Help needed finding a low interest rate for a home purchase loan.? related questions

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Help needed finding a low interest rate for a home purchase loan.?2Jona2012-09-08 03:28:03
I'm looking for suggestions for a good place to request prior approval for a home purchase loan . We want to make sure we have the best interest rate , but do not want to have multiple credit checks on our credit. We have excellent credit , so this will not be a problem. I just want to make sure you get the best deal for a fixed rate mortgage to 30 years with low closing costs . We found the home you want to bid on . We just have our approval before we can make that offer. I do not want to loan tree , because they put several credit checks on your credit card and I have looked at comparisons of interest online and are very limited . I know it is somewhere out there that we can find a lower interest rate . All help will be greatly appreciated .
I'm having a problem finding someone to finance a loan to purchase a Manufactured/Modular Home in Michigan?2Barbara2012-09-08 01:41:07
Its 5 years old , 1584sqft 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms and is in a 4ft crawlspace . He sits on 2.75 acres . Another problem is , there is a 800 sq ft old farmhouse on the property too. Is a bank foreclosure and listed with a local realtor . The price is 87,900 . The assessed value of the parcel is $ 58000, cash value of $ True 116000. This is including the land and the houses of both. MedlinePlus Any idea what I can do .. It is the only house in the area I want.
To purchase a car, a man takes out a loan for $10,000. If the interest rate is 9% per year,...?0katty2012-10-02 07:30:03
To buy a car , a man takes out a loan for $ 10,000. If the interest rate is 9 % per year , how much interest you have to pay at the end of the loan period 270 days ?
I purchase a tahoe 3 weeks ago and i realize that the interest rate is 17.5 % for a 27,000 auto loan.?1ashish2012-10-22 17:47:02
This interest rate is making payments montlhy $ 650 / month. The loan officer said that if I pay this for a year , you can get refinancing . I 'm not sure , I think I jumped to realize fast and nose . My questions are , is this too much interest , I can get cheaper payments refinance as she said , I can take ? Vehicle to save going through this , is 17.5 %, much ? ? ? ? Please help me , I really do not know much about this and needs the help of friends on the Internet . Beforehand Thansk
Consolidating my private loans and needed co-signer, interest rate question if you read on...?1Louise2012-10-22 00:51:02
I was offered a rate of 4.25 without my co -signer of the amortization of 25 years of my loan. After getting a co -signer who is better off than me, my interest rate rose to 1.75 % and have great credit , why climb rate and is there anything I can do to get it down ?
Whats the best and quikest way to pay off high rate second loan on first home purchase?1please help me2012-09-11 14:23:04
I just bought my first house bought for $ 181,900 . I put a 10% down payment $ 18,400 plus $ 500 ernest money . I was only 10 km from the hand of one had to borrow one from another lender 8K . My question to the 10% payment is to give me some kind of heritage , if so when I can refinance to get some money to pay the high interest loan 8K . Or I can get a new loan at a lower rate and pay the higher rate loan . I need some advice on the best way to go about this . Because we can handle the mortgage and the loan but want to get out of it as soon as possible . All suggestions are appreciated serious
How do I get the best interest rate for an auto purchase of an 06 vehicle? My credit is not good. A parent wil?0Noa2012-09-16 02:03:03
to cosign to secure the loan of $ 30K and the best interest rate . My plan is to go through a credit union loan rate for good. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any more advice ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll get the Land Rover 06 by the owner charged a car to go buy one at auction for me. Advice on that? Thank you.
Should we refinance from 6 1/8 interest rate to a 5.5 interest rate on our 30-year fixed rate loan?4tim2012-11-05 22:16:02
the value of the house : $ 600,000 Loan Amount : $ 477,000 Our loan officer said it's worth refinancing if you get a rate of 5.5 % or less. But we have no cash for closing costs of $ 5,000 ... suggested making a seprate HELOC to cover closing costs . Is this worth it? Or should we continue our 6 1/8 % rate ?
Why my home loan interest rate still same?0ronie2012-11-02 23:46:20
i heard FEB said, the interest rate already go down to 3.55% something, but why my interest rate for my home loan sitll 5.75%???? Do anybody know it, can you explain it to me ?>
What's the interest rate on your home loan?0Line K.2012-11-05 12:25:13
Car and home loan, interest rate?0SIMPLIFY:2012-10-04 21:43:58
I just graduated from college, my credit score is 700 , but I will start work in January. If I apply for a car loan and home mortgage in February , which will affect my interest rate because my work is only be a month old then, but my credit score is good and my credit is above a years of age. I guess the question is , how do you know my work history affect my interest rate . It's a $ 7000/month before tax . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE .
Interest rate for home loan?0Holly Y.2012-09-08 03:38:02
I'm in the process of buying a home and secure financing. When the interest rate is completed ? I have not locked in a rate , I have to set an interest rate ? if you do not fix a rate , when would I know the interest rate , and when I get the chance to decide pay points on the loan?

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