Where can I get a bad credit auto loan in Ohio? The web auto advertisements never get back with you.? related questions

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Where can I get a bad credit auto loan in Ohio? The web auto advertisements never get back with you.?1Samuela2012-11-04 18:16:02
We get bad credit auto loan emails, implement and never heard anything back . Even car loans guaranteed.
Can i get my paper work (credit report, drivers license copy)back from the auto dealer if i back out of a deal?2Davina2012-11-01 23:00:02
I went to a car dealership when I saw a car on the Internet for $ 8,000 . I checked into the car and agreed to a final price of $ 9,000 after tax title and plates . stayed my credit report and copy of my driver's license . After that, I applied for a loan through them and approved I have . when it came time to sign the contract I realized that the sale price was $ 12000. long story short I went . but I do not feel comfortable with them with all my personal information . ? I can or can legally hold back .
Auto loan and bad credit, Anyone know of online Auto Financing lenders which Offer Bad credit Auto Loan?0Britanny2012-09-24 19:30:03
Auto loan and bad credit , anyone know of online lenders that offer auto financing bad credit auto loans ?
Auto loan question? $1000 auto loan or get a cash advance from a credit card?3Dustin2012-09-03 02:24:02
So the car I want is $ 4900. I would pay $ 4,000 in cash , I have 18 years and I have no credit , I do not think there's any way I could get an auto loan because I have only 18. Would it be a good idea to get a cash advance credit card for the rest of the money you owe me ?
Is there any auto loan that I can pay back couple years later? and not right away?1Emory2012-10-06 15:12:03
I wonder if there is an auto loan that I can pay after 3 4 years because I want to return the money when I graduate . I can not pay right away because I'm a student and do not work a lot MedlinePlus . So I want to get a loan and buy a car now and pay again when I graduate . MedlinePlus what is a good loan company for this type of loan
How to qualify for cash back auto loan?1kathie2012-09-22 11:16:02
is a used car
Auto dealership can't finance loan and i want to give car back?0terriyine2012-10-19 07:55:04
I purchased an Acura MDX for 17,999 and a guarantee of $ 2,000 . they are not able to find a bank to finance it. I realized I did not get a good deal and I want to return the car , but they want to resign and I have accepted . What are my rights and how long they have to find a bank . I have read the contract and do not specify the time we have . Is it possible for the dealer to finance it without a bank . The car is not worth the price 2003 ACURA MDX is intense blue 15k to 16k reserved . I should have done earlier research . Unfortunately, please help .
I'm primary on a auto loan but co-signer has the car. Do I have the right to get the car back if he defaults?0Dragana2012-10-11 03:08:16
The car was originally purchased for the co -signer but because I was the member of the bank , I was told I had to be the primary account . The co -signer has had possession of the vehicle as it was purchased and was making payments on time until June this year. Then wait 3 months before you make a single payment for three months because they were going to seize the car . Now , as of today still owes payment of September, October , November and December of the car . Do I have as the primary person on the loan has the right to go get the car ?
Auto Loan, Where can I get a bad credit auto loan without phonecalls from dealerships?3peewee2012-11-02 15:31:02
I'm interested in a private lender that specializes in bad credit loans car . I do not want that type of loan in which you refer to 20 different dealers . I have in mind a vehicle through a private seller . How I can get just a car loan bad credit that has no references for dealers ? ? ?
I want to apply for the best auto loan. Will applying to several auto loans affect my FICO score?0Timmy Adams2012-10-02 01:03:03
Besides, I was already approved for a car loan , but I want to find a better deal . If I apply for several other loans , approval will be my first concern ? What I mean is that since the approval of the loan in the first place , is going to change because I went to apply for another ?
Can i go to jail for not paying back a pay day loan beause i didnt have the money in ohio ?4Lenea2012-11-01 23:56:02
What happened was that I need a loan to pay for my car and ect , but when it came time to pay my husband lost his job and my grandmother died so plz help with this
Will my current auto lender finance a new auto loan for me?0reena2012-10-02 01:59:03
Right now I have a car loan with Bank of America . It was a loan term of 60 months, I have only two payments remaining . My credit has been halved to under 600 over the years since receiving the loan but I have never made ​​a late payment on my car loan and I'm intending to do the two remaining payments time to pay. I need to buy a new car and wondering if I should apply for financing through Bank of America again. In talking to some friends in the auto loan and car sales industry , I have said that Bank of America would most likely want to keep me as a customer based on my good payment history car with them and that the only difference would be that my interest rate will be higher because my total credit score dropped . They also told me that in the auto loan industry , are seen in the history of auto loans in your credit report separately from the rest of your credit history . And since I've been good in my car payments , which will count in my favor to ask another auto loan. Any one can shed light on this situation will help. Not sure of dealing with Bank of America again, or just look for a company that finances auto loans bad credit . I am currently employed full time , so that income will not be a problem . Thank you !

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