Where can I go online to apply for a grant to pay off student loan,and a grant that I dont have to pay back? related questions

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Where can I go online to apply for a grant to pay off student loan,and a grant that I dont have to pay back?0daniella2012-09-03 02:12:03
Where I can go online to apply for a grant to pay off student loans, and grant that I have to pay ?
I need to find a grant to help pay back my student loan, Can anyone help me?0Affy2012-08-10 12:04:02
I have paid very little and now find that I got my degree in '96 and early October after 98 foregiveness teachers can borrow depending on where they work. I work in a low-income school and do little to cover my living expenses. I have to find something fast. Nelnet is not helping, and do not say anything until it is too late .
Can I apply for a student loan even if my tuition has been paid off by a Federal Pell grant?0malik jackson2012-09-11 16:57:04
I want to go to the office of my FAA and talk to a counselor about how to get a loan of $ 3000 for a car . I am grateful that my fall and spring semester 2011 has been fully paid by a scholarship but I really need a car to go to school ! I have ways of getting there , but not very practical. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Spammers please stay away!
Can a permanent resident apply for college in different state and get student loan or grant?0abd2012-11-04 21:50:55
I'm living in NY and want to move to San Francisco, CA in September next year for college.
Student finance help!!! I forgot to tick box to apply for grant?0Aaliesha2012-11-04 16:22:02
hi, i need help, when i was doing my student finance i forgot to tick the box to apply for a maintenance grant...now my application has been approved and done i've recieved my confirmation later....but its only for the loan...what should i do???
Can A Prospective College Student Apply For A Federal Grant To Earn A Degree?0Destinie2012-11-05 19:08:43
I am a student attending junior college and will be transfering to University in Spring 2009. I'm looking into oppurtunities and options that will possibly help pay for college when I do. Is it possible to apply for federal grants to attend University to earn a degree? I'm well aware applying for financial aide and school loans within the college system, but is it possible to obtain federal grants apart from school? How does one go about doing it? What does "writing" a grant involve? How lengthy is the actual document? Can anyone please provide information? Thank you!
Could I get a student loan or grant to cover Online Certificate classes?2grammar :(2012-08-28 12:25:14
http://www.universityalliance.com/info1/UA_PDFs/UA_Catalog/UA_2006_2007.pdf It's a PDF , I know, but its only 3mb . Six Sigma Certificate pages 12-15 Pages 27-29 Software Testing Pages 33-34 Organizational Management Would you be able to find a student loan or grant , or anything to cover getting this?
If i dont use my fafsa grant can i still use my stafford loan to pay for my tuition?0Ti2012-10-01 13:42:03
I'm asking again because maybe I did not indicate at the beginning . I enrolled in school late .. At first I had three classes totaling 12 credits , but it was an online course for bull shit I like . my fafsa was 500 dollars, because when I dropped the class they said I owed $ 900 and will cover any financial aid. MY QUESTION I still receive MI STAFFORD LOAN AND I PAY FEE WITH BECAUSE my classes are currently on hold.
Which online colleges offer the largest student loan and pell grant refunds?0elcapitain2012-10-01 05:19:02
I am currently on medical leave from work. I want to take the time off and get my degree . I have two Associates . I need to take classes at an online school will offer a big refund to pay my bills a few months I will . I have a friend who took a year to attend classes online after being fired and their refund checks would be at least $ 5,000 .
Where can i get loans or grant that i dont have to payback? and how fast can i get it?0Kenyen2012-10-13 11:54:17
Where I can get loans or grant that I have to revenge? and how fast I can get it?
How do I find grant information for single parents that is NOT a federal pell grant?0LC2012-10-03 03:58:36
I'm a single mom and I have currenlty eligible for financial aid / scholarships Pell . I consolidated all my student loans for several years and they have almost paid off , or so I thought . I received a letter in the mail saying they had a Federal Perkins Loan that was breached . I went crazy trying to dig up all the information about my loans . Turns out that loan was not included when my loans were consolidated . What bothers me is that the university has supported my loan had my address and number of years , and send me away all the time to donate to the school . So why have not sent me anything ? This is the point . My loans were in good condition and now I have one in default.This makes me eligible for financial aid and the Pell grant . I attend classes again in the fall . I waited almost 6 years back because my son is starting kindergarten. I guess what I really need to know is there are (and I mean all websites fake money offereing and only takes the Univeristy of Pheonix Online ) donations from private organizations available ? So many of them do not give to individuals. Any information is appreciated.
Can I get a pell grant and additional student loans for online college?0najebe2012-08-28 07:58:03
I'm trying to decide whether to do the online college or if I should attend a traditional college ? The main consideration would be loans . Would I be able to get a pell grant online college student loans and then get additional help with expenses ?

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