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NYU: Is it possible to earn a degree online thru them?2SunnyDee2012-11-06 06:21:03
My boyfriend is going to Fordham .. however, are very traditional and do not offer much beyond that . Here's the thing ... I have to travel and we both want to be more mobile . My grandmother is dying of cancer , so I want to go to the Midwest and help her for a while .. However, my uncle is trying to complete their education . We will take a huge loan , so my thing is ... if he got into Fordham , NYU 'm sure you agree ... but I want to know if they offer a lot of classes online .. he already has a year of liberal arts ... basic classes ... and I know he may not be able to complete a whole degree through NYU , online .. but some flexibility would help . Ideas ? Thanks, guys .
What type of job can I get once I earn my Associate Degree in Mathematics?0harmony2012-08-16 00:41:03
I went to college for a degree to look back now, was not the best for me ( BA in Psychology, Minor in Business Administration) . I know it's regrettable, but who really knows what exactly they want to do with your life and how important accurate you should get when they are 18-22 years old? I have 23 now and just finished the grade last year . After a lot of self -reflection , along with trial and error, I feel now that mathematics should have been the way forward. I've always enjoyed the process of procedure and recently enrolled in a math course this semester related to the hope that comes with completing my associates degree in mathematics as a starting point . One of the races have always been attracted to teaching . I am convinced that I want to have an influence on the lives of people and make a difference (sorry now when I leave work every day at my current job processing loans for small businesses that are not giving any personal satisfaction ). One drawback that I found though is the low pay for teaching. I know money should not be a major factor in deciding on a career, but in reality, with the current economy and the fact that I have a family someday , I will not fight for things and want to live comfortably. < Br > I thought maybe it would be best to get a job in a higher paying career in teaching math and later when I have created or even taught as a second job ? Basically , my question is , once I complete my Associate Degree in Mathematics , what jobs I can get entry level in the meantime , while finishing my degree in the field?
Can A Prospective College Student Apply For A Federal Grant To Earn A Degree?0Destinie2012-11-05 19:08:43
I am a student attending junior college and will be transfering to University in Spring 2009. I'm looking into oppurtunities and options that will possibly help pay for college when I do. Is it possible to apply for federal grants to attend University to earn a degree? I'm well aware applying for financial aide and school loans within the college system, but is it possible to obtain federal grants apart from school? How does one go about doing it? What does "writing" a grant involve? How lengthy is the actual document? Can anyone please provide information? Thank you!
Single mother works full time, wanting to earn Bachelors degree?1faseeh2012-09-07 08:38:03
I am a single mother of a 2 1/2 years. I'm certain my associate degree classes . I'd like to go full time , but I have a child to support . Currently working for the state and is a great job , I travel only four hours a day and can not be transferred to a place close to home for another year . I really like to hold on to my job while I'm at univeristy but UC does not have too many online classes and my schedule will not allow night classes because the nearest univeristy is 45 min from my house with no traffic . I do not want to go to a school for the benefit and get a lot of expensive loans . What should I do ? continue to work full time for a year or less and save money, then live in a campusjob and scholorships ? Another option is to quit my job and take years to graduate from taking a class a semester ? Anyone know of accelerated programs at a reasonable cost ?
If you had to earn $1.00 (that's it) online, how would you do it?2sxxx1234562012-09-20 05:58:03
These are the pre -requisites : MedlinePlus 1.No MLM ! MedlinePlus 2.It must be legal 3.You can not get a loan ( money no credit cards , friends ,
Is there any legimate way to earn money online?1Ritsha2012-10-13 17:38:02
I'm a college student trying to pay off some student loans .
What is the best and quickest way to earn money online?6shashana2012-11-06 05:06:03
I have an amazing idea for a social networking website , but unfortunately I have the money to create one. MedlinePlus Currently I am studying all forms of financing available , including government based grants or loans . But I prefer to use something like my last resort. MedlinePlus I have also considered the grant-based financing , where I would ask people to donate their money . I need more than one thousand dollars , and I do not think people are willing to donate enough to truly help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What other ways I can make money , preferably in an online environment .
What can I possibly do online to earn me some money? I cannot cater for college expenses. Someone help please.1Belinda2012-09-20 23:50:03
I am a 20 male bachelor commerce student in Nairobi , Kenya. I'm in my first year , and am no longer able to meet college expenses . I do not want to stop what I 'm looking for something . I have all possible help from the government , loans , etc , but not enough . I can sail three times a week , two hours each time . What's online for me to make use of those two hours each time? Please help me .
Are ther legitamate online jobs or loans that can earn you $1000 in two days ?4yard2012-10-01 01:42:02
Please help, we are $ 1,000.00 funeral and short . Everyone is looking at me. Are there opportunities fast and legal online that can help. Two days faster
Online data entry companies that say you can work from home and earn thousands, scams or the truth??1hhhgggh2012-10-03 03:12:03
I always wondered if these things were really real or are just a scam to get your money . I do not see why I have to pay to work . Wondering if anyone actually tried one of these sites are very tempting as I have a lot of student loans to pay , but I will not risk my money on something that could be faked. I'm sure there are usually hidden trap . Thank you !
May go for an online degree?3padma2022-06-06 07:39:06
I'm thinking of going to an assoc . Bachelor of Education with the University of Phoenix, ( at age 56) Any person who has never gone through them ? How do you like , and it was a good experience? It was easy for the student loan ? I would appreciate anything anyone could tell me . thanks
Online Accounting Degree!?!?1Brandie2012-09-13 05:30:04
Hi! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to get a degree in accounting and I have seven years on the job experience and only two college classes at a school I moved away . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I signed with a new local school for online classes for 4 months to know (now ) that my loan was canceled because my paperwork was not processed in time to begin the class session that apply to attend. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have decided , after this disaster four months in duration, reapply the same school or reapply for a student loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So , does anyone know of any good online universities that can look ? I want a good education , but affordable . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help !

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