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How long does it take for an item to be removed from my credit report?4girl2012-08-12 09:19:03
I have a negative on my credit report, a car loan is still open for a car that was Reposessed several years. I only owe $ 500 now , and I was wondering if when I was worth , you could get someone to co - sign a new small loan to me that my credit card starts to rise again ? and how long would it take for it to start rising?
What is the significance of "estimated date that this item will be removed" on a credit report?0shantell2012-10-11 21:55:22
I have a line of credit secured loan , and is being treated by a credit agency (not available ) , and shows a pay status of "charged to bad debt " and " estimated date that this item will be removed " until 11/2015 . Does this mean that if they continue making payments until now , the debt will be canceled , or will I have to pay it follow ?
Credit Report Question... Please help me dispute this item.?2poof2012-10-22 07:16:02
I moved recently after I left the Navy and could not afford this car anymore, or gas that is . I could not get paid for what I ended up calling them and asking them to please come pick up the car . I look at my credit report and I would like to know how I can resolve this dispute , or anything ... Is there a way to challenge this? I like to pay , but I know that is impossible ... Please be aware thanks : 0) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Account No. Loan Type : Automobile MedlinePlus Note : Profit and loss writeoff MedlinePlus Balance : $ 15,494 MedlinePlus Date Updated : 05/2007 MedlinePlus High Balance : $ 32,010 MedlinePlus Expired : $ 0 MedlinePlus Terms : $ 351 for 96 months Pay Status : > Charged as Bad Debt Account Type : Installment Account MedlinePlus Responsibility: Individual Account MedlinePlus Opening date : 03/2004 MedlinePlus Closing Date : 05/2007
Is there a way to have a late payment removed from my credit report?0Minnie2012-11-05 14:45:26
I have 2 payments to my lender that were 31 days late (30+ gets reported). I have tried talking to managers on the phone, writing a professional letter, and offering to guarantee that I refinance my loan with them when my interest rate fixed period ends in a year, and they simply refuse to help me. I am trying to get a home equity line of credit to do some home repairs, and I am finding it nealy impossible to do so with 2 recent mortgage lates. My LTV of over 90% doesn't help things, but if I could get those 2 lates removed, I'd qualify for loans that go up to 100% LTV. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to what I can do to try and get those lates removed, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you, in advance, very much for your time.
How can you get a delinquent account removed from your credit report? You can't pay it, so how can you get i3Nastia2012-09-26 17:27:03
My father is trying to get your credit fixed , so yesterday I asked an annual report online free copy of your credit report , indicating that it has three delinquent accounts ( given to a collection agency ) , although the amounts were only $ 25, $ 50 and $ 25 . He also has two companies that are owed ​​money , but even if you pay the money you owe delinquent companies are still things on your credit report , so even if he gets a job and try to get a loan loan companies will probably still see delinquencies and use them against him. So what can you do to that late payment removed from your credit report ? There must be something I can do to have them removed because they are only $ 25, $ 50 and $ 25 . It seems like it's a big deal .
Victim of Identity Theft, How do I get the accounts removed from my credit report?0kangaroo2012-11-05 23:19:43
My daughters fiance just got a letter in the mail from a collection agency last week. He is 22 years old and has never had nor has he ever applied for any type of credit. The collection agency says it is for a loan from 2008. I had him go to and get his free credit reports. There are two accounts listed as charge-offs from 2008 (I am having trouble finding out exactly what they are but it appears one is for a credit card and the other must be the loan the collection agency is calling about.) The point is neither one is his. It turns out that his stepmother and his father used his social security number and opened the loans, they admitted it. They also have a combined cable/dsl/phone service in his name and they owe $748. He has went to the sheriffs office and we have a copy of the police report. I also had him file a complaint with the FTC. My question is who do I need to send copies to to have this information removed from his credit file, the credit bureaus, the people reporting or both? Also what do we send copy of the police report and any other information that we have? Thanks to all who answer
I have a student discharge loan due to disability. What must I do to get that removed from my credit report?0Terryil2012-09-20 15:17:02
I have high student loan . And I realized that I marked on my credit report for having an unsecured debt with the government . Or what I have to do to get my credit report ? Please only helpful answers ! Thank you.
I have a mark on my credit report because I never received a medical bill in the mail. Can I get this removed?2Miles2012-08-23 13:32:04
I never received a medical bill because the hospital accidentally gave the correct apartment number . Instead of calling the hospital informed me the credit bureau . I have 23 years and still in my health insurance of parents , so we never had to worry about receiving a medical bill in the past. My parents never were also called or sent any bill or notice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I heard there was a mark on my credit card after application of refinance my car loan . I called from the hospital and paid the bill . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no other mark on my credit. I've never made a late payment on all loans or credit cards I have. Can I get this removed from my credit card as it was an obligation that was not aware of ? If so , how do I do it .
Wife did not re-finance house per Divorce Decree, how do I get removed from being listed on credit report?1capecod2012-10-08 04:17:02
Divorced , in December 2006 . Divorce decree states that the woman wears the house and has 90 days to refinance in your name only. When we bought the house , we had a 100% financing on a loan of 80/20 . It refinanced the loan to 80 % and I signed a quitclaim deed to get away from the title. Then everything went downhill . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He quit his job and moved out of state . Then he rented the house out. The lender found out what was going on and do not allow you to refinance the remaining 20% HELOC loan without a lot of $ $ $ up front . So a year and a half later, I'm having trouble getting the credit on my credit be still (not to mention that I am still responsible if she technically default ) . Ex has since remarried and has a son . He lives out of state and still rents the house . She does not respond to emails or phone calls . What I can do? The lawyers have not been helpful so far, neither has the company that owns the loan .
Should I have old, closed credit cards removed from my credit report?4YArmainee2012-09-15 14:41:04
I am willing to work on improving my credit score. I have 7 old scores, the closing credits of several credit cards , and a couple that are automatically closed because it was consolidated student loans . Should I file a dispute claim with the credit bureau, or if I leave on my credit report? Would it increase my chances of having them there, or get rid of them ?
Automatic payments stopped randomly causing bank loan default. Can I get this removed from my credit report?3Josephine2012-10-01 02:01:02
I went to military training for 3 months without access to a phone or internet. Before I set up automatic bill payment on my car loan . This automatic payment was going perfectly for 5 months before I left . Suddenly , I get back to training, and I heard that I pay my loan because the automatic payments stopped , and hit me on my credit report . Is there anything I can do to get it removed from your credit report?
How long does a good loan report to your credit report?0Tyson Hanlon2012-08-29 16:58:03
From what I can say is 10 years , but I 've found three different unsecured personal loans , $ 1000, $ 1700 and $ 1000, they are not all the reports for XP / TU / EF . One is to inform EF and the other two are informing XP / EF . I contacted my old bank that was through these , but can not find the role of them anywhere in the system . They were open to all, paid all the same exact month , February 2007 . My score is ticking and I'm sure you have these three reports to the three major credit bureaus would help a lot . Please advise , thanks .

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