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Credit issue with cosigning a loan?1severina2012-09-19 03:35:03
My husband also signed by a personal loan from your child for a car . What if you decide not to make the payments ? Does the credit guarantors screwed so bad if not paid ? Is there any way to be taken as an endorsement and let his son take the fall for the car or is there something we can do . We were trying to help him out and I feel like we're being screwed now because he has decided he does not want the car and therefore will not pay the loan . What would you do in this situation ?
i have a debt of about $ 500 for a credit card capital was so high with late fees and a car loan I have and took the car back after realizing it was a lemon. its "on my credit score, of course, and my credit score is 500.VERY POOR. The condition of both accounts are derrogatory and my only option is to pay them, and it was closed. which is bad . I'm in the 2 desperate need financing for a car . I am only 20 , but I need something '4 scul and work and my baby. Also, my contract is almost finished and I will not have a licensed 2 of that credit . How I can get money to pay this off ? How do I pay? If I bother ? is their another way to raise my credit?
Will cosigning on a car loan help me to get credit?2COMPLAINT2012-09-29 14:46:02
In 2007 my bank told me I was not able to get a credit card because it has no credit. Over the years I tried to get store cards and / or credit cards ( with at least a couple of hundred dollars ) and I was denied. I tried to get loans, but due to no credit history was not able to. My husband suggested that I cosign a car loan with him (which I did ) , but I wonder if I actually co-sign loans or get help if it was just a bad idea altogether.
Cosigning with parent who has bad credit..?2saffron2012-08-17 03:02:05
I have 17 years of age and get my license soon. I am also thinking of buying a used car. I found a Honda Accord coupe line that interests me Oh and by the way, the Honda Accord is probably about 10,000 and yes I realize that I should go start a car in that first and then just go to trade in. but then it occurred to me , its good, buy a cheap one that I no longer see or buy one that is good all the attractive appearance (yes teenage stereotypes ), but I know I would be taking good care of it . And Honda Accord is one of the most reliable cars around , and has a good resale value . I have no credit history but I am getting a job in a few months as a pharmacy technician . My mom has bad credit and below its 600. And you can probably get auto loans for bad credit. I'm just wondering if this is a good idea. This is also a good way for me to build my credit history. Although I 'm just curious if the bad credit from my mom that the mine affected. If this is a good or reasonable decision .
Cosigning with parents bad for credit?1Dori2012-09-17 04:32:05
Okay so if my parents have terrible credit ( which went bankrupt a few years ago ) and I have no credit .. will hurt my credit if we go into a car loan together? or if you share a car insurance plan ?
Will cosigning on a loan affect being able to finance a new car?1Nipps 2012-08-24 17:40:03
I am a college student and am looking to buy a used car. The car is $ 10,000 and it is a private seller. I will be receiving about $ 3,000 of my current car , so I'll be able to put about $ 3,000 down on the car. I have not negotiated the price of the car, however, you need a loan for $ 5000 - $ 7000. I ask my mom to cosign for me , but she does not dare ... not because they trust me and do not want the responsibility (already calculated how much I can pay monthly and all). She is worried because she is paying the mortgage on the house yet, and she will need to finance a new car within a year or so. Concerned that, due to co-sign on my loan , will not be able to get a loan or a good price when applied to finance your new car. How can co-sign on my car affect its financing a new car? She has excellent credit, and we are both very responsible when it comes to pay back, etc. The reason why I need you to cosign is because I have no credit yet.
Question about cosigning an auto loan...?1Bolton2012-10-04 15:36:08
Friend of a friend ... had a girlfriend who got pregnant ... they were going to start a family together as friend cosigned car loan for pregnant girlfriend . Shortly after .. knew that the baby was not a friend and went and moved to California with the car ... Now she has no car payment paid in two months ... and a friend is called to pay ... of course not have the money to recover the car note and pay for the car he has not ... that is half way across the country . Any other options ? Can your demand ? How bad will this hurt your credit ?
I need a personal loan. but i dont have any credit. will this be a issue?0Francisca2012-11-05 11:07:18
Ive been in need of a personal loan for about 2 months but ive been rejected constantly. idk why. i dont have bad credit or good. i just dont have any. is there any why i could get a personal loan?? could i get one with a co-signer? need help!!!!
How much will cosigning on a home loan for my parents affect me?7shakela2012-11-02 03:37:02
My parents are waiting to buy a house for $ 56,500 with ten percent less. My dad works , but my mom does not. He has a very good credit but are not sure if he will only be accepted . They will try to get a loan at my bank I know everyone there and I have a decent credit score (790). I'm afraid not cosign because it will not pay but because they know how it will affect me when they move away and try to get an apartment. In addition , I recently bought a new car and have a small student loan. I'd love to help and I hope they will get the loan on their own, but how will it affect me if I do get to have to help them? They own a house, but is now literally falling apart. They have no debt except for the monthly bills and pay just a used vehicle. Any advice ?
Does cosigning a student loan affect your chances of getting a car?0YAKS2012-10-02 09:13:02
I would like my sister to cosign a student loan , however , feels his cosigning affect your chances of getting a car . Will he? Does it have something to do with it ? Please help me
Who has to show financial ability when cosigning a loan?0bm2012-11-03 17:51:03
Okay, so my question is , I have 17 years and I have a decent income for a 17 years. Now I'm looking to get a car , but there is a way to get a loan to 17 years . So I have to have someone to cosign . Now my financial stability is enough to get a loan , or my endorsement must also take an extra income ? Do not tell me " pay cash " I do not know what my situation will not try to fix it .
If i let a car go to the bank with me cosigning an my dad as loan borrower, what will hapn!!help fast!!?2Chycaria2012-09-10 01:26:03
I found a car , cheaper ! i care for a sick parent one wrk hours have been reduced. If I let my car go back what shud i expect from the bank? I can get a cheaper car , but want to put it in my dads name . Help I need answers in the morning b4! Because I can get the cheapest car !

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