What to do about hacked email account?

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Asked at 2012-08-09 01:33:02
Someone hacked my email account and send AOL drugstore / spam medication to all contacts in my address book . I ran my antivirus and found 2 medium-high risk of threats , I also had Maleware not find anything. I changed my AOL password , opened a new email account and transferred all my contacts and lending bank to the new student email account. I also changed all the passwords for my other online accounts. A day later, I checked the App again to clear my inbox , contacts and folders, and saw another email came out ( after changing the password. ) ​​I found the virus again, found nothing , changed the second time password . What else I can do?
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maybe not you. contact with the AOL service . I have spam from a friend of mine on AOL too.
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