Credit Union/Bank that will give a personal loan to someone w/bad credit? related questions

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Credit Union/Bank that will give a personal loan to someone w/bad credit?1Hela2012-09-03 06:32:03
My credit score is 481 now . I have around 12k in unsecured loan you want to consolidate in one and pay as soon as possible . It seems that it will never happen because I have 6 places to pay per month . One of the places you will be paying off my car will . ? I can put that as collateral? ... I do not want to continue to apply to different places because I know that affects banks that are on my credit. I'm stressed out and broke all the time ! Any information will be helpful . Thank you !
What is a good reason to give a Credit union if you want to get a personal loan with bad credit?1sleepy2012-10-19 20:10:02
I have really bad credit and need a loan with my credit union , what is the best reason I should tell you I need a loan ? I have my paycheck into an account at the credit union and can make my payments every Friday I get paid , but I need to give a good reason for needing the loan .. help
Is it easier to get a personal loan from a credit union as oppose to a bank?0ciara2012-09-19 09:22:02
Trying to get a loan to pay $ 6,000 in credit card debt . It is difficult to get through the bank as much open credit cards trying to consolidate and make one monthly payment .
Can you obtain an unsecured personal loan from a bank/credit union that you don't have an account with?0Liz Bell2012-10-16 15:56:10
Can you get an unsecured personal loan from a bank / credit that you do not have an account ?
Is there a bank that will give personal loans to people with bad credit?0woody2012-09-23 17:42:01
Is there a bank that will give personal loans for people with bad credit ?
Would a credit union give a college student an 8,000 car loan with no credit? and just started a new job?0SparklyOne2012-10-10 18:47:12
Any credit union give a college student a 8000 car loan with no credit ? and just started a new job ?
I'm trying to get a new car, but not sure if the credit union will give me a loan. are...?2lorenzo2012-10-26 21:58:02
... credit union 's more relaxed ? MedlinePlus I've tried to apply for a car loan at a bank , but would not give me a loan . So now a few months later I 'm going to try in a couple of weeks to open a loan at a credit union . I hear they are much more relaxed and give loans much easier . What do you think ?
Will taking out a personal loan from my credit union hurt my credit rating?4 형용사 2012-09-05 07:50:05
I have good credit , but I'm in a slump , I need money fast , but I hear certain types of loans can affect your credit . Is this true ?
Do you have to have a bank acount in Kinecta Credit Union bank to take out a Loan?0stacy2012-09-19 08:53:02
I need a loan of about 18,000 for a new car . MedlinePlus My friend told me to try the credit union. MedlinePlus I wondered Should we have an account of chekings with Kinect to get an auto loan ?
What is the best credit union or bank to use for a loan for someone with great credit score but old bankruptcy?0N-PROPER-COLL 2012-10-10 23:44:54
My mother originally agreed to be my guarantor for a car . My credit is poor as I've been debt consolidation , and even with her as co - debtor did not . Your credit score is over 720 - she has a career only thing old have a bankruptcy on your report five years ago . She can not get the car in just autoloan name or his name only as insurance then it should be rather not reflect on my credit. She is willing to try a personal loan ( to lend me the money . ) Im sure that your interest rate would be better than anything I could get regardless , but hopefully somewhere will lend you the money ( not is a huge amount , perhaps 7-8000 ). This would be my only option right ? And where are the best places to go through this with their situation ( the names of credit unions , banks personal ? )
Can my credit union force me to give them the title?0Nokthula2012-10-05 08:51:35
Okay so here's the deal . I bought a car a year ago , putting 2000 down and then gave me a credit for 3000 of a credit union to cover the remaining balance . I was told when I got the loan was not an auto loan , and in fact, after reviewing loan documentation that is listed as an unsecured loan and a car loan . Although my car is listed as collateral. Now here's the kicker . I have the state title and only my name was on it. There was nothing in a lien , nothing about any bank , just my name and address listed as the defending champion . About a month after receiving the title of the state received a call from the credit union threatens not to pay to be again unless I brought the title to them . I talked to some people about it and approached the loan documentation and decided not to take the title for them because they were not in the title, because the title was unsafe . I said it would be an idiot to just give them the title . So in the end I was left alone and I did not hear anything for a while . About a month ago I sold the car that the loan was for and used the money to buy another vehicle , which now has the title free and clear as well. Obviously never repaid the loan , but now , obviously , not the owner of the car and what can not be used as collateral for the loan. I just got another call from them trying to get the title back . My question is what do I do ? Am I legally obligated to report that I sold the car ? If so can they force me to pay the entire loan off? Which is only about 2400 left . Or is there anything I can do? Should I ignore them and continue to pay the bill?
I've been a member of my credit union for 10 years. Are they going to give me a toaster or something?1Kira2012-09-26 09:31:05
I've never even bounced a check. I've had car loans , insurance and credit cards with them , and have an extraordinary loan . Just curious as to how much I love it ;)

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