How easy is it to get approved for car loan at credit union? related questions

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How easy is it to get approved for car loan at credit union?2Esmeralda2012-11-03 18:23:02
I have been betting with them for about 4 years. I have not all that much credit in general , but I have always paid all my bills on time . I wondered about the experiences that others have had to get a car loan at a credit union .
Is it easy to get a personal loan from your credit union?0 집합 가산명사 2012-10-15 20:52:26
So I borrow my credit union ... I really only need $ 1,000 for expenses related to cars and houses . My credit is horrible, but not great . I 'm always on time to pay my credit cards , but I prefer not to play right now ... I want to take a loan . Someone said that $ 1,000 is too little of a loan , is it true ? Is it easy to get a personal loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Personal Loan : cash, right?
I was approved for a car loan from my credit union?3Bob Jones2012-08-08 13:11:03
¿ I can use the check to the credit union to buy an individual or private seller . Will that person be able to cash that check ?
Why are you more likely to get approved through a credit union for a car loan rather than a bank?0Haseena2012-10-13 13:59:11
I applied for a car loan and I have a very good credit score is 666. I've never missed a payment , but when applied through a bank refused me because I have " thin" credit for what I have not a long story . they wanted 24 months and I have only 18. so .. I wondered why I'd be more likely to get a loan through a credit union instead of a bank .
Credit Union, auto loan approved or no?2Chic2012-10-08 10:57:02
Hi ( 21yrs ) , I'm trying to buy a vehicle on private property of 13,000 (2007 350z , 3k pay me cash , that's why I put 13k ) . I do not think I have any credit history , I checked online and there were reports (do not know my credit score ... ) . I pay my credit card on time, and my limit is 1000 with 800 to pay . I know it's much higher than 30 percent , but I pay a minimum of $ 25 each month . MedlinePlus I have a job making around 1500 or so without taxes . Will I be approved ? or Do I need a guarantor? my father have bad credit , but ... MedlinePlus Thanks in advance! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and I will delete spam bullshiet , talking for sure!
What is better, A pre-approved loan from my Credit Union or financing from the dealer?3Wyman2012-10-16 17:56:02
I really need a car used for commuting , but recently I started so I applied to my credit union where I spent two years for aa used car loan ! Was that correct ? I hear I'm better off going to a dealership with a pre-approved loan so I'm essentially a " cash customer " ? .. What do you think ?
First time car buyers here... I got an approved loan from my credit union?0Marcus D2012-10-05 06:24:40
My husband and I applied for a loan at my credit union and approved our 15k loan at 2.99% on April 1 . That's great , I'm very happy . Now let's be really buy a car and do not know what to do, we are considering dealers or private sellers . If we go to a dealer to say that we have a loan or is it so bad for negotiation? As I said in the title who are first -time car buyers , so I'm pretty naive , I guess , to some extent. We got the loan of 15k , but only looking to spend 12k max . Please any advice would be great . Thank you very much in advance.
Would I Get Approved For A $5K Auto/Motorcycle Loan From A Credit Union?0Sherri2012-10-01 08:07:04
I have 19 years ... 20 in a few months . I have a part time job , but because I am in school full time, I do not work full time. Anyway , I know this is not a lot of money to ask, but recently my daily driver car , broke and is quite old with mileage on it ... So instead of spending the money to fix this car ... I decided to go after a bicycle Motorcylce / street. I was thinking of getting one in the next couple of months , anyway , but decided to go ahead and try to buy sooner rather than later . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My car would have had to be repaired with a lot of money really have and as I was thinking of getting rid of it soon , I decided to get rid of the car as soon as possible and put that money to a bicycle . But along with that, I need some more money . About $ 4K 'm asking . But then they have to buy equipment ($ 450) , take the motorcycle class ($ 250) and anything else that may arise. So add to all that, I decided to go with the same quantity to order ( $ 5K ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a credit history . For a year and a half , probably closer to two years . My FICO score 736. I just checked online right now . And I have work and I'm thinking of finding another to replace my present to help with money problems . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, any information or suggestions you can provide will be great . Thank you.
We were approved for a car loan thru Credit Union. 4 days later, they said they changed their mind.?2saroj2012-11-04 21:05:02
They said they changed their minds after they put a deposit on a car and made ​​a special request from a distributor. Can they do this legally?
Is an approved car loan from a credit union considered cash at a car dealership?2kustudent2012-09-19 08:18:02
I'm emailing back and forth with a dealer and wanted to know if I can say I have no cash even though it's just another loan from a different lender ?
Will it be easy for me to get approved for a $300,000 small business loan? I have a great credit score.?1Johnson K2012-10-16 18:19:02
I have two cars ( Infiniti ) paid , and apt . paid . In addition , about $ 150,000 in the bank .
Is a pre-approved loan from my credit union considered cash at auto dealers?0cowgirl2012-09-19 21:00:03
I have a loan ready to go to my credit union. Now I buy a car . So I can pretty much leverage you get a special discounted price for cash payment?

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