I have bad credit and I need a personal loan for $10,000 to buy a house in Florida? related questions

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I have bad credit and I need a personal loan for $10,000 to buy a house in Florida?0Nazharia2012-11-02 11:59:01
I want to buy a house in Florida for $ 50,000. I have $ 40,000 and I need a loan of $ 10,000. Is this possible if I have bad credit?
Is it possible to get a loan on a beach house in Florida right now?0Jacytiopa2012-09-26 14:06:05
We are looking at getting funding in a vacation rental property , a beach house in Santa Rosa Beach , FL . We have money to put down, but they are actually lending banks at the moment?
How to legally move ex's stuff out of house in Florida?0Debi2012-10-16 19:58:38
I lived with my ex ( never married and no girlfriend ) in his apartment for a year and a year and a half ago bought a condo in my name just for her and I to move into. The agreement (verbal only ) was that we would share the costs (as in his apartment ) , but lost his job shortly after it closed in the condo. The new agreement (again verbal ) is that until he could find a new job or to start school , she would take care of the house , and I would pay the bills. With its unemployment if to cover his own car loan , car insurance , and smoking . Relationship problems are compounded by the fact that she did not keep up with their end of the bargain , and instead of looking for a job chose to sleep in day. Now a little over a month after the breakup of her furniture and boxes are still in my apartment . I am understanding that she did not have the funds or the ability now to move or store the items themselves. Legally though how I can get this stuff out so I can move on? ? I can pay a moving company to move in and pay for a couple of months of storage costs for her in her name ? Or I 'm opening to legal problems ? What I can do?
Thinking about buying a house or condo in Florida and not sure what to due first?4English Lit2012-11-02 15:33:02
I currently live in New England and want to buy a house or condo in Florida as a second home . I currently rent where I am and have never had a house , I'm not sure what to do . Before you even start looking online at places in Florida , do I apply for a loan with a company first mortgage and then if I am approved , start looking for a place ?
Florida divorce- can he make me sell my house?! ?6kabelo2012-10-12 06:13:02
I bought the house just before we got married . The mortgage and deed are both in my name and only my name . We are divorcing a year and half after the wedding and I wonder if I can sell the house , ask for pay equity in it or something related to that? In other words , how bad can fuck me if I wanted to ? We have no marital debts (eg credit cards , auto loans , etc ) or child - only individual debts . Thanks in advance for your answers .
Can a house be purchased jointly in Florida if only 1 party secures the financing?0lorenzo2012-08-17 05:20:03
Hey. I have a question about joint ownership ( also known as: ? Common Tenure ) My boyfriend and I to buy a house together. As I am currently unemployed , I'm doing all the work of reseraching , etc. literature search , and then do the work in the fixer and provides the money and has purchased the loan on your behalf. Our contract is being written this weekend and running do not think my name may be included in the contract unless my name is in the financial records . Is this an accurate statement ? If so , what process we use to protect my legal rights to own part of the house and when to do ? Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.
I owe 16k on a credit card 5 k on a personal loan and only 47k on my house. Should I refinance?0MUHID2012-11-02 03:46:49
I'm trying to buy a house and want to know if my debt looks better on credit cards or personal loan.?0yelena2012-08-17 07:38:03
I am a young professional with a steady job, very well paid in the profession of education. Career -wise I am determined and I am looking to buy my first home in late November. However, after surviving a period of being unemployed for some years and graduate school , which has a credit card debt of $ AA 6000. I have no money for a down payment . I have an excellent credit score. I know my student loans and car payment is considered "good / good " debt , but my credit card is "bad debt" . Although I'm working a second job to pay, you will see better mortgage company to have that debt on a credit card or should I transfer it to a low -interest loan ?
Where can I borrow $ for a personal loan with bad credit?We need $ to move into a house & start over again.?1goat2012-09-05 08:41:04
The credit is not the best . We rent a house and buy a used car . Our lives are on the way now and can easily repay the loan . We need $ as payment of a lump sum .
Can a credit union put a lien on your house if you don't pay an unsecured personal loan?0EL DIABLO 2012-09-27 08:17:03
Can a credit union put a lien on your home if you do not pay a unsecured personal loan ?
We are "upside down" on our house; we owe more than the house is worth. We want a $30,000.00 personal loan and?0che2012-11-05 14:54:36
realize the interest rate will be high. we have 0 equity in our house. we can easily make the payment, though. do we go through a bank or use an on-line personal loan company like unsecuredloans.com or something similar?
Where can i get a 4% loan in florida with crappy credit?0kannon2012-09-09 03:23:03
Please no scams or overseas banks just do not trust ` s ` em.I to get my life back on track I need to get a loan of 5,000 with a return on investment through 1 year 4 the help

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