Can I live comfortably on Miami Beach on $55K? related questions

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Can I live comfortably on Miami Beach on $55K?2sammy boy!2012-10-05 10:37:04
Single, no children , other than a very moderate level of student loans and a car payment , no debt . Say a nice 2 bedroom apartment or condo , in a neighborhood where I will not get shot walking down the street . There has to be near the ocean, a very important factor for me . In my 20s, so I hope to be able to leave reasonable . With a salary of $ 55,000 is this possible ?
Is an 80k salary enough to live comfortably?1Pwagwadi anthony madwatte2012-10-26 20:53:02
For a single person with student loans , car payment , and say a flat $ 700 , 80k salary would be enough to lead a comfortable life ? MedlinePlus York Pennsylvania location if needed . MedlinePlus By comfortable I mean being able to pay all the bills and still have money to do things like hitting a Jetta Mark3 on coilovers , or go to the movies every weekend , maybe go to the ocean once every few months.
Can I live comfortably living alone on this pay?1Nara2012-10-12 04:51:02
I 18.75 hours 40 hours a week and I get an average of eight hours a week at time and a half overtime . Overtime is not going away anytime remotely soon . I live in IL , I am a single , childless . Im trying to leave home moms finally get my own place . Is this enough pay to live well , not paycheck to paycheck with money left over for savings. At this point , I have to pay 300 for rent , 150 in food and total 400 for personal accounts ( ins cars , phones , internet , loan , student charitable donation ) and still save more than 1000 per month. How bills live on my own up?
Can I afford this mortgage and live comfortably?0Dezy2012-11-06 04:41:58
I am really interested in this condo. Mortgage, taxes and association fees would be around 800 a month with a 15 year loan, 600 with a 30 year loan. I would prefer to do a 15 year loan. I take home 2600 a month. Only debt I have is 120 dollars a month for student loan. I would be alone. I have the 20% down right now. I am in love witht his place, but I want to see it in person so bad. If I do decide on this, what is my next step? How do I see this?? I am new to this....Cal the number in the ad? Go to my bank?
Minimum salary to live comfortably in dc?1Shawna2012-10-11 06:53:04
I know this is an expensive city to live in, but I wanted to know what the minimum wage is a young professional who must win to live there . I have no student loans to pay , but I would have to pay $ 245/month for my car . I currently live at home and earn a minimum wage , but I was offered a job in DC , which is the reason I 'm asking
What salary would i need to live comfortably in chicago?0Parveen2012-09-30 07:06:03
ill be looking to move there later than 08/01/2009 and before 1/1/2009. I plan to have saved before moving 5k . i will not have a car and I will have about 300 in student loans per month . I live in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park . Wrigleyville or possibly somewhere that most post graduates that's living close / easy access to downtown. I am looking for accounts in executive or managerial positions .... so probably asked anywhere 30k - 40k .... Is this enough for me to live in this area
How much mony do I need to live comfortably (cop vs doctor)?0louberna2012-08-21 09:45:29
I'm in my last year of high school, and I'm graduating in June. Actually I have to start thinking about my future now because I have two options: either go to college and study to be a doctor, or RCMP office. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but seeks opportunitie work, whether in Vancouver BC and Toronto ON. If you're going to tell me not to choose, however, did not bother to answer. Depending on what I want to do, I'll pick my university. I will not choose a career just because people in the already said, but I'll take their opinions into consideration. Here's what I'm looking for (PS, not Menion any other careers, or is RCMP or Doctor): MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - I want a direct relationship (poitive) impact on people's lives MedlinePlus - I want to help people and make them happy MedlinePlus - The salary is good MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Keep this in mind: My options are to become a doctor or an infectious disease specialist or neurologist. Both require four years of college (BA), four years of graduate school (medical school), 2-4 years of residency / internship, ten sub-specialty (2-4 years). Be doing roughly $ 100k-$ 200k starting, then may increase to 300k-400k. However, there is usually a large student loan debt $ 200k-$ 400k. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Cops are different: His salary is lower, but so are its loans, and schooling. You could become a few years before being police doctor. The starting monthly salary of an RCMP officer is about $ 4,000 per month, and this increased to about $ 6,000 per month after three years. I want to marry and have children, I want my own home, and a good one, and I want to buy a good car. My parents are making about $ 2,000 a month, but we own a property (6 bedrooms, 5 baths house), have a 7 seater ford truck, has a PC, Laptob, let's play in extra-curricular sports (football, basketball) and are living quite well. MedlinePlus What do you suggest? I live very comfortably, possibly better than now. Rios read about how doctors are not really as rich as everyone thinks, and how the police are never rich?
Will I really be able to live somewhat comfortably making 32k next year?2fashionista2012-09-13 08:13:05
My first job ... 32 K. .. I will be able to make the monthly payments include: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus food / fun MedlinePlus Rental / invoices Student loans (about 30k ) Payments auto / car insurance Credit Card Payments
Is it wrong to date someone that you don't have strong feelings for but can live comfortably?0John P2012-10-01 13:20:03
I recently broke up with my ex because she flirts with others online , which eventually became too much. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She wants to get back together wrong, and I want to pay my $ 35,000 student loans quickly ... if you get my jist . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you want to date someone if you knew that gladly divide half of all bills , or is immoral ... ?
Anyone live comfortably on minimum or near minimum wage? Poor people waste so much money?3Jr. Smith Laren2012-10-11 11:57:03
I'm thinking of moving soon and I see many poor people struggling to survive on their salaries. I will be doing very little at first too. But I'm not materialistic, so it should be a little better (also I have no debt, no loans). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But my question is that poorer people could make it easier for themselves and become more efficient and less materialistic? I realize that poor people here in America trying to live like kings and queens when they have no money and still spending like crazy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Examples: MedlinePlus 1. My plan is to use a dollar 25 months a phone plan (Virgin Mobile) while I realize many people struggling with phones like the iPhone that costs about $ 100 a month as my friend . MedlinePlus 2. I almost never buy clothes. Perhaps as a couple every few years and I still get like $ 10 at Ross. Others spend many dollars a week on clothes, especially women who shop at expensive places like the mall instead of Ross to do if they are poor. Furthermore, there is no need to purchase many clothes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. He lives in an apartment instead of buying a house. It saves money. Sure, it's smaller, but it has not found happiness out there in your house or apartment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. Car: Get a cheap efficient car (if you can afford it, otherwise get no). Many come with sports cars safer, bad gas mileage (like SUVs) cost more. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 5. Stop eating out so much. People even poor people spend a crazy amount on eating out every year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Stop Getting Starbucks every day. That's a waste of money and I see many poor college students do. Drinking water 4 cups sugar-dollar rotting teeth (next item). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 6. Stay away from scam dentists. Stay away from fluoride and only eat and drink well. Do not eat junk chemical that causes the disease and require you to go to a doctor or dentist (even if there are natural remedies get sick anyway, but that's another story). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 7. I cut my hair with a simple haircut and save like $ 10 a month. I even know some women who cut their own hair you can learn how. Mine is obviously easy, but you can learn some more complicated haircuts on their own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 8. Stop wasting so much money on expensive fashion products like makeup and shampoo. A healthy diet and lifestyle will make you look 100 times better than any makeup or shampoo 30 dollar earned. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 9. Several things, like other unchanged often shavor blades. Let your lawn die if you have one. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus etc. MedlinePlus The list is endless.
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Is there a fast online loan application in miami?1Amphee2012-11-05 17:38:02
Is there a loan company in Florida that grants the loan application faster?

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