If you had a chance to dump youre new car for a older car and pay off the loan on the new one.? related questions

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If you had a chance to dump youre new car for a older car and pay off the loan on the new one.?1Verenia2012-11-04 16:27:02
And still have 4 - 5k after buying the older right? To get rid of a car payment of 270 a month ?
If you still have a mortgage,can you borrow money against your home if youre behind in your payments?0bkiahk2012-09-02 10:42:07
I think I might lose my house so I'm planning to buy a cheaper house and pay my mortgage , you can use my house to get a loan even if the bank still owns it
How to dump a man safely?0 → っ Curcuma Hikaru put it -2012-10-07 15:30:36
I knew this man a long time ago, but we lost touch, and last August we met again and hit me and started dating. He told me he was in a program back to school and get an engineering MedlinePlus grade. And he rented a place. I accepted. In September-October he wanted to buy a house, as prices in my area were low, a little, and told him so. He grew excited and said that if you get together. I went looking for houses, he could afford, but criticized it. He said he was used to big houses with a pool, and that he wanted and liked what he saw. Finally, to make it short, it was learned that he did not intend to add money to buy, but is expected to put his name on the deed and get a loan, and that he would "help" me to pay. I refused, and became abusive, but later apologized and fixed it, but did not buy anything. Gradually it seemed that he was very lazy, slept until 12, not working, cooking, cleaning or laundry. I worked, and he expects me to go home at night and bring food, do homework and make her come. Moreover, I was tired and I cried and told me he did not want, as it was not all mud and sun. I did not like it and told him to get a job. He abused me, and then said he had received an offer for a job that pays 200k MedlinePlus year, and was expecting a call. It was last February. Nobody called him so far. MedlinePlus was expelled from the university for not studying. Then he wanted to go with me, and he was very high and mighty about it, and talked about their tastes and desires. I told him "no" and was not nice about it. Eventually, he went to live with his parents (he is 48 years old!). He did not give them a dime, and paying for food, utilities and such, but has an i-phone and expensive equipment. The parents live about an hour drive from here. So I started going online at night and asks me sexy chats, because he was "bored". I have my job and opened a little Internet business, which is small but good. He was very happy with it, and, again, asked me to get a bank loan to "improve our lives". I told him to get a job, he said he was waiting (since February, and June), for that important call for "important" work. He said that any, and work, and wait for that call, and he abused me. So, now I'm tired of it and want to quit. But I have fear of him. So he says, he still thinks I'm doing well and had to live with me, or MedlinePlus somehow I will speak on getting a loan and giving the money (which tried to play "Big Love," with words very cliché). I'm still looking for a place to buy, but I do not know, and I paid my rent until MedlinePlus December, and I'm afraid if I tell him off, he will come here and beat me up or something (which is huge, 6'6 and weighs half a ton, ate my grocery store and now his father and mother who are in their 70-s, and he's mad, and I'm your meal ticket). So what do I do now? How to get rid of it MedlinePlus safely? What should I do?
He's kind of on my nerves. Dump him?1mkrugler2012-09-08 23:25:03
Long story short I've been with this guy for a little over 2 years . Well , not long ago I found out I was talking to guys behind back online . Classic case , right? Well , I work a lot and little understood why he did it , although I'm not saying that what they did was right . But I have to work hard because they take 15% of your take home because of your college loan . He complains when I spend much time in the gym and turns if I stay out after 10 hours or with my best friend that I have to see maybe once every couple of months. He always says he will help in the house , but to be honest I have to do to make things and often complains or says he will later. I ask you NOT to do a lot of little annoying things is, leaving clothes around the house etc and what it does. All the time. It's as if it goes in one ear and out the other . He says he "forgets " but it makes me question whether or not even listen ... WHAT SHOULD I DO ? ? ?
