Where can I find legit websites for financing cosmetic surgery with bad/no credit? related questions

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Where can I find legit websites for financing cosmetic surgery with bad/no credit?0Logan and Lydia2012-09-03 20:32:02
I was in an accident and in need of cosmetic surgery , but can not afford unless I financed a loan. If anyone has any suggestions or legitimate websites loaners.Thanks
Can I get a cosmetic surgery loan with a 621 credit score?0milande2012-11-03 19:56:44
I need a mommy make over and have saved up two thousand thus far. Is my current 621 credit score horrible? Will someone approve me or will I be wasting my time filling out a financing application?
I want to consolidate my debt and finance a cosmetic surgery, Quick loan? Credit Card?0osama2012-09-28 06:13:02
I have about $ 4,000 in debt. Im 23 and I've been at my job only four months and make about 1,300 a month. I have no accounts at this time , so I think it's best to get rid of my junk debt while you can afford it. I would also like cosmetic surgery $ 2,500 . I'm thinking about finance or obtaining a loan large enough to cover tuition and pay my debt . Would it be worthwhile to pay a loan of 5 years if u apply for a loan of $ 6000 ? What type of loan lower my interest rate I can pay off my debt ? Is there a type of financing that offers a lower rate w / the promise that i willl borrow my credit card to the bed ? What is the best procedure for someone in my position ?
I want to take out a loan for cosmetic surgery...?0hare2012-10-27 08:25:26
but all cosmetic surgery loans are around an APR of 20% + MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So the question is , should I apply for a loan with a low APR in the company about 9 % APR and lie and say I'm getting a loan to buy a used car ? ! I know that 's not right ... But , I have taken a personal loan for a car before and the company never checked it actually used the money to .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And while I make payments every month, which I probably will not matter . It could also be taken to buy a car, then I changed my mind right? ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not looking judgemnets ethical , just want to know what the likely hood that I run into trouble for this would be , I always make my monthly payments ?
How do you pay for cosmetic surgery when you are on an average wage?1sarah jane2012-11-05 02:05:02
Ok , I know about 0% interest loans that offer one or two places , but the only way to find out about them is to contact them and get roped in. MedlinePlus Is it really possible to make their procedures and then return the money for a time that suits ... or is there a catch more inevitable? ie 0 % interest for YR1 of repayments and then a sharp increase in interest each year after that until everything is paid . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hope someone can help me MedlinePlus thanx x
Can you get a loan for cosmetic surgery and about how much would monthly payments be?1lerato2012-09-22 06:11:02
I vagnal tightening surgery done is a cosmetic procedure and obviously my insurance does not cover . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not going to want to just after giving birth I had become completely loose and kegles not work. ac section was not an option for me preturm was in labor and went too fast for when I got to work and the delivery was ready to give birth . But anyway, I had just entered the army a few months ago . I do not do almost anything .. I have a truck , but not worth very much I bought it used . MedlinePlus I have good credit , however , no defects at all of existence. MedlinePlus the procedure will be about 14,000 in total. MedlinePlus ? I can get a credit card and put the 14000 existence , and how much would the monthly payments ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus o I can get a loan in place , and also about how much would the monthly payment be ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know you can not give the exact number , but a rough estimate would be nice. MedlinePlus and before people comment about the choice I made , I'm doing this for myself for me to return to the way it used to be or close to it , not for anyone else . It's my choice .
I applied for loan online for cosmetic surgery? Help!?1Mirabelle2012-10-15 07:59:02
I applied online for a cosmetic surgery loan , although pursuit not gave me an answer I just said .... We will send you an email with a response and to make an appointment with my doctor . So I checked my email and told me they would send a response in the mail within 30 days .. is it good or bad ? ? ? If I had adopted not only say that in the email?
Are There Legit Credit Score Websites?0Vern2012-08-18 06:20:03
I'm just curious as to what my credit score is because I'm 22 and I've never checked. I'm thinking about trying to get a car loan in the near future and I wonder where I stand . I do not mind paying to get it, I know many of those sites "free" are not free at all. Just looking for suggestions !
What are some legit links or websites to get either education/student or personal loans with no or bad credit?3elizabeth Sosnovskiy2012-09-17 09:04:06
I am a college student with no credit , but I'm also going through a car accident settlement , but the accounts are still on my credit card unpaid until the solution was completely "solved " by what operating system is wrong for the moment, but will clear soon and then I'm back to not credit.I not have anyone to co-sign , and so that's why I need a private loan. (not Stafford or Perkins)
What are some legit online payday loan websites?1chanz112012-11-05 06:16:02
I'm trying to get a payday loan online and have to know that some websites legitimate payday loans.
What are some legit websites for shop and comparing car loans?1Hemlock Middle School2012-09-28 05:57:03
What are some legitimate websites to shop and compare car loans ?
General questions about financing elective surgery?0Zackery2012-09-27 16:54:07
Well, I get a maxillofacial procedure done in my jaw , and my insurance will not cover . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, I have no any financial knowledge . I have some questions and I was wondering if you could help me ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. What is the APR ? A 9.95% April 9.95% means total pay interest on the money you borrow? Or does MedlinePlus compounded monthly , or annually ? 2. What is the best place to get a small loan ? I have no warranty, except my car a 2000 Japanese small car model . I guess I'm too young to have a credit history . My parents pay for everything , and I get about $ 5000 to spend on rent and other things every 3-4 months, so you can use this to pay for my surgery over time. I really do not have an income , I am a college student . I suppose I could convince a lender to give me money if I could make a down payment , so this would probably be the best way for me to go . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I need more than $ 10,000 . Orthodontics and jaw surgery eventually . MedlinePlus Please help me .

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