not responsible . This is so even if you are married . However, if you own a house or both together another great asset ... could put a shed in his part of that asset . Yours would be clear . I know this is true b / c I've been in this situation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Good Luck .
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