Should I dump my modeling career for my boyfriend?0Stephane2012-11-05 20:34:55
He wants me to leave a modeling agency or else he will leave me. I have been modeling for 7 years now and make plenty of cash that pays off my expensive college loans. I am 24 years old. I have been going out with this guy for 6 months now he is getting all protective of me because he wants to marry me someday soon but he wants me to quit modeling before he would ever propose. I am so torn. I don't know what to do. I love modeling and it pays very well. But he is like the man of my dreams now and everything is changing.
Is there a way to dump your unsecured loans without going bankrupt?1Lynus2012-09-09 14:13:03
Is there a way to get rid of their unsecured loans without going broke ?
I want to buy a $15,000 dump truck .My credit score is 471?0Sean Sanker2012-09-12 08:35:03
Private Sale . Where I can apply for a bad credit loan ? I have fear of Internet scams . I'll be able to pay high interest rates . I will start my business and earn $ 8,000 a month immediately . I need recommendations reputable .. prefer online processing
She claims to love me, but I feel like she's just using me for my cash. Should I dump her?0Ronalda2012-10-07 21:24:21
My girlfriend "Heather" is in its second year of college. He did not get much in the way of loans or student aid when he started college, so I've been their support. Last year, Heather lived with me while she went to school. This year, she said she wanted to move to the bedroom because it was too long of a drive from my house. I opposed it because it meant more money in my pocket, but I understood his point. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway since the semester began this year has been brushing me much. She does not respond to texts or calls and says he has no time to talk to me when your message on Facebook. Still I can see the phone bills and see that she is spending a lot of time on the phone. When she acts annoyed pass. She constantly brings up how much I have to drive and must be implemented. Then I noticed some pictures on one of the Facebook pages of her friend. Heather was dancing very close to another guy, who had his hands on his thighs. I'm not the jealous type, but looking at the things these guys in a lot of photos with Heather. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I texted a friend of Heather seemed surprised to hear from me. She said she thought Heather and I had broken because this guy had been in Heather's room a few times. He was angry, and went to see Heather. Instead she explains Heather just blew and I said I had no right to "spy" on his life. I told him if that was what I felt then that he had done, and would have to start supporting themselves. Three hours later, Heather called me crying and begged me to forgive her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The fact is that nothing has changed. Heather is calling in when you sleep with me on the weekends, and I still ignored during the week. I recently saw a used condom lying on top of the dumpster when I went to pick up Heather. She said it was not her, but she is the only one in the room. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I almost feel frustrated with this girl. The only time she acts like she loves me, is when I threaten to cut their credit cards. Without me you would be able to pay for college, and probably would not be able to finish. I feel bad about it, but I'm tired of being played. Honestly I really, really love her, but I hate that she is doing much for concerns me and is jealous. Keep an eye on it makes me feel like a crazy stalker. Should I give up Heather?
Already have car loan and want to get older car?3stacie2012-10-10 13:09:02
I have a used car right now. Not cheap , but right now I have no monthly payments for a loan. I wanted to go to a dealer and trade in the car I have now to get a cheap car to lower monthly payments . I am willing to settle for less than less payments because times are tough right now. Is this possible? Trade in my car now cheaper one has cheaper monthly payments . thanks
How could I get a loan for an older car?0neha2012-10-16 19:30:58
My credit is 620 and I was wondering how I would go about getting a loan or funding for a mid 90 wrangler jeep for about 5000? I do not think I can get funding for something as old or with more than 100,000 miles and I want an opportunity to apply for a personal loan and have access to my credit card if I am going to be rejected. Also I have a 2004 RX8 I'm trying to sell before buying the jeep but I'll just leave until the RX8 because I owe about 1500 less than KBB value is for a good relationship between individuals . What sells the car really hurt my credit because I am getting rid of a line of credit that have been paying for the past two years ? What would be my best option ?
Can you get a car loan for an older car?0keron2012-10-06 19:41:17
I hear you can not get a loan for a car unless its like up to 5 years old. Is this true or not vary by lender ?
Can someone recommend a used car loan for an older car?0ronda2012-08-27 18:59:15
Also I have to fund only about 4 or $ 5,000 .

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