How can I get a free laptop for school. I start school on line in a little under two weeks.? related questions

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How can I get a free laptop for school. I start school on line in a little under two weeks.?0Kayden Ryan Smith2012-09-03 11:40:02
I am aware that the school loans will give the extra money after tuition and books are paid . However, I am attending classes online , and I have to have a laptop before starting
Is there any help I can get to cover a laptop for school?0Bongani Creswel Pasile2012-09-07 13:53:02
I am currently in school on campus and online courses .. I took out student loans to cover what grants do not cover . My laptop crashed and now I have no other way to work for my online class . It is time consuming , so I can not do at work. Will my student loans cover a new laptop or is there any help I can get for this?
If I owe money to a school where I completed my Bachelors can I start my Master's degree at another school.?1Dillard2012-09-30 10:12:03
This school , Walden University, where I finished my degree online when my husband and I moved is saying I owe them $ 5,000 . I have 2000 per semester in student loans then pay the rest out of pocket. The school will not process my paperwork on time, then did not understand simple mathematics . Then I can go to another school and start my master ? Walden has already sent my diploma but my transcripts . I highly recommend anyone to attend this school .
Im 19 and 10 weeks pregnant. I am in school (3rd year) telling my parents...?1keyon2012-10-10 21:15:03
and live with my boyfriend . Income is divided . My father pays for everything and I feel bad about it . He wants and does not like the idea that I have a job at school . he just wants to do good , understandable . Anyway , I have to give the car back , and credit cards and others. I'm thinking of applying for a student loan and I found a job already . Im worried that his name is on the lease . Im just hoping I can get it off without hurting or my ability to keep the apartment . I have around $ 1000 + of my own money and I'm starting work soon . I am enrolled in the fall and do not know when to say it. Im about 4 months , 10 weeks or less and I'm not wanting to count. I got pregnant at age 17 ( I think I'm very fertile because I used condoms birth control after as well) and told them right off and forced abortion on me . I did not have a job or a plan and my then boyfriend was unsupportive . Now I have a plan and a supportive boyfriend . Any advice on when or how to tell . I'm an only child so I look like your future so this will hurt them, but I'm staying in school . Help please.
I'm going to college for free but HATE school. What should I do?0Rick2012-10-01 05:55:03
I go to a state university on a full scholarship. I changed careers once already, and I'm thinking of changing again. I feel like a failure. All my friends seem to know what they want to do. They graduate and get a high paying job (although most of them spend part of their lives paying off their student loans pronounced). I'm debt free now because my scholarship, but since the change over, I have to be in school four years and will not get more money for the past two years. I do not want to have to get student loans. I have never worked a paid job in my life. I live with my parents and I want to move. I am a social closing in. I'm thinking of dropping out and get a job of any kind. I do not want a lot of life, and I'm not a materialistic person. I do not want a big house, you do not need a good car, and you need not travel far. I just want to be able to practice my artistic activities, while at school and takes so long to be able to do that. I feel like if I stay out of debt that would be able to survive on a minimum wage and still have time to practice. I am a very intelligent (4.0 GPA in high school) and I feel I could go back to school later in my life when I am ready to take it seriously. There is a lot of pressure on me at this time of family and friends who expect a lot from me. If I leave the school now, I feel like I would be letting down everyone around me except myself, because its what my heart tells me to do. If I graduate from school now, I'll just end up working for corporate America anyway: (I like sustainability volunteering at local farms and promoting and I feel that the school needs to do I do not know what to do. In this time. Any suggestions?
Is there any Grants, Free money available right now if I want to go to school?0SERITA2012-09-03 00:38:03
I have 25 years of age. I'm very, very motivated to go to school for computer information. I applied to Devry University and needs to start soon and I can not find scholarships to go to school . I can not afford to go to school . My parents will not pay for my school and I can not get a student loan . Please let me know where I can find free money. I filled out the FAFSA and received about $ 2000.00. I also have filled all scholarships exist and have not been able to get enough money . I am disabled so the work is very hard . I would even except people 's suggestions as to the different schools . I'd like to get done within 2-3 years and be able to support my wife and baby we're about to have . I went to school to be a surgical technician but had a car accident and can not perform at work because I have multiple surgeries and complications thereof. Please help .
