Who are the best banks / lenders to go to for 75k debt consolidation loans?

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Asked at 2012-08-06 09:00:46
With revenue 150k, 400k and a mortgage without equity we want to consolidate 75k in consumer debt . We have a good credit rating , debt too . What are our best options and we can go for help ?
Answer1Stephanie WalkerAnswered at 2012-08-06 11:36:02
All it does is move the debt around.
Knuckle Down with a written estimate . You make 150. If you live in 75 it will pay for itself in one year.

Daveramsey.com check out and listen to your radio program. He has lots of good advice about money and debt. It does not cost a dime to listen.
Answer2Matty64Answered at 2012-08-06 12:05:47
Virtually any type of loan may be involved in the process of debt consolidation. Common types include finance charges , late fees and overdraft charges , credit cards , personal loans, utility bills , medical bills , car loans , store cards , gas cards and back taxes. A debt consolidation < loan - allows you to condense your monthly payments into a single account and easily, while reducing their interest rates and help pay their debts more quickly and easily. It is also an essential tool to prevent more serious step of filing for bankruptcy .


Unlike bankruptcy, in which debts are canceled and your credit rating collapses completely, debt consolidation loans are essentially a type of refinancing , where several -> old loans are replaced with a new one that has conditions more favorable. Your loan officer is going to negotiate with creditors on your behalf , so
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