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Are student loans a good thing or a bad thing?4Nix The Robot2012-10-20 20:03:02
I heard student loans are easy to pay yet people compared with credit card debt . Is this true ?
Are payday loans a good thing to do when short on cash?3Anonymous 22012-10-21 11:58:01
I would like to know the pros and cons of payday loans . Any help at all would be great. Thank you. :)
Am I doing the right thing in regards to my Student Loans and buying a home?0scooby913200022012-10-03 18:47:40
I have $ 80,000 in federal student loans that will come in pay status in 2014 . Also I have a credit card with a balance of $ 2900-0 % interest until July 2010 . I do not use any of my credit cards , except to buy something that costs $ 10 or $ 20 every three months , just to keep those cards active . Also I have $ 10,000 in savings / emergency fund that is earning 1.75% interest . MedlinePlus At this point , I have to pay $ 300 per month on my credit card with the balance of $ 2,900 and monthly payments double to around April to make sure that I have to pay any interest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband wants to buy a house . I 'm against it mainly because I want to focus on eliminating my student loan debt . Immediately after you finish paying off my credit card , my student loans will be my only debt , other than my apartment monthly rental obligation , so plan to stay out of debt and payment of between $ 300 and $ 500 each month for my student loans . MedlinePlus What do you think of my plan? Is there anything else I should consider or think ?
Has anyone ever had their Fed. student loans default and then get sent to this thing called the FTB offset?0Ms. Lynn2012-11-03 05:57:08
Franchise Board Tax offset unit with Edfund ? I think that's what FTB stands for, I got a letter in the mail. This is in the state of California. Can you receive financial aid (Not loans, but the grants) if the loan is in the Offset program? Has anyone ever had this happen, what happens, what does this mean?
I have private student loans can they be discharged if I did not learn any thing a th school?2Meosha2012-11-05 04:55:03
my loans are through Sallie Mae and my range of interest rates of 14-16% could not consolidate , how I can get out of paying over 35k for an associate degree from ITT Tech turned to help could not help me with my resume and getting a job is their anyone who can help me out on all of this situtaton .
Is it true that president Obama, just did this thing where ALL student loans are deleted after 10 years?0Caley2012-10-19 07:50:05
Someone said just adopted this law concerning student loans , which allows a student to erase their student loan debt automatically after 10 years of repayment , and the higher your payment can be 10 % of their income or something?
Would the Navy be a good thing for me?0Nneka2012-10-15 04:59:12
I have 23 years and halfway through my first year of college, majoring in business (marketing). I'm looking for objective opinions here, the recruiter has its agenda, while my parents have theirs. Here's a little story that influences the decision: I have no work experience to put on a resume when I graduate (supported by the online poker ...) My grades are average (3.0) and I have a DUI on my record. Not exactly the best choice for employers. I have no health insurance, dental, etc. will soon run out of funds prepaid college and I want to avoid getting student loans to pay for the rest of my education. I feel like I have to do something to keep me from becoming another college graduate who works underground to the profitability of their loans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For these reasons, I found that the military can be a good option for me. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, but historically unmotivated. This is the main reason why my middle notes etc. I've met people like me who have taken the military option and leave individuals more motivated / disciplined. I really think I need some of that structure / discipline in my life. I'm not in the Army or the Navy, mainly due to the fact that my father was wounded in Vietnam and I've heard the horror stories since I have memory. I've also seen how it affected him mentally. The ground combat is not just for me ... So I looked in the USCG and I liked, unfortunately, are very selective and a past DUI is a DQ. This brings me to the Marina. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I researched the Navy and found some positions that interest me, but it does not really apply to my career. One is the mayor, the others being fellow gunner and weapon master. I researched them and found none of them work really well in transferring civilians (except for MA). He could wait and finish my degree and then apply for OCS ... But that DUI and some other small charges would become an officer extremely difficult, if not impossible. I'm thinking of enlisting in one of these types, finishing my degree while enlisted, then using my GI Bill to get my Masters after Marina. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know many of you have been in a similar situation and I am looking for your opinions. Next to the Marina is a very important decision for me and I do not want to join for the wrong reasons. Do not get me wrong, I love to serve this country and I would do my absolute best time to serve. Also, I want that pushed me mentally and physically. I want to see new places. I love the sea, even for months at a time (I think ..). I'm afraid to commit to something as important for the wrong reasons. I talked to the sailors who loved the sea, I have also talked to the sailors who hated the Navy. I am confused and looking for some opinions ... let me have it!
Can bankruptcy be a good thing?4sangeetha2012-10-26 05:44:02
I have a mortgage and two car loans ( for the car and my wife 's car ) as my major bills . I'm constantly working on making 45K a year . I have student loans, but they are in deferment while I finish my PhD . At the moment I have a PhD , you will probably pay almost 90K in student loans . I'm thinking of bankruptcy as a possible way to get rid of the mortgage and car loans and start attacking student loans .
Is the financial crisis a good thing in many respects?1Fitzgeral2012-09-10 06:55:05
- People have less credit cards . Credit cards are dangerous . MedlinePlus - They teach people to use cash - just like old times MedlinePlus . - No more pre - approved attack the credit card applications in the mail . Less chance of identity theft. MedlinePlus - Banks will have to clean up your act . Collateral Well , good credit , a job you need to get a loan - just like the good MedlinePlus days - Let's keep our cars and more. Fewer trips to the malls to go through the simple act of passing MedlinePlus - Corrupt politicians , senators , business executives can get exposed MedlinePlus - The crisis is exposing the dangers of having a global economy . The whole world are intertwined , and posted on this crisis. MedlinePlus - Businesses and the government will be responsible for risk taking and bad decisions and greed .
My lender wants me to borrow more than i need and just pay back what i dont use. Is that a good thing?1Vanessa2012-10-02 20:23:02
He wanted to borrow 20,000 for a project of home improvement , but my lender wants to get 120k and just use the 20k and 100k pay instantly . My question is , how will this affect reimbursement ? I'm probably going to pay this off in 3-5 years , but the loan term is 10 years . He said there is no prepayment penalty . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sounds kindof suspect . Need an idea
I dont own a home, and I was given a 20, 000 line credit by boa, is this a good thing?0mizmarie2012-09-13 00:33:05
I think it's good that I have this cash available, because I was able to pay off other debts , and maintain balance in loc . I is this good unsecured loan for people who do not own a home ?
Would online loan processing be a good thing to get into learning to make money?0jonny2012-08-27 07:01:03
Also, does anyone know of any good companies which can be processed in any state ?

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