How can you get free cdl training without having credit or cash for a school loan?1Ricarda2012-08-17 00:26:06
most training places have to sign a loan contract and the company will have to repay the loan. What can you do if you have no credit to get the loan in the first place? and no money to end the tuition?
Is med school too late @ 28, relatd to financial future, it is worth it? currently unmarried n debt free?0jaimee2012-11-06 09:06:02
I've recently completed a degree in Psychology Honors, and would have completed, relevant course wrk by end of the year. So I would be applying for the class of 2010, by then I'd be 28 yrs old. I'm focused, determined and clear about my willingness to follow through my dream. But this question is related to the financial future that I might have, in relation to actually having savings, student loans etc. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Is it better for me to start cosmetology school over?1Samone2012-09-28 14:44:02
So here 's the deal, in 2007 , I started cosmetology school . I ended up w / my hours in 2008 , but eventually had a lot of contributions ( services) to be done until full graduate and take my state boards and others. I went around for months but never completely finished my dues and finally gave up and did not return. I tried that over a year later to try again to lose, but my resume share all I kept wondering what he could do to get back and just finish them and graduate students and such. But he never returned to me, so , again , I gave up. Would it be better for me to just start all over and pay the $ 19,000 new ( if I can get more student loans that is) or find a way to end what has begun ? Also, you may even get more student loans when you're still in the redemption of others?
Is it better for me to start cosmetology school over?0Ben2012-10-08 05:04:15
So here's the deal , in 2007 , I started cosmetology school . I ended up w / my hours in 2008 , but in the end there were a lot of contributions (services ) to be done until I absolutely could graduate and take my state boards and such. I went around for months , but never completely finished my dues and finally gave up and did not return . I tried over a year later to try again but lost my full fee sheet and I kept wondering what I could do to come back and just finish them and graduate and such. But he never came back to me , so once again , I gave up . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be better for me to just start all over and pay the $ 19,000 AGAIN ( if I can get more student loans that is) or find a way to finish what I started already ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, you may even get more student loans while you are still in the back of the other ?
All the steps, in order, to start school?0Kalia2012-08-30 03:13:13
Iv been out of school for a while . Im a single mother with an ion PA school diploma , but I want to become a radiation therapist . What are the steps I should take to get there ? I know I need to get some kind of loan for school and I have to find Ill go to school ... or there are online classes ? I do not know . Any help would be great . Thank you.
Should I quit my job when I start grad school?0charity2012-09-19 17:22:03
I've been doing dirty work for the same company for over five years. The work that I do has absolutely nothing to do with my degree and usually pointless, repetitive and sometimes degrading . The work is no longer satisfying for me over the last four or five years, but I just stuck around because I need the money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now I'm starting grad school , I see opportunities Grad PLUS loans , and now I'm wondering if it is possible to borrow and eventually quit my job ? I know it's not usually a good idea to accumulate too much debt , but at the same time feel that graduate school is very important to me , or my " last stop " , so to speak . In other words , I put everything I have into this. Juggling work and school was fine for undergraduates, but graduate school to make sure I 'm 100 % dedicated to it. Also, since I'm in my early 30s, I want to get it done as quickly as possible so that I do not feel too behind my peers. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do not get me wrong . Not only would do so you can sit on your ass all day. I totally would be open to internships or assistantships relevant to my field of study . I feel like I've spent too much time being a whore for money in a job that is not helping me professionally more . Also of note is my program has a minimum 3.0 GPA and demand in certain courses must score a B or higher. I want to do everything possible to ensure that they comply with these requirements , even if it means giving up my job .

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