Law of attraction and end result?

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gander_wild goose
Asked at 2012-09-03 01:55:02
I've been panicing for a while, but now I'm tring to think positive and get control over the situation . I read not to focus on money , but rather the end result. So here's the problem , I work and sales and have not done anything ! And I have a thousand worth of bills that have been removed from my account , and I am very negative. They sent them all back , but are pending again a second time. I spent the weekend trying to sell things online and even asking for donations . Avial not . Tomorrow is Monday and if I have money in my account , I'm in major trouble . Also for some loans , but not approved . So, I focus on having a positive balance in my account and pay the bills? Anyone created any miracles with LOA ? How should I do it ?
Answer1 a Nan relic: I m resistance to Him. M ↖ xu Answered at 2012-09-23 11:49:02
Magic is not real, is work.
Answer2arpaAnswered at 2012-09-30 09:29:04
You have to go back to third grade spelling classes .
Answer3HenriettalAnswered at 2012-10-06 19:09:50
Everyone is working for the money . MedlinePlus Money is necessary for our survival every day . MedlinePlus Can not wait for the result without the money in your account . MedlinePlus Here is a script from late Mr.Krishnamurthy , which is a practical thinker . Read on: MedlinePlus Chain of Success MedlinePlus To Go - We have MedlinePlus Have - We must save MedlinePlus To save - We get MedlinePlus To get - We sweat MedlinePlus To sweat - We must work MedlinePlus To work - must be healthy
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