The War In Iraq Has Cost More Than Any Obama Proposed Plan Why Do Republicans Fear Social Programs More? related questions

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The War In Iraq Has Cost More Than Any Obama Proposed Plan Why Do Republicans Fear Social Programs More?3tegan2012-09-15 18:38:04
Obama wants out of Iraq and shift those dollars lost to much needed social reforms . If Republicans are anti socialism means that it would be okay for McCain to leave Social Security and Medicaid ? Is socialism for the rich better than socialism for the middle class ? The Republicans support programs that provide billions for loans to small businesses and small businesses create most of the jobs in America?
Can a Iraq war reservists who just completed a yr tour of duty in Iraq and has 4 more yrs in the army get a?0at2012-11-02 17:11:51
va loan with less than stellar credit has a paid judgment and few collections paid no bankruptcy.
Will Republicans ever learn that the economy grows best when you give everybody regardless of the social class?12sereena2012-10-26 14:50:46
born , a decent chance to succeed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This means the creation of stairs to help people work their way up and shift the tax burden on those best able to pay more than , the very rich . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Programs and ideas as a guaranteed education , grants , subsidized loans , subsidized state universities , Letters GI , and job training to help the working class work their way up into the middle class. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A bigger middle class creates more supply , more business ideas , and increased competition . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Republican Law jungle economy helps those who are already rich and powerful ( for individuals and businesses ) . It does not help the poor or small businesses work their way up. It in fact leads to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer . Laissez faire capitalism leads to monopolies rather than competition . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TEST: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Why are Republicans so against social healthcare when Israel takes our billions and has that system?0LWatson2012-11-05 03:12:59
Why is it wrong here but we can give billions of grants, aid, free weaponry and guaranteed loans to Israel which allows them to give all their population free and universal healthcare (with our tax money)?
Why are Republicans upset at Obama?3E.G.2017-09-15 17:47:50
1 . The Treasury Department says it is rid of its stake in financial institutions. Obama called socialist and conservative pundits Limbaugh Tea Party , and Republicans owning bank stocks . If it were a socialist as they say, Obama will retain ownership of shares instead of releasing the property back to the capital markets . Obama is acting very capitalist , in doing so . Why Republicans are not happy about this and why not give praise for this ?
For those that want to end social welfare, what is your plan?5fairears2012-08-27 03:00:17
For the sake of "reasonable " solutions assume that ended the war. We are not killing people in the Middle East and volunteers do not need to subsidize the defense and oil industries Recall also that there are more poor whites often rural well-being of minorities Many of you are against abortion, and regardless , there are many poor children have no food to eat, and I do not care about listening to the crowd against abortion. So what do you think, and if you say , give them 2 years , then what happens next, rising crime and poverty, mass starvation ? What are the answers and a reasonable plan ? We are spending a fortune on corporate welfare , and war, but that's another story . So many of you think of welfare can be fixed, and I agree that we can do more, but we have to make loans to small businesses, which bailed out the banks , but stopped lending . Jobs are not a priority for our representatives. Could stimulate recruitment, and creating jobs, but many of you are against it , many of you want to close the public schools, so what is a realistic and humane social welfare?
Why is Obama keeping the Republicans from issuing subpoenas to CountryWide?0please help(:2012-11-04 06:55:55
Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said he has other work to do on the causes of and fixes for the financial crisis and will not interfere with other investigations of the VIP loans. Towns' committee in recent months has focused on how much pressure the Federal Reserve and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson put on Bank of America to take over brokerage giant Merrill Lynch, another financial company with losses in the billions of dollars.
How does Obama think he is going to succeed at tying Republicans to wall street?2Eleanor2012-10-12 21:33:03
when he is chained to the wall of the street . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus tarp Cash for clunkers MedlinePlus MedlinePlus bailouts The insurance sector ( individual mandate in Obamacare ) MedlinePlus government loans to GE and Solyndra MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Obama wanted to offer small business billions in secured loans to help them. The Republicans said no. Again?1Mattea2012-11-03 22:02:02
Banks ( they were rescued by Bush ) refuse to lend money to small businesses despite his billions in reserve . Obama wants to borrow for banks to lend money . This is one of the solutions to get the economy going again. Republicans refuse to go along . Why would they be against helping small businesses and help the economy and create jobs ?
Why are Republicans Delusional that after 8 years of Bush that they stand a chance in 2012 against Pres. Obama?6helga2012-11-02 01:41:02
Only some of MedlinePlus President Obama Achievements MedlinePlus Tax cuts for 97 % of Americans . ( Something that Bush could never claim ) MedlinePlus Accountability credit card , Responsibility and Disclosure Act MedlinePlus Locked safe havens , tax credit loopholes The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 MedlinePlus Provided grants to encourage energy efficiency building codes . MedlinePlus Extension of loan programs for small businesses MedlinePlus Established a bill credit card rights from MedlinePlus Named the country
If Obama lowers the cost of student loans, then won't it?0Usman2012-08-27 11:52:02
Increasing the cost of tuition ? The availability of money has a direct effect on the cost of goods such as cars, houses and other loans . Part of the cause of the housing bubble was incredibly cheap mortgages that drove up the cost of housing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will this cause a bubble where college costs double in the coming years with graduate students because 2- 3x more ?
Will Obama's Stimulus Plan really work?23xhema2012-10-07 04:27:02
I do not know about it. Inject more money into the economy is not really going to be all that helpful if you ask me and if it does it will not help to be very long . How can I print more money and create more jobs that taxpayers will eventually have to pay to help the economy? Personally , Congress has given loans and insurance companies tons of money in order to help the economy and all they have managed to do is find a way to maintain themselves. Of course , I have not seen anyone in need of benefit. Being in the construction industry and working for a developer in fact I've seen quite a few banks renig of loans they agreed to close in the new housing industry . The builders are going bankrupt left and right. Stimulate new business growth and ensure that small businesses are able to stay in business is much better for the economy to create more government jobs and even more of a burden on taxpayers who already have.

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