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Hi I have sixteen years and not all of my baby teeth have fallen yet ( both of my k9 remain intact ) . Also I have a bite , could the only reason I have a bite , whether my baby teeth have not fallen yet? That's what my parents seem to think.I has had an x-ray of the teeth three years ago and my orthodontist says I have a bite and brakes are the only way to fix it, I was not allowed to get support , because I still had babyteeth . So if my baby fall fix my overbite teeth ( no brakes ? ) . So is the cost of equipment in New Zealand , I have a consultation with a new orthadontist this Friday , and I just wanted to know how much braces cost in New Zealand 2012 ? My mom thinks that covers $ 7,000 , but on my last visit the orthodontist another said it was around $ 3000, but that was three years ago . I also heard my jaw click when I bite into this food is weird? and there is a problem with the price of the equipment that my parents bought my sister a new car, and are trying to pay off your student loan , it might be able to buy keys if it costs $ 7,000 ( for me it isn ' t fair because I believe that my health comes before cars and student loans ) so if they can not pay is there any way I can ? ? ? ? In the future ? ? ? thanks :)

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