My ex wife called wanting to borrow money to get her car tagged should I loan/give her the money? related questions

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My ex wife called wanting to borrow money to get her car tagged should I loan/give her the money?1new2012-09-14 10:28:02
We've been divorced for almost three years . She just lost her mother last year . When he called said that he learned that she was pregnant and her boyfriend left her when she told him . She is not close with his father and his sister is mad that she is pregnant .
Ok i borrow money for school called student loans that im required to pay back. ihave income other than that o?0hiba2012-09-29 07:20:03
Now the school takes tuition and books and materials I need and the rest is mine to pay for living expenses , travel , medical , etc. ...... Now I want to make this high income paying that money and buy my own down payment with what's left of my student loan , I consider to be an expense , and people spend that transport cars must have a way to school . also the house I want is closer to the school that will help my panic attacks . This is a great way to use my student loan ?
Am I wrong for not wanting to give her money?2Cora2012-09-27 18:52:03
I am a college student and I attend college online to get money back every 2 months. My mother asked me some of that money to buy some jewelry . She says I have to give him money because when you receive money from the school , gives me a little . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What happens is that she doesn
Would you give money to a friend of my wife who is struggling financially?0Blai2012-10-26 05:13:50
My wife has a friend who I date occasionally , but most definitely his girlfriend of mine . Apparently she is struggling financially and a bit worried it will default on a student loan [ she is about 50 years as we] . My business has been doing well lately , but I have a lot of expenses me as I 'm in the middle of putting two children to private school. However, I tend to take care of [ my wife does not earn much money and works part time ] , so I have more savings than most people . If I agree to give my wife 's friend $ - if so , how much [ for example, I was considering one U.S. dollar a month to cover the loan so that does not default ] ? And I 'm kind of a louse if I do not agree to give him money [ my wife is inclined to give her $ 500 to $ 1,000 at least] .
I need to borrow money for a car loan,but filled chapter 13 a year and a half ago.Can I still borrow ?1moe2012-10-02 09:10:03
I know someone will say that borrowing is what got into bankruptcy.That true.Being partially layed out did not help either.We never been late on a payment from the presentation and I'm not looking to borrow 20,000, but somewhere 10,000 to buy a decent used car that will last .
Borrow money against my money 2 buy home and finance the difference is this a good idea?0Florence2012-09-07 21:46:02
He has money, but not enough 4 2put house and did not want everything at home was thinking mayb you could borrow money against my finance the difference and pay my loan and still hav my money ?
My brother's mother in law is budgeting his money and his wife money but something is not adding up!!!?2turi2012-10-04 03:36:02
hi my brother has been separated from his wife that causes not know if she still loves him idk but my brother came to my house and had this I can see threw u look .. and was saddened by what he asked what's wrong and told me his private matters.he told me that in the last 11 years, his mother n law has been managing funds to pay are not home faster and pay off student loans of his wife so he left the mother n law and Handel do that all household expenditures and budget and you would pay them but were too each week and month give checks there because my wife teaches mother's brother n law I also had to do direct deposit if possible, but he says that today she told him to go and just take your clothes just nothing and my brother pay for his car too and she said she did not ether.cause take was pissed because their children are removed there by bike to school and thank God they did through traffic miles a brother was at work and she was home no school today. my brother like wtf was she could not see are the children she found fault he had disappeared 45 minutes after 2 twins as found idk. my brother is saying how do you know what the law n takes all the money each month to be? it only gives my brother $ 20 is just to much idk gas.and wife gets brothers don 't want to say at all what my sister n law nothing.if spends money she wheres some says my brother or I should happiness n such that the mother n law my brother like wtf so we are not spending $ 1,200 month say.there will shape mother n law more than that each month. What I can do to help my brother no matter what he says if separate support their children and give money and support them in every way possible, but also have to live too, but he feels as if his words wool is passing over the eyes for years and never again it.I just hope that hes always trusted the bad thing is that they said goodbye to his wife thought the house was there was because the mother n laws name she was the co-debtor. hes like wtf did i sign then I just signed im so we can find out where all there money goes each month is all in the mother n laws name, possibly his wife too, but they do not show anything they told him to stop direct deposit and give the wife controls and opening an account is so hard to see people either love or hurt so deep, what I can do something suppina launched a lawyer: (
If you were to borrow money for longer than 1yr would it make sense for you to borrow short/long term loans?0timmathy2012-09-24 03:44:02
On the basis of a yield curve positively sloped government securities .
I am doing robot which cost 2laksh and i need money, how can i get money do any bank give loan for students?0clint2012-10-19 04:45:24
I'm trying to make a delivery robot pharmatical and security . and if I have to develop the robot 2lakh i need cash . How I can get aid money. any organizations not give funds or cash for robotics projects or not give any bank loan student projects real time ? I am in need plz plz suggest me how I can do this ?
When putting up a deposit for good faith,or earnest money.will you get this money back?and if you give them a?2Munira2012-08-13 20:59:04
check , even change it, or just keep up the closing? this is in a mobile home loan .
Was the cash for clunkers just like the Housing crisis? Give money or provide little money for?0TrickyEconomics2012-10-11 20:56:00
a house and when you realize you can not make the payments to the other party to blame for letting it happen. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Car A crisis in the making? Defaults on car loans ? Was " regulated " enough? The similarities are striking. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Think Bwarney Fwank also participated in this program ?
Has anyone used the new online loan service called money mutual?0Quiera2012-08-23 02:13:02
Seeking any testimony about this new company called moneymutual loan, an online company short term loans .... was you'r experience with them good or bad , did you get you'r loan as fast as they said , or is this a big problem to get even with anyone ..... answers ? ? ?

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