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Can you switch from an online masters program to an in class program?1Niomi2012-09-05 21:27:04
I have a problem . I am now in my third year of my degree program in psychology at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I'm dating someone and we are very serious . The problem is that it is a year behind in school , so I will graduate before him . To get a decent job in the field of psychology that I need to get a master's degree . They have master's programs in psychology at my university and has neither the UNL ... So , did any of my future employers despise me if I take a year online master's program and then switch to a program in class? The other problem is that I do not have to pay back my school loans I have to stay in school and I did not want him in Lincoln itself . Can you divide a master like that, when you transfer money from online classes ?
Has anyone done an online MBA program?0ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2012-09-02 05:10:03
I travel quite a bit of work . I usually prefer a brick and mortar college, but an online program seems to fit better with my schedule . I'm curious as to the amount of time spent per week in these programs , what school you went , and what the cost would be . Also, if you have any information about financial aid / loans that would be great. Thank you !
I want to take a degree program online, however...?1Sugar2012-09-23 21:32:02
is extremely expensive . Not just a stupid program is a bachelor 's degree with the Master's program and am very interested . Only the financial aid they offer me no help at all , and I can not get federal aid because it is an online school and is not part of " the list " . I actually prefer not to take a personal loan , as I'm on the way in debt. Any alternative suggestion ? Serious answers only please . Thank you !
I'm looking for a good online RN to BSN program?0Yammy2012-09-10 22:37:03
I graduated from a private institution with my DNA and just passed my boards for my RN license in Missouri . I was going to continue in the BSN program , but now I'm thinking it might be a bit pricey for just taking online nursing classes . After $ 7,500 in loans , which will cost me a little over $ 3000 this semester in tuition and fees . I feel like that is a bit much ? Does anyone have any suggestions on good fully accredited online RN to BSN programs? Also possibly what a program like this usually cost a semester ? Any help would be great . Thank you !
Which online program is the best for massage therapy?1Risa2012-10-17 03:22:02
I want to become a massage therapist . What online program is best for a housewife ? Also, any advice on grants or loans that could help me would be greatly appreciated . MedlinePlus thanks
Can I get financial aid to an online program even though I owe $ on student loans?0SadBob2012-10-15 10:27:53
I wonder if I can get financial aid for medical billing and coding online certificate even though I owe $ in student loans ? I need to know , so that I can quickly apply . And start the certification program .
What online degree program is fully accredited.?2Sostine2012-09-20 05:19:03
I also like to graduate in less than a year or so with my partners at least in accounting. The school must be fully accredited and fully online . that would be more beneficial for me at this time. Also, if you know of any links that can help with my search , also means cost efficient when it comes to my school of choice , and how to pay for it without leaving your pocket or places to get school loans outstanding , any aid is appreciated! Thanks :)
I am looking for a online Master Degree Program in Accounting?0Bigboy22012-08-29 12:45:04
So I've been at this for a couple of weeks now and have only found a school that I liked so far. It SNHU . However, SNHU does not offer some of the things I'm looking for in an online school . What I'm looking for is an online school offering master's degrees in accounting. I do not want to have to take the GMAT or GRE , and you can not afford either . I am also looking for a school that has lower classes . $ 100 - $ 500 per credit hour would be fine . SNHU also does not offer scholarships , so I'm looking for a school that does not offer them . I do not want to have to take thousands of dollars in loans if they have other means to pay . It would be great if I could find a school that pays students laptop or included in tuition. The books included in tuition would be great too . Since I have no accounting experience SNHU want to complete more than 54 hours, but that is an outrage . Seeking 30 to 45 credits credits. They need to be regionally accredited and accredited by the ACBSP or AACSB . I live in Illinois and these are the requirements to sit for the CPA exam . SNHU also waived my application fee because I am unemployed which was great. So if anyone has any colleges in mind that would be great. I've looked at places like Keller , UOP , and other popular online schools , but I'm not interested in any of that. I'm looking for a reputable school where I will not be laughed when I go to take the CPA exam . Any help is greatly appreciated .
Kaplan University ONLINE and FutureScholars.com program. What can you tell me about it? I don't qualify for?0Rema2012-08-29 11:19:16
Financial Aid elsewhere because they still do not meet the 67% mark , but the website FutureScholars.com saying is all I have to do is be a citizen , not being in defaul in federal loans , and little to pass your test expect to pay for 5 credit hours , whenever I have the intention of completing a degree with them and I'm seriously considering , as it can not afford to pay for any kind right now. Actually I have to take Calculus I and II , and I hope they offer some science to meet or gene . ed requirements . The only thing is that they say that the credits will not transfer anywhere but to the university that are aff . with currently Kaplan University. If this works I will information technology and whether courses are decent you could probably do the credit by examination for credit at other schools if they want change , but if your online program is good and you have to pay for my BS integer as the site says , then I can go with him . I guess it can only help.
How can I get grants for ongoing online classes for BSc in Public Administration program?0Nikia Walker2012-10-02 04:38:42
I'm from the school because I have to pay $ 1,400 out of pocket against Stafford loan that I have . I have no money . Any help out there ?
Does anyone know where I can find legitimate grants to attend an online college program?3Marcos2012-11-02 14:22:02
I have considered the possibility of an online program through a university , but need to find one that is accredited . I would do any paralegal or criminal justice . Does anyone know if Penn Foster is accredited schools or any other of these programs online ? Also, I am newly married and now , my husband is the only one working and we have a lot of bills and leaving behind a lot. Are there grants that can help with education costs ? Now I have student loans and prefer not to take any loan ! Thank you !
Is there a work at home program online that ISN'T a scam where you have to give them a credit card number?1Sherkyra84562012-10-12 09:59:03
I'm a college student who can not seem to find a job that will work in my school , and I have a car outside the school , so you can not drive anywhere further. I've heard of doing data entry from home online , but I can not seem to find a site that is not trying to scam . Any idea of working for any other job , since projects would be greatly appreciated along with sites credible data entry . I'm not trying to get rich enough , so no need to take out additional loans just to pay at the supermarket . Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer !

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