Does anyone else have problems with Wells Fargo?

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Or is it just me? I had a tough year last year and my cc bill put far behind and above the limit. Well, I set up a payment plan with them in June and messy, so I had to call back and restore in July. So I'm told that begins in August. So in August I'm going to pay $ 60 per month for the next 12 months, which means my payment plan till next August and would like to return to the high rate of interest wicked. Well, I get on my account and have begun to see ordinary interest charge me again! I'm so P.O d '. Why always gives me problems? I called and of course people have been collections for the day. She said many times that only make the lower rate until it is back under the limit, but she re-read about the history and says clearly that was a difficulty and get the payment plan for a year. She told me to call back and say I was wrong. I can not wait to pay for them I can not stand all the littering. They gave my mom a few years ago also problems. She and my father divorced and she has the car in the divorce she wanted to change the loan to his name, but said his credit was too bad, so I refused. My dad claimed bankruptcy in everything, including the car, but agreed to let her keep it because it was making regular payments, but still refused to change the loan over. So one day the car broke down and my mom was really mad because he'd just talk to them about the loan and called them and told them to come get the car. He was asked to drive it again and she said she is not running. So basically screwed themselves. They had to take a car that had broken more than they should when it was worth and no one to charge as had been claimed in a bankruptcy. I really wish I had the money to pay them now. What I can do? Do you think if I call they will have to change it again, because it is what was agreed in August? Thank you.

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